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  1. I can personally say it was jumped in 2009ish.
  2. The next iFly after hours will be held on Friday night, February 27 at 11pm. $160 for a 10 minute block with coaching. This is open to all licensed skydivers. Please contact [email protected] for more details.
  3. Attention all skydivers! Join iFly Chicago's afterhours skydiver league. Starting this Friday 1/30/15!! 9pm arrival time 10pm flight time. Open to all licensed skydivers. 10 min block with coaching $150.00 Please contact [email protected] or 779-456-4359
  4. At my place the kids get candy and teenagers get Top Ramen.
  5. base1325

    BitCoin very easy and fast
  6. base1325

    Bit Coins

    I should have have said has anyone purchased them from the silk road to use on the SR.
  7. base1325

    Bit Coins

    Anyone have any experience using them?
  8. If you do let them run lose make sure they have a harness on with a leash attached to something in the car. They might take off running if you open the door when you get to a gas station. It also provides extra security for you and them if you are in a car accident. Just Think how horrible it would be to lose your cat in the middle of no ware.
  9. Once did it when I was doing a Mr. Bill from a tandem. I was the passenger. it was very easy and different.
  10. I don't think Black people base jump