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  1. I would like to get your oppinion about what happened to a friend of mine. He did his first jump some months ago in a reputable DZ in Spain. He was healthy and with any medical problem. 50 years old. He jumped in a tandem and all went right. However, after landing he felt very sick and with a "strange sensation". The instructor told him not to worry about. After 3 dayd he had to go to the hospital as he felt really really bad. The doctors examined him and diagnosed that due to forced hyperextension while jumping he had suffered a traumatic dissection of the left carotid artery what end up in a stroke. He has never recovered and has now serious problems in moving the left part of his body. He went to other doctor (neurologist) who diagnosed the same. The neurologist explainded him that the accidente happened probably when the instructor pull his neck to strong when jumping. The problem is that the responsables of the DropZone do not want to admitt or accept any responsability. Have you ever heard about any accident like this??? Do you know if this could really happen when jumping?? Any information or/and oppinion would be very much appreciated. Thank!!!