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  1. Hi Jarkko, As a teacher I'm always searching for interesting reading on the matter, and you should look for FE books (FE = further education, which effectively is adult education). Further education is about teaching a very specific skill, often vocational, to a wide range of individuals. Someone who just finished secondary education (high school) or someone much older. There's plenty of literature in this area. Also, I believe you will find this seminar very interesting:
  2. Marc, I'm going to give you the perspective from the other side. My wife wanted to try skydiving to see if she could share my passion in the sky together, despite her absolute fear of it. She spent every weekend for months at the DZ with me, making friends, getting involved with manifest, helping organising stuff for events, attending the bar, etc. She finally did a tandem jump and found out that skydiving was not for her. She was heartbroken because she thought I would be disappointed. I was very understanding and put her mind at ease about the whole thing. Since then, she doesn't show up at the DZ so often and I don't go skydiving every single weekend, but I reserve at least one weekend a month for us to do something different together. She understands it and continues to fully support my skydiving life. Perhaps you could show the same support without necessarily having to jump. Depending on the size of the DZ, there's plenty of things you could volunteer to help, and be part of the community. Ask the DZ manager and I guarantee your help will be welcome, specially on the busy summer season. At my DZ there are a couple of people helping who don't jump at all. On a side note, if you loved the canopy ride so much, have you given a though on paragliding? The thing is, it's done in a completely different environment from a parachuting centre, making you spend your weekends away from your wife, doing your own thing. But it could bring you that pleasure you have of flying a canopy. Nevertheless, well done for losing weight and for being brave to try something out of your comfort zone, facing an incredible fear. The experience you had will be with you forever.
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    Dropzone Template Upgrade

    Great stuff! It sounds interesting and I'll be looking forward to it! Again, thank you for the the time and effort you guys put into it.
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    Dropzone Template Upgrade

    It's laudable that you guys are improving this site and I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate it. Even so many social media groups about skydiving and gear sales, I keep coming here almost on a daily basis for further reading and in depth discussions, and I'm sure many others do the same. The new skydivers I meet (the ones passing B license and more likely to be retained in the sport) don't know about Perhaps you should invest in spreading the word about it, to make it grow and keep it going for a long, long time. From my perspective, the only major issue you have is the fake profiles/passport selling scams type of thing going on, which has increased. But I know you are trying to mitigate this problem as well. Thanks for all the work you guys put into this, and making many of my dull work hours more "productive" to myself. Shhh...
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