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  1. Might be time for some additional dredging.... Was just a thought.
  2. You keep missing the main point, and dodging and weaving quicker than Mohammad Ali. You WERE involved. YOUR website hosted the discussion. YOU received messages telling you the whole thing was WRONG, and probably illegal to boot. YOU laughed at those messages. YOU ignored them. I posted up Sheridan's US Copyright Office notice, which YOU saw. In case the emails didn't reach you, I posted up my objections and concerns here at Dropzone, which YOU saw. Don't try to give people that crap and expect them to buy it. You may not have uploaded the infringed book file to Lulu, but you stood by and said nothing while it was done...even after you were well-informed about the situation. Now you try to weasel out of your responsibility for having a hand in all of it. Either what you did was RIGHT or WRONG. There is no grey area, no middle ground, no weaseling...because you knew all along what was going on, and you made supporting comments which I can post from your own website if you wish. I'm not going to do that. But if you were any kind of man, who had any sense of moral justice, since you allowed all that at your would do something about it instead of whining and weaseling. Your friends might buy it. I do NOT. If I had sponsored such a thing at MY and your friends would have been all over me like white on rice. We both know this. And this is why sometimes I call you a phony. You have a double set of standards. I just figured something out today. I AM a better man than you.
  3. Stop dodging. You hosted the whole program. You could have questioned it. Did you buy a copy of the book? Not that it matters. We both know perfectly well that without your cooperation, this matter will never be made right. You allowed it, so now you should take a hand in fixing it. I figured YOU to be the one to get the ball rolling on this. After was not only YOU that hosted all this stuff, but YOU that has the contact info on Snow. He registered at YOUR site, after all. Notice I didn't ask you for his email address. But you hold a certain responsibility here. You KNEW it was wrong. And you received several messages from me about that whole situation. You also made some posts about that at your website. So stop trying to dodge and weave and do the right thing. This isn't about me. It's about what is right for SHERIDAN. I can't force you to do it, but if you don't take action just as firm as your allowing Snow to do that at your own website, then I will assume you have absolutely no conscience, and are perfectly okay with screwing someone already past 90 years of age out of their life's work. People can say whatever they wish about me, but brother...I have never stooped as low as THAT.
  4. Robert says: I will address these issues Shutter talks about. They don't need 'clarification,' or as I would put it, 'spin doctoring.' Robert replies: Free books are downloaded by the hundreds of thousands each month via Kindle or other free book sources. You are allowed to read them. Not start editing them on your own and re-publishing them without the author's express permission. I have a virtual ton of emails from Sheridan showing that although at FIRST he may have gone along with Snownman's idea to publish, that at some point he said NO. And no means no when it comes to the rights to an author's work. After that, I started getting messages from Sheridan saying he was very angry about what was being done with his work. He threatened to call authorities and that should tell you something. When we re-published our Special Illustrated Edition of Pilot Down, Presumed Dead we changed the cover and added 25 images to the interior of the book. I was required to get a signed release from both the Phleger family and the previous publisher, even though that publisher had dropped the book from distribution in 1994. In writing. Snownman obtained no release from Sheridan Peterson and continued his edit and publication anyway. In order to assign an ISBN to a book, you have to own the rights to do that. Otherwise that ISBN was falsely obtained. Robert says: Good intentions? The road to hell is paved with them. "I robbed the bank, your honor. Yes. I did it to donate the money to poor people." It's a weak argument for theft, Dave. I posted publicly and sent you messages warning you that what you were doing was not only wrong, but would RUIN Sheridan's book from any REAL distribution and publication for good. You KNEW that AB staff were working with Sheridan BEFORE Snownman came along, and OUR plan was to set the book up at Lightning Source and for the Amazon Kindle, which would have been much better for Sheridan. He would be collecting (or a family member) royalties for years. Not enough to get rich, but nice steady money. You and your friends cheated he and his family out of that. Releasing a book at the trade rate like WE do (55% off cover price with print distribution centers worldwide) doesn't guarantee you will get rich. But it usually guarantees at least some sales over a very long period of time. This is because at wholesale trade rates, most book vendors will list that book because there is a profit margin on it for them. Of course, after Lightning Source, the author is second in the food chain. He makes the same on each sale, no matter what the vendors offer it up for. It's a good system. The book now sits at Amazon for $25.00 a copy in paperback, has virtually NO reviews, and is ranked at number 4.1 million at Amazon, which means it sells pretty much zero copies. There is no Kindle version. It is not available wholesale, which means no vendors picked it up, and cannot be obtained outside the US without paying a ridiculous shipping cost as well. In case you didn't know, Lulu dot com is about the WORST place to release a book. I once wrote a detailed article on WHY. I have the screenshots from both your site, and Bruce's showing that you were warned about these things, yet chose to ignore them just because a few of you were so greedy you just HAD to obtain a few copies of the book for an upcoming Cooper convention. At the least, you could have urged Snownman to either not publish through Lulu, or go ahead and publish through Lulu to get your copies...WITHOUT assigning the phony ISBN to the book. I have seen posts where you laugh at my suggestions. Now we see the results of your greed. Robert says: Sheridan can be occasionally difficult. It took me almost a year to get his trust, to convince him that Adventure Books of Seattle, for FREE, was the best place for his book. At least