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  1. Okay, it was a complete coincidence that Eric dropped sixty videos from YouTube the day after I messaged him with a courtesy note telling him AB planned to review all of the videos at once. I will accept that. The probable reason was the TV production company asking him to do it, as you say. And I can see that as a reason. I did not know that. No one said anything about it here at DZ, and Eric never said to me that was the reason. And believe it not...I was not going to your forum that much, and haven't been there much for a while now. Maybe once or twice a month using VPN. I dropped my VPN a while back. I have a lot of other things going, like answering email requests for the June event, planning and making gear lists, doing virtual meetings with a few nice folks, stuff like that. It is no big deal to me what you guys discuss there. Not anymore. As far as burning bridges, I have no opinion on whether anyone at the Cooper Forum wants to participate in the June festival. That is strictly up to your members on an individual basis, and their decision entirely. Either they will, or they won't. I don't lose sleep over it. They are welcome to do so, and will be happily accepted. The only thing required is they have to apply officially like everyone else has. No one will be turned away. No one will be excluded if they are serious. But in the end, it is their choice. We already have three good presentations scheduled, and a possible fourth. I'm sure others will come in over the next few months. One thing I discovered was that Cooper forum members aren't the ONLY people in the Northwest interested in the Cooper case, or have theories on it. Speaking and/or remote video submissions will undoubtably be full no later than April. If Ariel has a party, I'm happy for that. Something should happen down there this November, yes. I am in full agreement. I don't see it as competition or anything. That would be in November, and our event is scheduled for June so there is no conflict. If both events were on the same weekend...well, that would be different, although if they were on the same weekend I don't think it would matter one way or another. (80-85% of the people who went to the Ariel parties were locals from Ariel, Amboy, Woodland, Portland, Vancouver, etc. Most of the people signed for the festival are from farther north, or the Puget Sound area, with a few out-of-area folks.) I can't attend any Ariel event this year, especially if the Covid threat is mostly gone. I had to skip last year's (November 2020) visit to San Diego because of Covid and certain family expects us to show up for sure THIS year if possible. So I will probably be in San Diego this Thanksgiving. And even if I wasn't going to San Diego, I wouldn't attend anyway. Hey...I did three Ariel parties and that was enough. But I do hope they succeed. I'm sure they will, too. The locals love that party. But for me it meant driving 130 miles each way, and having to drive home at midnight or later. After the third time, I figured that was enough. It was just too much for me. EDIT: It's kind of funny, but unlike the locals, I couldn't even have much fun or take a couple of belts like everyone else. I had to consider getting pulled over for DUI on that long drive home. So I had to remain stone cold sober while everyone was partying their asses off and mostly living a few miles away. Tell you the truth, this is the reason we decided to run the June event from Friday morning through Sunday no one would have to do that. One last thing: Should solid details on re-opening the Cooper Day Party at Ariel be released, I will be more than happy to do an article about it both at WordPress and another one at Cooper Quora...urging people to attend. If these details are released by the date of the June festival, we will also make an announcement about it over the weekend to the crowd. As far as Cooper goes, the more coverage he gets, the more people are interested in him, or newly introduced to him...the better it is for everyone involved in the case itself. I mean it is one thing to discuss the case among a few select people, and entirely another to draw the attention of the public. They are the ones who watch the TV shows, and buy the books.
  2. If you actually decide to positively promote the festival, I'm sure you will let me know. Make all the calls you want. Or email whomever you wish. I'm not sure what you are talking about regarding the two videos I did in the Olympics on Eric U. No one asked me to take them down. As far as Eric's 'Daily DB Cooper Bites,' it seemed strange that he removed them all the day after I informed him that I planned to do a review of all 60 videos soon. He pulled them the next day, but I already had the list of all 60, plus their titles, so I went ahead and reviewed them. Most of it was parody, and meant to be funny. The other one where I explain to people how he accepted the hosting job for the Portland event simply to make sure the Portland event never happened...was serious. I finally took them down because I thought the guy deserved a fair shot to explore his theory on TV, even though I didn't necessarily believe that theory. I didn't want to put any negative out there that might hurt the TV show. Who knows? Maybe they would find something. (As it turned out, they didn't find out a thing.) The video where I lay out the truth about his role in trashing the Portland event...well...I just figured that issue was over and there was no use in going on about it further. But I did decide not to offer him, you, or (*almost*) anyone else at the Cooper Forum a position of responsibility (or access to inside information) regarding the planning of the Cooper Festival. (If people like Tom K, etc wanted on board the Planning Committee, sure I would say to yes to them but no one else from that forum.) Sorry guys, but I figured you could not be trusted with that. I recruited people I already knew, and one guy who I had previously interviewed for those jobs. Things have worked out fine ever since. However...neither I did I try to cut anyone out of the loop who wanted to participate in the festival, either in person or remotely by submitting a video or something. I thought that was more than fair, considering the situation. In other words, you could be on stage (literally or by video) and party all you matter what had gone before...but I wasn't handing you the key to the theater either. I even offered Bruce Smith the paid hosting job, if you can believe that. (Considering what some of your members post to his Cooper articles about us, I must have the patience of Job.) This approach wasn't/isn't just's WAY more than fair. I would be within my rights to simply cut all of you out of the program, but that didn't seem like the right thing to do either. So I just took the happy middle ground on everything. Whether any of you choose to support the event or participate is strictly up to you. But no one can say I tried to cut all of you out. And they never will. Yes, restrictions will probably be dropped by June. If there is a problem, or spikes prevent that, etc...we will make the necessary adjustments. We have confidence the date we selected will work, but this is one reason why we started planning everything back in November. Just in case. I've dealt with USFS Alerts and Notices plenty of times. Quit worrying so much. We will happily do the worrying FOR you. Together, Greg and I have put up a total of $8,000 for this festival, so yes...we wonder about the Covid situation as well. But we also have confidence that by June everything will go smooth as a baby's bottom. If Costco and Amazon don't love us already, they will by the time of the festival. That's a joke. EDIT: I have re-scheduled the shoot for the promotional video on the festival. (Was scheduled for this upcoming weekend near Crystal Mountain.) We're going to do the shoot over the weekend of January 23-24, and release it to YouTube shortly afterward. It will be embedded directly into the main festival page at AB. I am going to do a short introduction, and then try to answer all the questions that have been coming in to us from different people over the last six weeks. If anyone reading this now has a question they would like added to this video, email it to me and I will add it to the script. REAL questions...not smart-ass ones. They will be ignored.
