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  1. Holy shit, dude. They're different, but so as to accomplish the same thing. Like how Mac and PC are different, but both do essentially the same thing. Maybe somebody doesn't want to hurl their body out of an airplane but still want the free fall experience. To them, such a comparison, concluding that the tunnel is safer, is not absurd. Why ya gotta be like dat, mang?
  2. Established Video People, What kind of computer are you using for your video editing? What, if anything, would you change/add (money permitting)? What software are you using to edit? Thanks, CHRCNF
  3. Turned down a canopy course offered several times after I got licensed. Some time thereafter I turned low and broke my femur.
  4. You should have some sort of accuracy competition where you shoot the firearm at a target under canopy. Eh, eh?
  5. Maybe you could compare it to Sandra Bullock driving the bus from "Speed?"
  6. about a week. Although I broke my femur last weekend so I might not get much use out of it for a while.
  7. I turned low and broke my femur (a week ago tomorrow).
  8. Working with a Mac- what is the best way to import video from Sony CX series camera? When using iMovie it imports it as a .mov file- is that suitable? When friends give me video from their CX(s) it's usually a .MPG file which Apple doesn't seem to want to play without using VLC player, and even then, the quality is minimal. I'm having a hard time understanding the management of video files with the intent of editing video.
  9. Is this camera even appropriate for taking pictures in freefall with?
  10. Is there any way to rig up a bite switch that would work with the Nikon D5000 DSLR?? The typical 2.5mm plug is not on this camera...
  11. CHRCNF

    EG Suits do they hold up?
  12. ...does it require the reserve repack of the container the Cypres was already in?
  13. How do you decipher the jump count? What does 4:1 mean???
  14. As a new skydiver who has recently spent time with the SIM, I believe it's good the way it is. It simply tells you what you need to know.
  15. I'm mainly concerned with packing outside, in the shade, on the green grass.
  16. take your rig home unpacked at the end of the day. ...and then to take it outside to pack it (in the shade, of course) the next day. I'm too lazy to pack, and too cheap to pay a packer ; ) BUT... Smelling my rig in my car got me to thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Mainly just snagging the parachute on something and tearing it. What are your thoughts? CHRCNF
  17. It's all just so freaking frustrating. I will continue to refine my packing skills though. Strive for one pack job a day (at home) and then continue packing for myself at the DZ. At least I won't have to worry about pacing my jumps
  18. psycho packing a real thing? I could do that and would have a good opening?
  19. Is it possible that I will never be able to "get it?" Every time people shows me various packing methods they make it look so easy. Then when I try to employ these methods on my own I turn it into a hot mess. I can get everything laid down onto the ground okay. It's getting it into the D-bag I have trouble with : \ I was hoping not to be someone who pays a packer EVERY jump either.
  20. If I'm ever in freefall with you and you lose consciousness would you rather me pull your main or go silver? Or let your AAD do the work?