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  1. Wow, that sounds familiar. I did a tandem, then worked the next 2 Saturdays and a couple of long days to get the money together. Less than a month after my tandem, I'm through with AFF and have 3 solo jumps complete. I can't stop looking at the sky, and my dreams are one continuous freefall! Welcome to the addiction....
  2. Just finished my first solo! I am on the next load...
  3. I will be making my first solo jumps this Friday. I have a jumpsuit on order, but it hasn't arrived yet. How important is a jumpsuit? I noticed one of the guys wearing motocross pants to jump in, which I have plenty of. Would this do for now, or should I be borrowing a suit from the DZ?
  4. Wow! You guys really suck ass. I thought you would be a nice bunch of folks. Go figure
  5. All I know is, everyone was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Fast Eddie is the best instructor I have ever had in all of my many endeavors. Say what you will, I judge by my own experience...
  6. I spent the weekend doing my AFF. Passed with flying colors. Now I'm ready to really learn the sport. I don't think I've ever felt an addiction take hold this quick! The crew at ASC in Cedartown GA were the best! Thanks to all my instructors and new friends for their welcome to the sport.