people would have read it worldwide. But by the time I got his trust, Snownman was already publishing it at Lulu. And yes, we have done this free thing occasionally for certain authors at our expense. One example is Island of the Wolves, the novel written by Katie Onus of Florida. She won our Young Authors contest, which was when staff member Phoebe recruited full-length novels written by anyone from the USA who was also under the age of 18. We got about a dozen submissions. Hers was selected as the winner. All these years later, we still pay the $12 a year to keep it in the worldwide print database at Lightning Source, and it is available for the Kindle. Although it has a somewhat low ranking at Amazon, because it is available at the wholesale trade rate, copies still sell through other sources each month via Ingram/Lightning Source. It still ranks higher at Amazon than Sheridan's book, which really it should NOT. I personally designed the cover, as well. Yes, I do pretty good work. (Image lighter than it appears in the book because that's how the screen-to-ink-print system works.) The difference between Katie's book above, and the overpriced joke you cooperated in publishing to Lulu is SIMPLE. We had a signed contract from Katie Onus, and we did exactly as we said we would do. We made her book available at the trade rate worldwide at a reasonable price. She used her first royalty payment as a donation to her local pet shelter. Robert says: I didn't say you almost made me 'lose' the movie contract. I said if I had been associated with the DB Cooper Forum, with what was going on there a few years back, that they probably wouldn't have signed me to the movie. That is true because the movie producers told me this later. I don't think you 'pick' on Sheridan Peterson personally, but you FAILED to stand up for what was right regarding his book, and made comments here and there saying that AB of Seattle's proposal for his book was no good. Also a couple of rather nasty emails you sent, which I still have but won't publish here. The fact is, you would go along with anything, no matter how ridiculous, or if it hurts someone long as it is a negative against either myself or AB of Seattle. You have SAID these things occasionally. You said it when I proposed putting up the money to restore the Ariel Store, for example. Same thing for Sheridan's book. You're the host, the founder of the DB Cooper Forum, right? You were warned that what Snownman was doing was wrong, correct? And why. You even ignored my compromise to suggest to Snownman that he go ahead and have the book made available at Lulu so you guys could get your convention copies...just as long as he doesn't lie about the rights and assign an ISBN. All ignored, which was really greedy and stupid, because now Sheridan's book sits in limbo with few, if any sales. It was a tragedy, and YOU hosted and supported the whole thing. Robert says: If you actually agreed with that concept, you would have banned EU long ago. And I am not that bad, by the way. If EU was actually 'worse' than me, then why he is a major contributor to this day at your website? Just an opinion, but I don't think you should ban him. He may be a bit of a fool, but I don't see him as vindictive, as some of your other members have shown. NO. I report the truth on certain issues in the Cooper case. This is not a molehill. Sheridan's life's work, an 800-page anti-war book he spent years writing, was ruined for publication simply because a few people wanted a few overpriced copies for a fucking convention. And the worst part is that all of you knew it was not only WRONG, but you didn't do Sheridan any favors. You cheated he and his family, (depending on where he decided the monthly payments would go) out of royalties. You never would have gotten away with that if Sheridan had not been 90+ years old and living in assisted care. Your friends took advantage of that. Simply out of greed. Now you're probably wondering what you could possibly do to make up for all that. (Unless you haven't a shred of conscience.) And yes...there is an answer. AB staff already knows that Sheridan never signed any release to publish. We KNOW that. We checked. Here are the answers: You should apologize to your forum users for supporting the theft of the book by hosting Snownman's posts as you did. You should contact Snownman and tell him that AB of Seattle would be a much better place to re-publish the book for the reasons I gave above. Because I would be interested in seeing the edits made to the book by Snownman, suggest to him he email us his final edited manuscript so we can first take a look at it. Yes, I could buy a copy from Amazon, which would probably be Sheridan's only sale in a while now, but then the manuscript would have to be re-typed completely from scratch. My generosity only extends SO far, especially when the edited version is already available. In fact, I would like to see not only the edited version, but the original PDF as well, to compare content on them. To be practical, Snownman should leave the book at Lulu for the moment, but once our files are complete for the wholesale distribution and the Kindle version, he should agree to dump the file at Lulu and close down the book. His version will still appear at Amazon afterward, but probably only a couple of used copies available. There is nothing to be done about that, but after WE publish it, the book will be offered by many other sellers anyway, and the used copies will mostly be ignored. Instead of 25 bucks a pop at Amazon US, the book would sell for about half that much, with a profit margin of a few dollars a copy per sale to Sheridan and his family. On the Kindle version, he would receive 70% of the selling price, which I would probably set at $4.99 USD and the equivalent for other Amazon websites. Because we use Lightning Source instead of Lulu, international sales would be handled by LSI's print and distribution centers in North and South America, Great Britain, Spain, (for Euros/European sales) Australia, and other places. Pretty much everywhere except Antarctica. What about it Dave? Your website supported this stuff on Sheridan's book. You planning to do the right thing, or just make more excuses about the issue? We will assign a new ISBN to the book, of course....with a signed contract from Sheridan. Leave that to me. I can get one. I've worked with difficult authors before, but mostly not the ones we published. Mostly the ones where I edited their manuscripts privately. Out of more than sixty books I've edited, only ONE author was unhappy with the results. That's a pretty good track record.
