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  1. it looks nice :) i'd prefer single colour. Everything in black or everything in white.
  2. I agree that body position and folding play important role. But I just cannot believe that those two (particular) canopies I used can ever open softly without significant modifications. Hard (ening f. up ;) from time to time is okay but hard openings as default mode of a canopy is simply not acceptable for me.
  3. Untill now I had hard openings only with Sabre.
  4. sabre1 - 190. first jump, master rigger packed. HARD opening. second jump, DZ packer packed. HARD opening. third jump, I packed with all advices I got for soft openings. HARD opening. sabre2 - 150. first jump. A friend of mine packed it for himself. Not as hard as sabre 1 but pretty hard opening. I'm convinced that I'll never jump sabre again except if my life really rely upon it.
  5. how do you deal with hard openings with Sabre1?
  6. cut the crap and buy yourself a decent canopy.
  7. This one should be qualifief for Jeb Ass award.
  8. if you wear a pin and leave boobies at home it's totaly different feeling.
  9. is this real?
  10. what's wrong with pimp mustaches?
  11. I don't think that would be possible. Cell phone umts network can in extreme cases reach 1000m (3000ft). In most cases the network signal is non existant above 300m (1000ft).
  12. If unbiased, and proper and consistent data collection and criteria used, statistics can be very useful. some time ago I came across the statistical report regarding the fatal skydiving accidents in US. I cannot find it now, but what I can recall was: Chance of fatal accident per 1000 particpants: Motorbike driving 0,2% per year Skydiving 1,1% per year IMHO, one of the flaws of that report was the fact that they've calculated all registered motorbike drivers and not only the active population of them.