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  1. I own the full swoop suit and the WTF2 freefly suit. All I can say is that I'm extremely happy with them both. They fit well, they are of great quality, and you just can't beat the price... compared to paying 900 for a competitors suit, they are great! I wanna go fast!
  2. Thanks a lot guys !!! I wanna go fast!
  3. Anyone know if you can still get a lineset for these canopies? I have a 150 that's going out of trim and needs some new ones. I wanna go fast!
  4. It's not 1 or .5 frames a second. It means it will take one picture per second or a picture every half second. It's for us who are using the hero3 as for tandem pictures. And exposure lock is useless for this because all of your photo's become whitewashed when you turn the camera on in the plane (and you certainly don't wanna be fiddling with it on the step when your doing the count)
  5. Your biggest problem is that your still paying the packers to do it.... you learn packing by actually packing. Yes it's frustrating, yes it sucks when you first start, but you don't get better by watching others do it (although you do pick up some good tricks). But YOU still have to do it. My first canopy in my rig was tighter then seven hells as well. Spent a lot of time at home practicing the method riggerrob explained(putting half the canopy in at a time)..And after 20 or so packs, I wasn't completely sweating through my shirt But I will also vouch for the PD videos. They were extremely helpful. Pause them, pack in time with the video, watch his tricks for managing all the material. And keep at er' I wanna go fast!
  6. Just ordered mine !! Sooo excited!. And i'm extremely happy they went back to tuck tabs, as I don't like magnetic riser covers at all. I wanna go fast!
  7. I've bought two mains from the US, a container, and camera gear (all from the classifieds). I've never had an issue, you're in for the normal border fee's , exchange rate bla bla bla. But as long as you have a credible seller it's pretty easy/stress free. It's usually about 50 bucks for border fees plus whatever the shipping amounts to. But again, it'll depend on the size/weight. The most i've had to date though was the container/reserve, and that was 50 bucks for border fees. I wanna go fast!
  8. I've jumped a wings for 400 jumps so far, and I've gotta say my rig is super comfortable. I've always had good riggers who kept the pilot chute looking good. The few time it slipped, they just took a couple minute and straightened it out. For the price it's hard to argue especially if it's your first rig. My next rig will probably be a voodoo curv though, damn they look good ! I wanna go fast!
  9. Agreed wholeheartedly. I will never own one, after having packed a fair amount for a buddy who does. It makes it much more difficult to keep the canopy nice in the bag, as the bag just blows up where the seem is. IMO I wanna go fast!
  10. Also interested in the radical... Is it just morpheus tech in USA that sells them? I checked the site and there colour picker for the Radical only shows 1 rib inbetween the cells instead of 2 ( making that weird crossbrace looking end cell) .... So is this the same canopy? I wanna go fast!
  11. Just to stir the pot. Canadian liscence requirements are simply a B liscence to jump camera and a talk with a experienced camera man. In all reality you can jump your camera before a 100 jumps if your on the ball. As this rule has been there for quite some time with CSPA, and with no major issues sprouting because of it, I Agree with Lindenwood, If you give them a proper briefing, explain the hazards and they are heads up, there's no problem with them taking their go-pro/contour/drift/etc.. . They are a great debfrief tool. I wanna go fast!
  12. I was having the same problem with my canopy (safire 2 149, brand new) and as dumb as it sounds, the worse I packed it ... the better the thing opened. If I put it in all neat and tidy, I would wind up kissing my toes on opening, slam it in dirty and it sniveled and opened like a beauty. Worth trying the drunken pack, see if it makes a difference for you. (hey there's always that handy backup canopy in case shit goes sideways ) I wanna go fast!
  13. bk1411

    Camera Helmet

    Had cookie backets and a go pro and cx100 with hypeye attached. Couple scratches along lid and cutaway release.
  14. bk1411

    Camera helmets

    Two camera helmets stolen from skydive bigsky alberta. Both with new cx-100's on top. As well as go -pro and stills camera.