  5. Cooper is just a sideline. I speak up everywhere on all sorts of issues. Don't feel picked on. My latest post to Facebook and elsewhere: I posted a video to go along with it. Not mine, of course. Just seemed appropriate.
  6. It's always Abbott and Costello over there, except for when Tom Kaye or Mark M ('377') make posts. Everyone knows that. Gave up on them a while ago. I had *some* respect for the Cooper Forum right up to the moment they participated in, and encouraged, the ripping-off of Sheridan Peterson's book. Since we're a registered US trade publisher, (means we release at the wholesale trade rate and have worldwide distribution) that really hit a nerve with me. They could correct their dishonesty by asking me how they could fix all that, but they won't. No one ever does any wrong over there, even when they do. (*laughs*) BOTH of their websites.
  7. Eight or nine feet is usual accuracy with a single-frequency GPS. Need a multi-frequency unit, then you can get within a few centimeters.
  8. I see. Sounds reasonable to me. I studied the pictures and your statements a second time. I would call your research 'extensive and most likely accurate,' if I had to give it an opinion. EDIT: In other news, I've been asked to help establish a base camp in the North Cascades area for a search. At the trailhead, or nearby. I won't give details (because many of you are not to be trusted obviously) but I agreed to this three-day excursion because I have nothing else to do with the massive gear we collected for Cooper Campouts. Might as well go to some use. This is a recovery effort, I will say that. The person went missing last fall, but we have narrowed down the search area. I've been working on this one since this person went missing. I have a pretty good idea where this person is now. Frankly, it's a sad thing. But I wanted to help in any way I could. If the first scheduled three-day search doesn't yield results, I will go a second time. Maybe a third. I have nothing else to do and we have no restrictions on this search except for the weather. By October, no more searches can be mounted this year.
  9. Flyjack: Okay. Let's say you've established the exact spot on maps where the money was discovered. And that EU is off by some yards of distance. Other than you could be right, and EU is there a main point to all of this work? Is there something you are trying to prove with all of this? This isn't a smart-ass question, either. Obviously you are trying to establish something evidentiary here. What is it? (To Shutter: No quote and reply to your ramblings. I see you'll never admit you do a single thing wrong, EVER. The WordPress articles on Cooper aren't written for YOU specifically so I careth not whether you read them. And I still say you and your friends over there at the Cooper forum screwed Sheridan Peterson (and his family) out of a book it probably took him a dozen years to write. This is why I sometimes call you a phony. You'll never apologize for participating in that, and as far as I'm concerned you have little to no character. 'Do The Right Thing' has no meaning in your life, obviously.) Below is a small sample of the many email exchanges I was doing with Sheridan at the time you and your friends were lying to him and stealing his book. At the same time, your buddy EU was making attempts to have his deceased Filapino wife exhumed. What a bunch of maroons you are, as Bugs Bunny would say. Now maybe you'll understand why being banned from your website was a good thing for me. Being associated with you guys would potentially have cost me a movie contract. I was actually TOLD that once. As far as my many emails with Sheridan, by the time I got his trust and he had agreed to allow AB of Seattle to publish the book professionally, it was too late. You and your lying friends had already uploaded it to Lulu dot com (under a falsely obtained ISBN number) just to get your hot little hands on a few copies for a convention, simply for bragging rights. It was the lowest thing I had EVER seen done to a senior citizen in my life, especially a guy who has principles and morals like Sheridan Peterson does. You all should be ashamed, but of course that is impossible for you. One of about 30 emails exchanged with Peterson in 2018, while I was trying to get his trust and set it up so his book could be published at wholesale in paperback worldwide, and in eBook format exclusive for the Kindle. All money from sales would have gone directly to Sheridan or a member of his family. Book would have retailed at around $14, due to its length, wholesale at seven or so. By the time I finally got a yes from him, you and your buddies had already screwed him. Robert Blevins <[email protected]> Nov 6, 2018, 3:14 AM to Sheridan Hello Sheridan, I am under merciless attacks from Dave Brown ('Shutter') at the DB Cooper Forum, as well as many of his friends including Bruce Smith. They are going wild trying to justify their hatred and their actions. They are trying to steal your book and re-edit it. They come after me personally, and sometimes even my wife Gayla. (See picture) They have a thread going at the Cooper Forum by Eric...same guy organizing their big soiree in Portland where Eric plans to name you as the hijacker. The whole thing is ridiculous. I have stood up for you to the maximum degree, and I am more than happy to do it. They are nothing but jerks. This comes on the same week I have to do two shoots for Minnow Films out of London on the Cooper case. If you are going to ever trust somebody to present your book at it's best, don't listen to the people who engage in hatred, unfair attacks, plagiarism, or who have an agenda. I'm asking you to trust us. Or at least say publicly