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  1. - too true hey.... I understood the entire progression from jump number 0... Same here. I have a written outline of what is expected on each jump along with the altitude of that jump. Also in my log book my instructor puts in what is next along with a one on one talk with on what is going to be covered on the following jump and how I did on the previous jump. Good god... take a chill pill guys... In many small DZ, IAD/SL is the introductory method for 1st jumps. You can then do another one with the same basic ground school. After that, if you sign up for more jumps, then you get a more detailed explanation of the progression. But If all you did was asked a general question at manifest or an instructor in passing, the info would probably be pretty general... That is exactly my scenario. They have not explained to me anything about progression, just the info necessary to do my first, and then second SL jump. The only info I have on progression has come from my log book and searching the internet.
  2. On the delay falls I was being jumpmastered by an instructor who spotted, called the cut and told me to go (by the 3rd jump I didn't need the "Get your feet out and stop, go all the way out and hang, GO! commands). Just like with the S/L and PRCPs he would stay in the plane and watch out the door as I fell. Because I was only falling a couple thousand feet he could tell how I did. Once I was cleared for solo self-supevision, I would ride the plane up with tandems or other jumpers and do a solo jump. Once again, your instructors should have told you this. Where are you jumping? (filling the rest of your profile out would help) Are you doing this as a structured progression? Or have you done a couple static line jumps as one-time deals and want to go on? Thanks for the info, I am jumping at skydive KC. Yes I got a logbook and it has the altitudes, for some reason I thought it was 10k but it's 4200. And yes the logbook does indeed tell me what I need to do to progress but it doesn't say anything after the 4200' hop n pop other than a little info about licenses. I would have asked the instructor some of this stuff last time but I was kind of caught up in the moment. To clarify I have done two static line jumps and I'm thinking about going on. If someone could give me more info about being cleared for solo, what it is, how many jumps it takes. I would appreciate it. I am guessing that's what comes next after your hop n pop?
  3. I have done two static line jumps. The way they have it outlined is you do two static line jumps with good arch, and three more static line jumps with practice rip cord pulls and then a hop n pop. Right. But the H&P isn't from 10K. That would be a long, long canopy ride. It's from the same altitude as the static line and PRCPs. After that you start doing delay falls (Freefalls) from progressively higher altitudes. When I did it, they had me do "10 second" delays, then "15 second" delays (doing nothing more than falling stable or simple turns). The 15 sec were from about 6000 feet. After that, they had me stop counting and use the altimiter (although I was using it during the delay falls too). Then I was cleared for self-supervision solo jumps and coach jumps. This is all stuff your instructors should tell you. Hope that helps. When you are doing the delay freefalls are you working on getting cleared for solo or are you already? Does an instructor fall with you? What does it mean to be cleared for solo?
  4. I have done two static line jumps. The way they have it outlined is you do two static line jumps with good arch, and three more static line jumps with practice rip cord pulls and then a hop n pop.
  5. Could you clarify more please? What exactly is your instructor rating? And at what point can you do a jump where you have considerable free fall time?
  6. I just started skydiving and I understand that in as few as 5 jumps you can do a 10,000' hop n pop. My question is what comes after that and at what point can you do a jump in which you have considerable free fall time? In other words you are not deploying the canopy almost immediately after letting go of the aircraft.