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  1. Thanks again! Appreciate the advice...hopfully be seeing y'all in the skies soon! -From the heights of the sky to the depths of the ocean-
  2. Wow, thanks everyone! Didnt expect to have this many responses already. I have not contacted his DZO. I dont see the point it in if he isnt interested in doing that way. He said no b/c his DZ is the best in the world and I should trust them. I told him its not that I dont trust them, but if I'm going to spend this amount of cash I would expect to be able to personally inspect and try on the rig to make sure its what I want. I couldnt screw him over...I'd send a money order to his DZO to hold. Anyhow, I have already "moved on". I just wanted to know if I was being "out of line" as a future reference.
  3. Hey to all!! So, my name is Mike and I just got my A license =) Currently I am looking for a rig and have run across an issue. My local DZO told me I should have any used equipment shipped to them so they can inspect it and so I can look at it and make sure thats what I want. The rig I found is on the opposite side of the country. I told they guy who owns the rig that I would send a money order to HIS DZO and he ships my DZO the rig. If the rig is everything he said it is and all checks out, I'd call his DZO and tell him to release the money order. Once he recieves the money order, he can call my DZO to release the rig to me. My DZO has agreed to take full responsibility of the rig until the seller recieves payment. The seller is refusing to agree to this and I just want to make sure I am not being out or line. Is it normal for people to refuse someone to see the rig before buying it?! I dont know this person at all and he doesnt know me. Thats why using listed DZO's as middle men seems like a good idea....so am I being out of line?! Thanks! -From the heights of the sky to the depths of the ocean-