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  1. I thought it was well presented and overall positive for Jeb and the sport. Hopefully it will gain him some funding. Job well done!
  2. I have bought one complete rig and two separate mains through the classifieds here. All three times were a good experience. The sellers and one buyer were all willing to work together. All parts were shipped to DZ (with the rigger's prior knowledge) and then checks were sent back. Photos were e mailed and telephone numbers exchanged. So far, 3 for 3 good experiences. As already mentioned; any unwillingness to work with you is a red flag.
  3. I had a Sabre II - 170 and never a hard opening. I had an exit weight of 220 at the time. The canopy flies very well. It is totally different then the originals.
  4. I use liquid "Soft Scrub" cleaner. It cleans and removes simple & numerous scratches. Good luck
  5. The exact same thing happened to me. I used PD's on line design form. Gave it to the dealer and the dealer transferred it to another form. Hence, my color scheme was quite off. Dealer denied wrong doing. After a few jumps, I sold it. Went to a different dealer and got what I wanted. I know your frustration/disappointment!
  6. I had a Pro Series and found it to be a good canopy. No problems, packed and flew nicely.
  7. No, I did not go to the emergency room. Yes, I landed it. It was a very uneventful landing on a Sabre 170. Winds, landing area and all other factors were favorable. Hence, I made my decision. In hind sight (20-20) I would probably chop it, but all control was good and I landed it.
  8. Yes, they were marked. It was a year ago, so details are foggy. The rigger mentioned a twist, but the risers were not twisted. However, my major point was: not taking the time to repack the main was a major bad decision.
  9. I was lazy - once and hooked my main up still in the bag. Despite being really careful, it was backwards. Lesson learned = time taken to re-pack is much shorter then any travel time to the emergency room! Stay Safe
  10. Loved your video! It looked and sounded just like mine when my canopy was backwards. Oh what a feeling!
  11. 1.) Do no quit! 2.) Make sure you finish your flare, all the way! 3.) A coach, with a video of your landings should help a lot. Often it is a very small thing you are or are not doing on finishing your flare. I had the same problem. Maybe it is your canopy being worn, but with determination and a video, you should be fine.
  12. I had an older javelin rig, BOC pocket was a bit worn also. During a sit, I felt the bridle as it wrapped around my right arm. managed to get it clear and had a rather hard opening. Had BOC pouch replaced and a small piece of velcro added to bridle. Then. . . never used it for FF again!
  13. No fair using your work stuff to get Go Fast stickers! Hope all is well with you. Stay Safe
  14. I look at a Cypress similar to fire insurance on the house. I don't plan on a fire, hope I never have one, don't think about it much, but still have fire insurance. Same line of thought with Cypress. "if you think the cost of insurance is too high, then consider the cost without it." Stay Safe
  15. I bought a SCUBA diving gear bag. Holds 2 rigs, 2 jumpsuits and lots of "stuff". Has double carry handle and back pack straps. Three zipper compartments, light padding and very heavy duty. Cost was about $65 (US$).