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    Price is for the container and reserve. The reserve, No rides and in great shape. A Precision Aerodynamics, R-Max 148 (SN:60644555 MFD: 4/2007) The Container, about 500 jumps on it. I weigh 200 pounds and 5'11'' tall, this could fit anyone about my size, preferably little shorter, with big thighs. G-4, Size M-1, fully articulated and padded, and includes RSL (no MARD system). It's made for a 135, 9 cell main and can fit up to a 7 cell 150. (SN: 12442 MFD: 8/19/14). Container has been very well taken care of and only packed indoors. I have a velo 96 in it, smallest it could go, so let me know if you're also interested. The reserve and container must go together. email me at


  2. I recently acquired a fusion 175 and weigh around 200 pounds. the canopy will always open softly and no line twists no matter how shitty your pack job is. I moved down from a saber 2-190 to the fusion and the fusion is equally as fun as a saber, but unlike the fusion I always had occasional line twists and hard openings with my saber, of course due to my pack jobs, but the same pack jobs has a much better outcome with the fusion; trust me!!! Canopy flight is very similar to saber 2, so if you tried one, you know what I mean. overall great canopy with good flare. Definitely recommend this canopy, but I also recommend that higher wing loading can help better the experience when your starting to get board.
  3. im looking for a greater challenge than sabre 2-190 and i would like to learn how to swoop
  4. thanks for the info. holy shit though i dont know whether to purchase it now. i wanted to buy it for an upcoming boogie and its a canopy that seems pretty fun in accordance to the reviews i read. plus id like to try some swooping. so an a 1.1 wingloading would basically kill me?
  5. i am an intermediate jumper thats about to jump a crossfire 2 with 1.1 - 1.2 wing loading, would that be safe??