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  1. Yes it does have a staging loop and is a V316 with a PA Air Force 120, which pack's quite small, It is not tight at all. Alex
  2. Thanks everyone by the comments, Im quite happy with my decision to don't pull the reserve handle, I didn't assume that skyhook deploy my reserve, I could see it did it! I would go for the reserve handle after get stable facing the ground... My point is: skyhook didn't perform as advertised, it only worked as normal RSL what I wouldn't use anyway.. did someone experience that?
  3. Hi everyone, I've experience today a malfunction on my skyhook: I had a severe line twist on my VX-94, spinning on my back decide to chop it, as I cut it away could see the freebag going away as it suppose to happen as I had my skyhook on, didn't even bother to pull my reserve handle, then I've notice a quite slow opening of the reserve compared with the previous skyhook experience on a Sigma. I end up on a couple of line twist on my reserve. Analyzing the footage later, frame by frame, I've notice that the skyhook only worked as a normal RSL, it broke free of the freebag just after deployment, what probably cause the slow opening I've felt before and the reserve line twist as the lines stretch quite slowly, or slower that it would, while I was still falling on my back/spinning from the disconnection. Does any one had similar experience before? I've assembled the rig myself, brand new, couple of month ago. I got to admit that was my firs skyhook pack job, but all by the book, and absolutely sure that I've attached the lanyard to the hook and sealed. Anything that I could have done wrong that can cause that? Appreciate any help. Alex
  4. Thanks a lot every one for the comments! Helped a lot! Alex
  5. Hi everyone have this question on a test that cant find the answer... I dont have much knowledge on rounds. Does someone can help? What makes a round parachute squid? a) an excessive load b)deployment at a speed lass than the critical opening speed c) deployment at a speed greater than the critical opening speed appreciate any help! Alex