that you are considering the idea, and that Adventure Books of Seattle would be your first choice if you choose to make your book available. You can take your time actually deciding, but I would like it if you at least stood up for us a little bit. Whether you decide to release the book to us and show you what we can do is up to you, and I don't mind waiting for that decision. I'm only asking you to help me put a stop to the lies, the theft, and the hatred. Sincerely, Robert freedomlover <[email protected]> Nov 6, 2018, 4:13 PM to me Robert: I have too many critical issues to worry about this gang of psychotics. We are on a fast track to Fascism. Jane Fonda urged us to read the first hundred or so pages of the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. William Shirer found a warehouse full of German documents. He and two dozen other journalist sorted them out to compose a 1231 page documentary on Hitler's rise to power and his fall.I met German Nazis in Vietnam who worshiped him. I wrote some about them. I also met a pack of Nazis in Santa Rosa who belonged to a Nazi vet party. So this is where we are. I am in a sense a victim of such hate mongers. Bruce did me great injury by writing a chapter about me in his book which other conspiracy nuts quote. It has 28 lies. Most quotes from hate mad Sailshaw. Bruce doesn’t seem to be a hate monger himself. He cares nothing whatsoever about me and wants things sensational in order to sell his book. Thus he is very dangerous. It has been read by those here at Silvercrest and they believe it . The management has read his lies. Mark defend Bruce’s comments in an off handed way. He believes Sailshit. Suing Bruce is problem. He has per se no publisher. Suing Amazon is a legal challenge. Bruce signed a waiver protecting Amazon. Eric is one of the most vicious people I have ever met, and I met a lot in Vietnam. He will stop at absolutely nothing even to digging up figuratively my Filipino wife grave. I am in no way paranoid in saying that he is out to destroy me. There is no why. A hate monger doesn’t need a reason. As for you, my assessment is so easy. You see my book as a commodity. You may be a flag waving legionnaire. So I assume there will be no chapters to offend your readers such as infants burned alive by white phosphorus and napalm, Jim Ferguson kicking pow’s from helicopters and trying to hit some island in the Mekong Delta and grunts mutilating Vietnamese corps. You want to replace the cover. Lulu already printed it. Once on the outside and again in the center. Looks great. Ask Larry Carr, FBI for it. No you will not get to download a copy. I’m just waiting for Snowman (I have his name some where.) or Eric to publish it. I will immediately notify the FBI. I have people with the History Channel who will support me. I have 4 trekking permits from His Majesty’s Government, Ministry of Home Panchayat Affairs, Kathmandu, Nepal. One of the documents of me and my family (my son was only a year old and packed in a Sears back pack wy Dolpa a Tibetan teenager) We were somewhere between Annaperna and Dalhageri at the time of D.B. jump into oblivion. <Kent_Kitchen.jpg><INshirt1.jpg> Robert Blevins <[email protected]> Nov 6, 2018, 9:01 PM to Sheridan Hi Sheridan, It's okay if you want to withhold publication of your book until you decide. And it doesn't have to be Adventure Books who ends up bringing it to light. No...we do not see it as a commodity. ISBN costs $125, upload fees to Lightning Source for the text and cover files, $37.50 each file. There is a fee each year to keep it in the worldwide database for ordering and printing. Also a ton of work to format the book properly for print versions and Kindle. And we wanted to send what royalties might come directly to you, or someone you designate. Nah...this was never about money. Truthfully, Sheridan...I don't need the money. We already run a very upscale housecleaning business and both Gayla (wife) and I have other income and resources. In fact, we're moving to California at some point in the future. Ever since I heard about this book, I always wanted to bring it to the public in a professionally-produced version. That's all. There is one thing though. Just so those damn idiots over at the Cooper Forum will stop calling me a liar, you could let them know that if ANYONE was going to publish the book had put AB of Seattle at the top of the list. I would appreciate that. They keep saying I never contacted you, that I'm lying about all that, etc. Doesn't mean you have to say yes to us publishing the book. But at least they might have second thoughts on what they are doing, and stop calling me a liar. We will assume (just between us) that NO ONE is publishing the book at this time, and that YOU will decide who and when that happens. It would get them off my back anyway. I know you and Mark Meltzer aren't getting along right now, but at least if you tell him this stuff, he will tell the others and maybe they will finally shut their mouths and stop calling us liars. I wouldn't worry about Eric. There is no way he could do what you said he might do with your wife. For one thing, that would costs him tens of thousands of dollars, and an exhumation generally has to be approved by both a judge and a family member. It is very seldom granted to anyone, and certainly not to someone who is not a family member. Sincerely, Robert ROBERT ADDS: Sheridan, of course, was not physically capable of organizing a lawsuit or a complaint to stop you guys, even though he says he would call the FBI the moment he saw his stolen manuscript in print.'s a lot easier to pick on people when they are over the age of 90, isn't it Shuttter? And YOUR website hosted the whole damn thing.
