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  1. On Aug 21,at around noon, my son (16) was scheduled to skydive, he couldn't do it that day due to the weather. We left at around 2pm & received a rain check for the next day at 11 am. On Aug 22 we arrived a few minutes before 11 am, signed in & waited for his turn. A few minutes before noon my son was told by an instructor that he was too young to skydive per new rules by the equipment manufacturer. My complaint is not the fact that the rules changed but the manner in which we received the information. Upon finding out that my son couldn't skydive I went to the registration office to get a refund & to also further inquire about the new rules. My question was answered with 'We had no way of knowing his age' & 'you must have signed in yesterday before 11 am when we received the call from the equipment manufacturer' or even better...the owner was more worried about having to change the brochures and website to reflect the new rules!! I was VERY clear about his age when arriving the first day & signing the consent forms and VERY clear about his age when making the reservation. A couple of opportunities to let us know... 1.We arrived on Aug 21 AFTER 11 am-when they say they received the call regarding the new rule. We were at their facility until about 2 pm waiting for the clouds to lift - all after the 11 am phone call from the manufacturer. 2. After checking in on Aug 22nd we sat and waited for about an hour (expected the wait, no big deal). When my son met his instructor the instructor asked his age. 3. Via phone anytime August 21st after 2 pm. The owner & registration office staff did not tell us about the change in rules & did not take ownership of their failure to notify us before driving out to their facility. 1.5 hour drive, 70+ miles one way. Skydive Greensburg SHOULD have let us know on Saturday, August 21st that my son could not skydive due to a change in the rules - either upon checking in OR before leaving due to the weather OR by calling us that day/evning. They were aware of my son's age as there is a contract that had to be filled out and signed by myself AND my son. Hopefully Skydive Greensburg doesn't care for their aircraft & parachute equipment with the same negligence that they treat their customers.