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  1. It was the Sky Panthers... I'll never trust a twitter feed again.
  2. Russian's (Black Cats) have scored a 56 in round three at the World Meet. Ominskore is apparently having some difficulties scoring this round as the original coding limited it to 50 points. No official word yet on Airspeed's score. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  3. Maybe. But... was there any alcohol? tobacco? or firearms? He had done his diligence with the FAA and other government agencies. I just bet that he discounted the ATF because there was no alcohol, tobacco or firearms. 2 minutes of research. CFR 8130.27 Appendix 1 It sounds like the FAA dropped the ball. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  4. Check your calendar. If 26 Nov 2008 is day 1, 25 May 2009 is day 181. If day 1 is 26 Nov 2008 there are: 5 days (including day 1) in November, 31 days in December 31 days in January 28 days in February 31 days in March 30 days in April 25 days in May (to 25 May 2009) 181 days total You're right, I didn't actually check my calender. My mistake. The julian calendar is the correct method to identify the last legal date for a rig. In this situation it's May 24, 2009. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  5. Think of a julian calendar: Nov 26, 2008 = Day 1 May 25, 2009 = Day 180 A rig packed Nov 26, 2008 is good to jump on May 25, 2009. May 25 is the last day it is legal to jump on the 180 day standard. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  6. I wanted one until I found out Verizon crippled the device; No Wi-Fi. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  7. I think this law exists to address the migrant mime population that arrives in Brighton each year. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  8. It also helps if you have Florida plates. If you're a snowbird do us a favor and stay in the right lane. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  9. This all seems a little silly. Have you put a dollar figure to the cost of a daily photo surveillance of this scope? All 4 million miles of public road? I'm guessing $1 billion start up cost and $500 million each year after... once they get this in place I'm sure the book burning will follow shortly after. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  10. What happened to tracking perpendicular to the line of flight? Tracking up/down the line of flight has been an established "bad idea" for quite some time. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  11. Neat the pictures in my area are at least a year old. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  12. Ninja Exam: FAIL! "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  13. March 31, 2007? Slow news day? What's going on in Seattle? "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  14. I'm approaching lvl 73. Let me know if you need any help. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken
  15. uh little edumachashun is a dangerus thiang. "Buttons aren't toys." - Trillian Ken