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  1. I understand what you mean with "privileg". We have to keep our sport save. Otherwise it will kill our sport. But especially in the USA the proportionality between the law and the regulations in skydiving is unreal. You have the rigth to buy and carry arms but you are not allowed to wear a camera with les than 200 jumps.. I'm thinking hard about wihich of this things is more dangerous
  2. This discussion made me laugh. In the USA you are allowed to drive a car when you are 16. Without doing any monitored driving practice or education. You only have to pass the tests. You can drive a big F250 with about 362HP. You can easily kill other people on the streets. But in my opinion, skydiving sport, is over regulated. If someone with 50 jumps wants to jump a small elliptical canopy and a gopro on his helmet i would recommend not to do this. But i think everyone has the right to take his own decision.
  3. I have never understood that too. Today we had some situations where two skydiver wanted to set the landing pattern at the same time. One to the north and one to the south. Then you don't know what the other guys are going to do... Why do they don't have a big T on the ground to set the pattern like other dropzones?