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  2. i might be wrong, but isnt this what the slider is supposed to do?
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    So I'm looking for my first rig, and...

    its not really about the type of container, more about the size of the harness. youre pretty tall so it might be hard to find one that will really fit, but i think some companies will resize the harness if you pay for it. again it might be hard to find one that will fit you but just keep looking!
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    Crooked Spine Flyin' Fine

    you just need to get in your head straight that now youre falling by yourself, youve acquired the skills necessary for stable freefall. you are now saving your own life by pulling for yourself. it might take a bit of effort to get over this hump, but pick a spot on the horizon, make sure you have a good neutral position, and continue with your dive flow. if your instructor needs to give you a signal, they will come give you the signal. but in general the signals are helpful while youre just learning how to fall stable because they can see what youre doing wrong better than you can. good body position will come with time, but if they are having the conversation with you like you said, then it should be a note to you that you are able to keep a relatively good body position with out them. so now just focus on doing what you need to do, because its up to you now. but as always, take what you hear here with a grain of salt and first talk with your instructors because this isnt the first time anyone has had this problem. good luck!
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    Injuries...and Lessons learned

    i broke my pinky on my first aff, lesson learned? dont rely on the radio to bring you in safely.
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    Amazing slow mo skydive footage

    that was awesome! iloveskydiving is an awesome site i liked them on facebook so i always get the updates
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    Perfectly executed Mr.Bill

    haha that looks like so much fun
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    Sciatic Nerve irritation

    hey! im actually going through physical therapy to help this right now. i have been doing various leg exercises, "pressups" which is a pushup with your hips remaining on the ground, planks, bridges (lay on your back with your feet on a couch and arch, walking on a treadmill, a lot of ice, a lot of heat and propping (laying on my stomach propping my legs up and torso up so i form a U shape with my body. these are all exercises ive been doing to help my herniated L4/L5 disk which has caused sciatica. i actually talked to my physical therapist today about the inversion tables and she said that they have been known to help a lot of people, but you have to find the right angle, upside down may not be the right angle for you and may end up further hurting your back, so start out at a slight angle and increase to see what helps. also, these tables do increase blood pressure in the head and in general so be careful with that. hope this helps! feel better soon!
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    tony suits

    im not 100% sure but i think freefly suits dont have handles like rw suits do