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  1. Hallo there , does anybody use the cx 410 with the boss system for 8 way formation ,i wonder if the wide angle without extra lens is wide enough what would it be compared to a 0.43 lens?
  2. ronnyD

    FEAR? No Fear!

    I agrea , fear is youre own natural instinct for danger so if youre aware of it and fix the danger you might find a way to know what youre doing! the ego usually does not exept it so i wonder if he knows what he's doing!
  3. ronnyD


    Can anybody tell me about the spectre 107 , I would like to have a canopy with smooth openings and landings , I jump most of the time with camara, I have about 4500 jumps, my weight 68 kg = 149.6 lbs and am not very much into swooping. thanks