  10. Peer pressure WORKS. About ten of the 60 or so illustrated articles I've done for WordPress also reveal for the public the underbelly of Cooperland...something you would like to remain buried, of course. Unfortunately, this is America, not Russia or China, and we have a First Amendment here. So when someone, (anyone for that matter) puts themselves up as somewhat better than others, or goes on the attack using cheap and sleazy methods, or lies....YES...I am going to write about it. And there really isn't a damn thing you can do about it. The REAL reason you, Bruce, and a few other people are angry with me isn't about what I write. That is secondary. The primary reason is because despite all your efforts...the lies, the exclusions, the allowing of personal attacks at your own that I managed to rise above all that and accomplish every goal I had in the case. There are 2,000 followers to the Quora Space on Cooper now. They all get email updates on any new content, and my total views at Quora, many of them regarding the Cooper case, now exceed THREE MILLION. The WordPress on Cooper is closing in a million views over three years or so. We also got the movie contract, while the companies involved basically wrote all of you off. The book continues to sell, and because we offer it wholesale worldwide at the trade rate (55% off cover) it's probably the second-most-purchased book on the Cooper case in history, with Geoff Gray's being numero uno. This has been going on for about ten years. You guys invested a LOT of time and effort in your negativity, yet your efforts came up empty, and not only that, we came out stronger than before. By 'we,' I mean the staff of AB, not just me personally although some other people are now involved. The only real creative thing done by you and yours was when your website supported the theft of Sheridan Peterson's manuscript, which was basically his life's work, and published it without his permission. You allowed this theft plan to be posted on your own website by a guy who later bailed from your site after he was finished. You knew it was wrong, yet you encouraged it. Because none of you were merciful enough to Sheridan to NOT assign an ISBN number to the ruined it for any future publication, because now that ISBN leaves a permanent worldwide record and no traditional publisher will touch it now. Or at least the chances are very unlikely. You not only screwed Sheridan by doing that, but you didn't even bother offering him some KY Jelly before you did. My efforts to show you his official copyright record at the US Copyright Office in Washington, DC was ignored, and you laughed when I practically begged you (if you were going to have a few vanity copies printed at Lulu dot com) NOT to assign an ISBN. Yeah, you and your friends are REAL honest, aren't you? I haven't done an article on this incident, mainly because even the best article won't take back the damage you did to Sheridan and his family. If you had any character at would admit that supporting the theft of Sheridan's book was wrong of you to allow at your website. (Now you're beginning to understand why I write about certain things in Cooperland, beyond just the case itself.) Yeah. I'm here all week. And I'm not going away.
  11. Blah, blah, blah. Damage control and fluff, of which you have more than the average down-stuffed pillow. What gives you the right, and the outright arrogance, to tell me enough is enough for bringing out the truth on issues regarding the Cooper case? You're the one, along with Bruce Smith, who supports the proliferation of hatred in the Cooper case. You try to distance yourself from him, yet he's your third most prolific poster, only behind you and Georger. Get real. That's a famous line from The Outlaw Josey Wales, one you should memorize before preaching to others. You only show up at Dropzone to do damage control, and very little else.
  12. Check-in time at the Reality Hotel: No one is going to mute candidates for US President in a debate just because a moderator believes that particular candidate is lying. It's politics. People in that business lie all the time. It's voters' jobs to decide the truth and vote accordingly. Decide for yourself, and just vote.
