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  1. Hi! I am Crystal and I really need a ride to the airport. I will be in Z-Hills for a job interview on Sunday Nov 7. and staying until my flight on Tue Nov. 9th. Long story short, my boyfriend is the pilot of the Caravan coming down from PA in about 2 wks, but I am down here now working on getting a job for me. I will be flying out of Clearwater/St. Pete (PIE) at 4:30pm on Tuesday Nov. 9th and am desperate need of a ride. It is about a one hour drive to the airport from Z-Hills. I will ask around once I get there, but figured putting up a post could not hurt either. I am willing and happy to pay for both your gas to and from and also your time. Please help me :) My personal e-mail is [email protected] Thanks in advance and as always blue skies :)
  2. I got top rate AFF to A license instruction here. Everyone is super friendly. The staff here are true ambassadors of the sport and make a special effort to make everyone from observers to tandems to students to experienced up jumpers feel at home. The DZ has many great features including a huge outdoor pack tent, HOT showers, park like camp ground with stream, swoop pond and more! The grass run-way doubles as a soft landing area. The only thing missing at this DZ is a turbine aircraft. I would highly recommend this DZ to anyone in the E. TN area. :)