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  1. Remainder: 7x-5 Quotient: 2x^2+3x+2 I attached a picture showing the work, sorry for the crappy cellphone pic
  2. I've noticed a lot of skydivers at the DZ i go too have a lot of neat tattoo and im interested in seeing everyone else's!! I have a few myself (none skydiving related.....YET)
  3. My favorite dragon in that movie, was the fat stupid one with the really small wings, that thing had me LOLing
  4. It won't be trivial after it is filled with all the memories of all those jumps. I have a habit of "writing a book" about each jump. Who was on it, what we planned, what went right (and wrong), anything especially fun, special, unusual or bad about the whole jump (including the canopy flight and even the plane ride up sometimes). During the winter, when I am jonesing for a jump, I can go back and re-live each jump. Far more so than a friend who only logs "Three-way with..." and nothing else. Or perhaps you're excited at how much fun it's going to be filling it up.
  5. I bought a PRECISION 500 LOG BOOK, and a Log book cover! I dont think ive been this excited for something so trivial :D
  6. I think history will look kinder on George Bush. Harry Truman had the lowest approval rating of all time with 22% at one point in time, now look at how he's viewed. I think the same will happen wtih Bush, depending on how things turn out in the future of course.
  8. Incredible!
  9. I love looking into these phishing scams and malicious spam, im pursuing a degree in Cyber Security (which ill be done with by may! woo!) so this stuff is intriguing. Anyways looks like the email apparently originated from the Russian Federation (spoofed IP) however that link in there sends you to the domain which is registered to a person in West Covina, CA and the is a legit website interesting. Usually these types of emails are phishing scams, wonder what kindof malicious stuff this dude is hosting on his server.
  10. Not an answer to your question, but ... mother of god
  11. lol this was suggested! but, i'd be disowned by virtually everyone i know
  12. Good thread to read:;search_string=hair%20risers;#3662154 I know I've seen a few threads directed specifically at different ways to secure your hair. When I had longer hair, I would wrap it up in a bun and tuck it in my helmet. Thanks, didn't even think about that