  13. Shutter says: There are some inaccuracies, but I didn't lie about the situation. I should have edited my email I sent before I sent it, the one I freely provided for people to see...which is how YOU saw it by the way. I forgot to edit out 'feel free to ask,' because it ended up I just attached some screenshots anyway. In other words, I didn't wait for them to ask. And...another inaccuracy...I believe only SOME came from your site, the others from Bruce's place. I would have to look at My Pictures, where posts like that over the years have a special folder just for them. The truth is, if you and Bruce hadn't allowed your members to post up shitty, unsupported allegations that Kenny Christiansen may have been a CHILD RAPIST...none of this would have happened. I still have the screenshots you know. The Portland Yacht Club never responded to my email, but they saw the garbage you guys like to post and....SURPRISE....normal people don't enjoy reading that crap, and neither did a nice organization like the Portland Yacht Club. They saw my email by 10AM that morning with its screenshot attachments, and dumped you guys an hour later. Which is EXACTLY what you all deserved. Do a little in-house peer review stuff once in a while. When you make public posts on the internet, sometimes they can come back to bite you. It's happened to everyone, even ME. But you guys took it a bit too far that time. And no...I didn't send anything to the hotel staff at the second venue that was selected. I figured you guys learned your lesson the first time. And if you didn't, then the hell with you. I wasn't going to chase after that a second time. Just the same old folks over there, with the same old garbage. Bruce's response to the whole thing was to come to my house while I was out camping, pound on my door, scare the shit out of my woman...when he knew I was gone the whole time he was driving over to Auburn. How do I know this? Because he responded to my post at Mountain News saying I would be gone camping that weekend. That's when I found out you all got dumped by the PYC. Gayla called me on the cell phone and told me about Bruce's visit, the one where he wears phony journalist credentials around his neck. (Sorry, but WordPress doesn't authorize issuing yourself press credentials when you open an account with them for a free blog.) Did I feel sorry for any of you that were involved in making those comments, and who planned to speak or attend? Not just no, but HELL no. You got what you deserved. When Meyer Louie tried to tell you that, you BANNED him. He also saw the sick comments hosted at both YOUR site, and Bruce's. But that's what you guys do. Anyone who speaks out against you gets banned or squashed, right? Too bad I'm not a pushover like some of those other people you've dealt with. I fight back. I bring facts to the table, links, postings, and evidence showing who the bad guys REALLY are, where the liars live, and where the hateful rhetoric takes up permanent residence. Truth is, between you and Bruce Smith, you guys are the biggest supporters of hate-based postings in Cooperland history.
  14. I saw a bunch of pictures of the recent Sturgis motorcycle rally. Thousands of people in bars, on the streets, hanging out with each other, and having a good old time. For days. From all over the United States. About the same number attended as the number of people who went to the original Woodstock Music Festival. (About 460,000 this year for the rally.) Almost NONE of them were wearing masks. Maybe someone here or there, but 98% probably did NOT. See some pictures of this recent event HERE. (My favorite picture is the one of the cute blonde barmaid serving people with an ignored 'Observe Social Distancing' sign posted at the bar.) Some of these people are in for a big surprise, and a visit to the hospital from which they may never return, when they get home. The first thing they should do when they arrive home is to decide who gets the motorcycle, in the event they die from Covid-19. Of course, on the way home...before they even GET sick...many will be asymptomatic for a while...and passing the disease along to others without even knowing it. Nothing like a half-million Americans on the road for home spreading joy wherever they go.
  15. Bruce Smith sure enjoys lying to people, although you can never tell at his blog whether he's just responding to one of the strawmen he created for his OWN blog. Reminds me of the Sybil story when he does that. ('The buttonhook...the buttonhook!') Some are real, a couple probably aren't, but the whole thing is kinda weird. Here is his latest lie: Actually, I emailed the Portland Yacht Club and attached some screenshots from comments by Bruce Smith and a couple of other Cooper folk who were busy running up unsubstantiated allegations of child rape against Kenny Christiansen. Since at least two of these brainless bozos were probably going to speak at the convention, I asked the PYC to warn Eric Ulis that making such allegations public at an open venue, without a single witness or any evidence for those allegations...that I would hold them personally responsible. It wasn't any 'threat' I made that caused them to cancel. The Portland Yacht Club is a prestigious organization, and they wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with people who posted the trash Bruce Smith and his buddies were posting. To paraphrase the Miranda Warnings: "Whatever you say (publicly) can be used against you...but not necessarily in a court of law." Bruce's mistake was forgetting that when you make public posts, sometimes other people will use them to demonstrate what a real jerk you actually ARE. He hasn't learned his lesson, either. He still does, and allows, the same old trash from the same old people who caused the PYC to cancel the event. I didn't expect the PYC to actually cancel the event based on my one email to them. The goal was to have them warn Eric Ulis he better exercise a little control over the actual content of the convention, and bring his so-called 'Cooper Experts' to the Reality Hotel. I only asked them to do that, not to cancel. They canceled not so much because of my email (which they didn't even answer anyway) but because they were shocked at the content of Bruce's posts, as well the comments by the Peanut Gallery that followed them. All of which were seen by the relevant staff at the Portland Yacht Club.
