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  1. nrobinson

    GoPro Schier clamp

    It replaces the thumbscrew. Super simple to install, and loads nicer than those gash thumbscrews. I'd buy another one tomorrow.
  2. nrobinson

    Hooking up for take off. Good idea? Bad idea?

    All four hooks connected at take off, and restraints too. I personally take the slack out of the laterals for take off, then tighten them fully shortly before exit.
  3. nrobinson

    Skyhook/RSL for Camera Flying

    I have both a cutaway on my helmet, and an RSL. I am a firm believer that EVERY camera helmet should have a cutaway, regardless of what type of camera is fitted. I also know several people that have had to use their cutaways in live situations. I jump an RSL, despite some of the more 'old school' jumpers I work with not supporting the idea, in fact, most of the camera team at my dropzone use either and RSL or skyhook, save one or two. Having had a hairy moment on Saturday, a pilot chute hesitation on main (with the main clearing and opening at 2000ft as I reached for the reserve handle) and the main opening with enough twists to make it interesting, I was glad to have and RSL... I had a fairly clean reserve deployment and landed in the lading area wthout further incident. I know plenty of people that use RSL/Skyhook and fly camera, and personally I feel that the pros outweigh the cons :)
  4. nrobinson

    CONTEST! ~Funny tandem photo

    Sometimes it's just all too much, and you need a nap...
  5. nrobinson

    Post Camera helmet with flash

    This is my Flat Top, with the carbon L bracket turned 90degrees, and a canon 220 flash mounted on it. Come in quite handy in the UK! Please excuse the poor quality iPhone picture!
  6. nrobinson

    Any pictures of yourself while working ???

    Just chilling out above a 23 way the other weekend.