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  1. After breakoff, turning away, and initiating your track, does anyone know what the glideslope a typical belly-fly track might be? (For example, how many feet horizontally can you move for each 100 feet vertically?) Two variables that affect tracking rates I expect will be 1) experience (how good you do it), and 2) clothes you're wearing (e.g. RW suit with booties versus shorts and tennies). I'm trying to get some ballpark ranges for what horizontal distances to expect in a track. Thanks! Jack
  2. StarFlyer

    Exit Separation

    The table above for solo jumper separations of 1000' is good but it doesn't show the larger distances needed for small and large groups. For small groups (2-5 jumpers) the ground separation needs to be 1500, and for larger group (6+ jumpers) the ground separation should be 2000' or more. Skydive Spaceland has a simple chart that also takes the group size into account.
  3. I'm not seeing a cost for Premier Subscription anywhere on the page - how much does this cost?! (Cost is basic and first thing everyone should see. Very few people are going to search further on the site or through all the legal stuff.) You're losing potential Premier subscribers with the way this page is laid out.
  4. Hi Melissa, what kind of helmet is that you have on in your picture? It looks a bit safer than the usual "snag hazard on top" mounting.
  5. A bit of practice is very important. (One guy at our DZ jumped his Revolve the first time and found he couldn't feel the latch through his gloves. No major problem, he just had to fly and land "visor down".) Feeling the latch button through gloves can be tricky. Practice developing muscle memory to open the visor with either hand: - Stroke from back to front with your thumb and middle fingers until you feel the top of the visor. - Your index finger should now be almost directly over the latch (this is where practice and muscle memory come into play). - Press down on the latch with your index finger, pull forward slightly on the visor to release, then lift the visor back. About 10 minutes practice in gloves will make it easy to open the visor with either hand.
  6. On your micron_side.jpg, what type of deployment handle is that? (It doesn't look to be a hackey, is it pud?) Thanks, Jack
  7. Container size difference make sense. Sounds like other than that, both are FreeFly friendly and offer similar features. Thanks for the quick replies!
  8. I'm looking at UPT Vector3 rigs for a harness and container. UPT seems to offer two different sport rigs: "Vector3 Micron" and "V3 M-Series". I couldn't find any comparisons on the UPT site that explains the differences between the two and which might be best/safest for my needs. Could someone help explain the functional differences between these two models? Thanks, Jack UPT Vector3 Micron UPT V3 M-Series The UPT site notes for the V3 M-Series that it's "the first FreeFly rig on the market". However I don't see anything about "FreeFly" on the Micron page. Is that to say that the Vector3 Micron is not FreeFly friendly? Given that they're both the same price, why would anyone buy something that's not FreeFly friendly?
  9. My wife said I could get a new BoneHead REvolve ( helmet as a Christmas present - so I did! Just jumped with it for the first time with yesterday (previously had been using a Benny, The REvolve is interesting in that you can quickly switch it between full-face and open-face - just remove two internal cotter pins that hold the pivots for the face shield. The face shield is nice in that you don't have to muck with goggles - just snap it down when heading out the door and pop it back up again when you're under canopy. Yesterday was my first time jumping a full-face - very quiet and much warmer without the blast of cold air in your face (especially nice in the NW this time of year).
  10. >"To the OP landings aren't easy and take practice and lots of time." Sorry for the likely silly question (I'm new to the forums after being away from the sport for many years), but what does "OP" stand for?
  11. I jump regularly at Skydive Snohomish but they've sent an email they'll be closed the next two weeks for the holidays - they'll be opening again Sunday, Jan 2nd. This time of year in the Northwest you should also call ahead to make sure they're jumping - low ceiling, rains, or winds can be problematic. Here are the contact details for them: Skydive Snohomish web: email: Phone: (360) 568-7703 Weather permitting, I'll be out there jumping Jan 2nd - hope you can make it!
  12. Drift has a couple of videos on the HD170/X170 including one showing how to helmet mount the camera (see the 3rd one down at - looks simple enough. Page 10 of their User Manual also show various mounting adaptors that come with the camera, see Question: The BoneHead site lists two different mounting plates. Contour Side Mount ONLY - $40.00 Contour Rail AND Side Mount - $60.00 I expect I should still order and mount the camera to one of these plates. What's the difference between the "Side Mount ONLY" and "Rail AND Side Mount"? (Do I need just the Side Mount only? What does the "Rail and Side Mount" do differently?) Thanks
  13. Any plans for a mounting plate for Drift Innovation HD170 or X170 video cameras ( Looks like it would mount very similar to the Contour HD. A couple people at our DZ have picked these and seem to like them: Aerodynamic low profile. Lens rotates to accomodate mounting to either top (other helmets), or left or right sides. View field: 170 degrees 780P, 128 degrees 1080P (HD170) 30 frames per second Good quality video and relatively inexpensive. I've got my REvolve on order - can't wait for it to arrive!