  16. It's not fair, I know. And I will apologize in advance. But there is a reason why our investigation was signed to a movie. Because we didn't release EVERYTHING regarding KC. I'm not going down that road with you again. Look at this situation from my point of view for a moment: We got a movie offer back in January 2017. In order to complete the deal, we were required to send the studios every single file, picture, interview notes, bits of evidence, everything we had all the way back to the beginning with Skipp Porteous. They also received everything gathered since that time. They examined this initial material for a couple of months and then made the final offer. I went public in Cooperland and tried to recruit a couple of people to assist, with some of these jobs paying in decent five figures. All my attempts were met with outright rejection, hateful rhetoric, etc...which still continues to this day. Two other known folks in Cooperland, one who actually (sometimes) posts to forums on the case, agreed to come on board. Everyone working on the picture is satisfied that the people with the least amount of emotional and personal issues going were the right ones for the job(s). Bernie's sister is absolutely sure that the loan came from Kenny, not her brother. She was solid on that. When Bernie found out she talked to me and her grandson Jonathan was a witness to the interview, he went ballistic and started lying to History Channel researchers. He called her up and threatened her. He demanded she take back everything she had said. She refused. When HC confronted him about his lies and witness coercion...that's when he agreed to appear on national TV. When he gets there, he tosses Kenny under the bus after he had previously insisted Kenny could not have been involved. We also know for a fact that both he and Kenny were together (and missing) over at least a nine day period when the hijacking occurred. I couldn't care less what disrespectful people who support the posting of hatred, and who operate from a principle of jealousy, think about the movie. I tell them to wait for the movie and then decide for themselves. They could have had a serious hand in the whole thing, but they refused. Not my call. Their call. If you hate the idea of the movie, and want to rail against it, consider THIS: One of the things the production staff told me was that they wouldn't even have known of me had not they read post after negative post about me at Shutter's forum. We have discussed this in video conferences. Sooner or later, it is going to occur to some of you that I didn't just drop off the apple cart last Tuesday. Stop swallowing the Kool-Aid you see posted about me. The truth is unless you have attended one of the Cooper Campouts, or met me personally, you haven't a clue on what I do or what I am really like...which is a far cry from the unreality you see at other websites on Cooper. I don't want to be hard on you guys, but by God some of you really deserve it sometimes. You settled for crap in Vancouver when you could have had caviar in Portland and national coverage at least. You were made offers some people don't get in a lifetime. Some of you tell lies about people, and the remainder support it, or use phony internet identities to do so. It's ridiculous. You should hear what normal folks say about some of you. Frankly, I gave up on most of you a while ago. There is no reason to your madness and hatred and that is the truth. I tried hard for a long time to get you to see sense, but all of that was rejected. Now I've cut all of you out of the information loop, because you simply cannot be trusted. You follow fools and liars, and I have better things to do with my time than to feed into that. You do your thing and we do ours. It's what you wanted, so like that guy said in Cool Hand Luke: "Some people you just can't reach. Well, he wants it. He gets it.." (paraphrased) I'm not going to re-hash the KC story here for you at Dropzone. I do discuss it sometimes, but not here much anymore. Actually, I'm heading out for a camping trip in a couple of weeks, which will be much more fun and interesting than anything I'm doing now.
  17. Well, I will buy that. (Money deposited years after the hijacking) On a non-scientific level, I often go around to a few of the same campsites up in the Olympics, maybe the Cascades, occasionally near some river or other. People bury their trash at these places sometimes. Cardboard, clothing, whatever. Maybe this stuff gets buried during the summer, which is the most common time because that's when people often go out to the woods in the PNW. You come back after a single winter, a series of rains and snow, the clothing is rotted and the paper and cardboard stuff turned to mush. I never bought into the idea that paper money could survive for nine years in the open elements of the PNW. Not a chance, although paper money is probably a bit tougher than clothing or cardboard. In other Cooper-related news, I hear EU has canceled this year's Cooper Con. In OTHER Cooper-related news, Bruce Smith is quoted saying "Not for all the tea in China..." (would he have worked with me on the script for the upcoming movie) I have no comment on that except pity for the guy. I told Bruce once that if they had made a film based on HIS book, and HE had made the same offer to me that the production companies wanted to do with him, I would have jumped on the opportunity in a heartbeat. But he made his choice and looking back now, it was probably the best for everyone involved. I will no longer hold that decision against him. I thought he was a fool. Now I just think it is sad. Because of the Covid pandemic, I also think I've sponsored my last Cooper Campout. Meh. Too bad, really. But they're canceling everything except Christmas because of Covid, so I guess it was expected. I get the feeling it will be a crappy Christmas for everyone, especially the people who lost a friend or family member to the virus. Roughly 48,000 Americans were killed in the ten years of the Vietnam War. We're approaching four times that number of deaths from Covid-19 in just a few short months. It's difficult for me to think about, but it does make you re-assess your priorities.
