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    Complete System: Used for just under 200 jumps and wingsuit flights over a 4 year period, every component in "as new" condition with very little signs of any wear. Freefly friendly. Wingsuit friendly. I am 6' 2" (189cm), 200 lbs (91kg). This rig will not buitable for anyone taller than me. Container: Wings by Sunrise Manufacturing (DOM JULY 2014), with Cypres AAD Main: Performance Design Spectre 170 (7 Cell) with less than 200 jumps Reserve: PD Optimum Reserve 160, 7 cell canopy, zero rides. Helmet: Cookie G3 with attached "GoPro 3+" screwed in mount (it eliminates any snag risk. Camera not included). Helmet has audible altimeter insertion pocket. Audible Altimeter: L&B Optima 2 Audible. No signs of wear and tear Wrist altimeter: L&B Altitrack Altimeter and jump log computer all-in-one. Minimal signs of wear and tear, if any, still has plastic cover on underside digital screen. Does not come with cable to connect to laptop for "paralog" logging. NOTE: The rig has been in air conditioned storage in my apartment for a while and (obviously) the main and reserve need an inspection and repack by your local friendly rigger. Also, IMPORTANTLY, the Cypres AAD is due a service before use and still has about 4 years active duty left in it (Cypres AAD's have a 12.5year active use life cycle).


    Tung Chung, Lantau - HK

  2. Just finished my AFF course and 10 consolidation jumps at this place and felt compelled to let others know about the excellent experience I had. You'll probably be staying in the nearby town of Aranjuez when you go and the place is nice enough. You'll soon get into the routine of spending all day at the dropzone, then back to Aranjuez for a shower and a meal followed by laughing at your "stable" exit attempts on the big screen at Cheers bar together with the others from the dropzone. Bringing a non-jumper friend with you might lead to them being a bit bored after a couple of days but if you are going alone just for the jumping then Aranjuez has everything you need. The DZ itself doesn't benefit from the pool or hotel facilities anymore but again I didn't once feel that this was a particular shortcoming; you'll be very well looked after and taught by the fantastic instructors that you won't have to moan about the lack of whatever else. you'll probably want to rethink your prioritise if you find yourself annoyed over anything in this place. It's all centred around well taught, safe and fun jumping. It can get busy at the weekends with local tandem experience seekers and their entire families making up for most of the people there and the atmosphere always stays nice and upbeat. They'll probably take the second Porter into use during the busy times so getting in lots of jumps won't be a problem. Overall I can't fault the place. I don't have anything to compare it too so if you're an experienced jumper used to getting a shiatzu massage between jumps then maybe you'll find this place fall short of expectations but for anyone looking to do their AFF in a professional and fun place and catch some sun while you're doing it then stop reading these message boards and book the course. Now.