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  1. PiLFy


  2. PiLFy

    Who was the first

    Who is the one you know of? When did they get their D? USPA will have the information you're looking for. Have you sent them a query?
  3. PiLFy

    Container and canopy size question??

    Ask them: http://www.sunpath.com/
  4. PiLFy

    300fps in 4k

    Sounds wonderful...& wonderfully expensive.
  5. PiLFy

    Buying my first helmet. Any tips?

    Grab a Benny from Chutingstar. They're a great helmet @full price. I've had one for years (old liner style), & have never regretted it. I would argue that it offers significantly more protection than that Bonehead you're also considering.
  6. PiLFy

    One armed skydiving

    While you're waiting for more replies to come in. I'll direct you to our search function. In the upper righthand corner of this page, you'll see a search bar. Typing in the query "Amputee" brought these results: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=search_results&search_forum=all&search_string=amputee%20&sb=score&mh=25 Lots of good info, there. Good Luck.
  7. PiLFy

    Just completed my FJC.

    Ya musta done well. He flashed you a You're #1 signal ... Congratulations. The fun is just beginning
  8. PiLFy

    tandemskydive after ear-operation

    Hi, Your English is perfectly understandable. I wasn't able to follow that link. Sounds like you had a Myringotomy. It's unclear from what you've written. You speak of pressure changes, but then mention earplugs. Earplugs help w/loud noises, not pressure changes. If you're sensitive to the slight pressure changes of a pressurized aircraft. Free fall pressure changes will surely cause you loads of pain. If your Ears can't equalize pressure fast enough. You'll rupture the Eardrum. Intense pain, vertigo, & nausea will be the results... Sorry, but you should definitely talk to your Doctor before jumping. Best of Luck.
  9. PiLFy


    The Optima2 is more accurate, much more adjustable, & has canopy alarms. You'd be giving up a lot of functionality for a data logger you don't really need. Just my $0.02
  10. PiLFy

    GoPro shuts off on jumprun

    FWIW. I asked GoPro about repair costs when they start acting up. In not so many words. They said it's a throw away. They won't even try to repair them.
  11. Thank You for posting this. I've been waiting to hear more specs on this camera. Edit to add: http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&productId=8198552921666484161#overview
  12. PiLFy

    Deaf - radio assistance

    Hi, There's a search function in the upper right hand corner of the screens. Deaf + AFF yielded this: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=search_results&search_forum=all&search_string=deaf%20aff&sb=score&mh=25 Enjoy your AFF.
  13. PiLFy

    Demo Streamer Set-up

    Demos @105 jumps? W/non-standard equipment to add to it???
  14. Here, I think these are the two incident reports you want: http://www.uspa.org/USPAMembers/Safety/AccidentReports/tabid/81/ctl/Detail/mid/785/Default.aspx?xmdata=SakVDx0DWDBWKevXSEaFG8q0yqbUsWn7g%2frJ8aSiOTXFABbPaL5hYGNd%2fOIhOd4bbuW%2fDa4UKe5TTDhQgDTgFg%3d%3d http://www.uspa.org/USPAMembers/Safety/AccidentReports/tabid/81/ctl/Detail/mid/785/Default.aspx?xmdata=SakVDx0DWDC7BbQjSAU7FuylgIVHKQUWV5aS6%2fX5SlNWRFj0YB76nRCKs6PwCA70%2b0WyBadzdeAtG3jghD8ioA%3d%3d
  15. PiLFy

    Beginner skydiver needs results

    Hi, The Forums have a search function in the upper right-hand corner. You'll find all your answers through there. Here's a start: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=search_results&search_forum=all&search_string=first%20rig&sb=score&mh=25