  18. Climate change is already here. The results are increasing wildfires, ice caps melting, the freshening of sea water as a result, sea level rise, and more dynamic storms causing billions in damage each year worldwide. That's just the short list. Within a dozen years, famine will become a much bigger problem than it is now. Humans will migrate to escape their particular environment, causing small wars here and there. The biggest challenge for a quarter of the world's people will be finding enough fresh water each day. No use whining. We brought it on ourselves, and future generations will curse us endlessly for knowing the problem and doing little about it.
  19. That guy should have started picking stocks for a living. He might have ended up richer than Bill Gates.
  20. Discussion on this issue is closed. At Dropzone, anyway. (Others are free to do so if they wish. I simply have no further comments about it myself. Not publicly.) Thanks for the free WGA advice, but I don't have 24 units with signatory companies, and I have better things to do with $2,500.
  21. Update: I have contact now with a former female employee who worked with KC at NWA. I told her: "We should talk." She responded to the picture below, which was posted to a Facebook group she administrates.
  22. You must have missed the part where they agreed to my terms regarding the current extension... I was never obligated to renew each time the option came up. I did it because I believed in the idea of the movie. Only this time, I asked them to back me up publicly, which Cooper fans probably want, and have been looking forward to anyway. I guess they decided I was right. I had already hinted a few months ago that it was time for that. The idea of 'people' talking about this or that was a secondary consideration. As far as being banned from Mountain News or Shutter's DB Cooper Forum, I couldn't care less about that. To me, being banned by either of those places is like being told you've been banned from visiting the South Bronx after midnight. Mountain News is where the anonymous trolls and haters hang out. The Cooper Forum is somewhat better, but not a place I want to be associated with, even if I could. In other words, you get used to it with very little effort. No one likes to be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, and then having to carry the secrecy load for more than three years alone. Me included. I will no longer discuss this issue at Dropzone. I have created a special thread elsewhere about it at the new forum. EDIT: I'm moving to So Cal because I was offered a free house between Oceanside and San Diego by mom-in-law, and because all my family, including my kids, moved to either So Cal, Arizona, or Nevada years ago. Gayla and I are the last holdouts in Washington.
  23. Fair enough. One reason I took it down was because I thought it might be TOO much information, and could possibly violate my confidentiality agreement with the movie studios involved with the Cooper movie. (Yes, it's still on, although because of Covid some things were put on hold for a while.) Most likely a summer shoot next year, with an October 2021 release. Here is the short version: After three and a half years under the confidentiality agreement, it happens that my option contract renewal came up again this month. We started switching to payments to me every six months, instead of once a year. But this time I refused to sign the extension, and turned down (another) four-figure check. I said that after so long keeping all the secrets, it was time for THEM to come forward. I would not sign the extension unless they did. And I gave some pretty good reasons why all the secrecy was no longer necessary. Frankly, I was also tired of taking all the heat, (people calling me a liar about a movie even BEING in the works) and reading silly posts at a few websites. A few days later, I got a response. The production companies, and a well-known actor who will serve as Exec Producer on the movie, have agreed to a press release. Since the current option expires at the end of the month, Cooper fans should expect some announcement (probably starting with Variety Magazine) very soon. My answer to them was that I would sign the extension and accept the check on the same day the press release appears. They were okay with that. And at that point, except for revealing exact details on the script of the picture, I will FINALLY be released from the confidentiality agreement. After three plus years, you can bet this is a big weight taken from my shoulders. When this press release comes out, if someone else doesn't post it here to Dropzone, I will do it myself. I also said in my deleted post that there was no use in asking me to embellish on all of this. I won't answer questions publicly at Dropzone about it, but only at the private forum. There are positive and (unfortunately) negative folks who read this site who would use my comments in their usual sick/weirdo way, generally anonymously. This isn't some cheap ploy to get you to join that private website. Because it IS private, we will never get the traffic or number of people who already post at the places most Cooper fans and investigators hang out: Dropzone and the D.B. Cooper Forum. That's expected. And that's as it should be. However, I set up that site just in case somewhere private was needed to discuss certain issues not to be made public, and now it is needed. One thing has changed at the private forum. At one time, I was allowing people not known in Cooperland to join, after I did a bit of screening to ensure they were who they SAID they were. New registrations are now restricted only to known folks in Cooperland, or to people I know personally. And yes, there is some minor screening of new members involved before you are allowed to view the site or post. "Trust," as Kurt Russell once said in The Thing, "is a hard thing to come by these days..."
  24. Some things take more time and effort than you believe they will at the start. Trust me, I know.
  25. If you missed the announcement, you missed it. I wasn't leaving it up at Dropzone for more than a few hours.