  3. Hey Ding Dong...event isn't until JUNE. (*laughs*) Had I applied for the permit for a date in February, probably would have turned us down. You are talking to the guy who helps out the USFS rangers almost every year on Earth Day, sometimes the Olympics, sometimes the Cascades. Many of them I know personally. I saw those things you saw as well. It was an auto approval all the way, nonetheless. You see...I was right about you again. You were only looking to cause more trouble, not trying to show any possible interest in the event. Why don't you go back to showing no interest, not supporting anything positive we do in Cooperland, and leave things to the experts. We know exactly what we're doing. We're also keeping track of Governor Jay Inslee's two-phase plan for reopening. (There is no Phase 3, because that would be complete reopening here.) Phase 2 should come fairly soon. When it does, the USFS will relax their restrictions a bit, and it won't be long after that until complete reopening. The first weekend of June is 90+ percent a go, no problem. That's five months down the road and a lot of vaccinations. We are not worried about the validity of the permit at this time. However, if you would like to be kept abreast of updates on the festival, use the Contact Form. (Video removed. Figured you got the message.)
  4. Yes, they could do a banquet permit and serve alcohol using that. Better have shelter, though. Rains a lot in November. The other question is none of your business. Information like that is for the planning committee only. While I'm here, I would point out that you have no interest in the event anyway, and in no way support it... And you have blocked me from your email and your Cooper site. So what makes you think I would privy you with information ABOUT the event that is not already available to the public? Plus you asked me to stop bringing up details about it anyway. I am trying to do that. The truth is that any private information I would provide to you would only be used in efforts AGAINST the event. If not by you, then by some of your members. You guys don't ask for information because you are interested in the information, or support the festival. You ask so you can try to trash it. We're not stupid here, you know. No more announcements about the festival will be made at Dropzone for at least two months. Probably longer. We're already approaching 150 requests for attendance, or at least the updates while people weigh their options. I don't think any more promo is going to be necessary, although I will allow those two local papers to do articles in April.
  5. What will happen in Ariel this year I can predict for you already. It will cost more than the property is worth to bring it to a state where it can do business again as it once did. Unless the owners have deep pockets, they will probably go with the museum idea. I have heard this is what they may do. No beer will be served. No party. It might be a good place for a straight convention, though. Eric can do what he wishes. I have nothing against the guy these days. I voluntarily removed two videos I did about him at YouTube, as well as two articles from Cooper WordPress. And like everyone else in Cooperland, he is free to make a presentation or to attend the June event if he wishes. (He would have to meet the same attendance criteria as anyone else, though.) Where do I tell you to go? No one is telling you to go anywhere or do anything. When you have a Cooper event, it's traditional to put out the word to Cooperland. I have done that. You did the same, only you called it dishonest without giving a reason, or any evidence on that. So why should people in Cooperland listen to you? If Eric and Bruce get media coverage, that's fine with me. I'm looking for a different kind of media coverage, one that examines what's being presented by people other than myself. I don't actively seek it out, and the coverage I have received over the years seems better than some of the shows I've watched lately. John Dower, the guy who did the Cooper documentary a short time ago admitted in Vanity Fair he had hoped for better, and was never going near the Cooper case again. Neither was his wife, he said. After I saw that documentary, I was glad they cut our part. If I had known Dower was just looking for the weird side of Cooperland, I wouldn't have bothered with him. At least with Eric, he was working on a theory and they did some boots-to-the-ground stuff for the show. You had to like that. It's not a jungle out there. You just have to know what you're doing and work with a good team.
  6. Actually, I was covering Scott Rolle's plane ticket from Maryland, and about a thousand bucks for the Lookalike Contest. Greg and I have been tight friends for over 35 years, and he's been on the staff at Adventure Books since we started. He was more than happy to finance much of the festival. My total costs, on my own, run about $2,000 additional. You want to throw a two-day festival on Cooper? You want to do big media presentations, generous Amazon gift card prizes for Cooper dress-up? Well, you have to pay for that. A great deal goes to the free BBQ and the prizes for the expanded Lookalike Contest we're running. More goes to some of the gear. The only problem we see is that we may have to cut off max attendance at some point. But knowing where that point is can be difficult. Someone linked us at the Motley Fool website and a dozen more apps showed up in my inbox today. And it's going to get heavier as time goes by. Some of the people on the public notification list have asked me, "Robert, can I link out your festival page here or there?" Well, sure. We're also enlisting the support of a couple of businesses along Highway 410 who will undoubtably benefit as a result of the festival. They want to do posters, so I am looking at that over at Cafe Press. This entire package is a lot more than anything you and your buddies have done lately. Except go negative on everything as you usually do, or post Peanut Gallery junk that I am more than happy to send to others. All you guys do is post up negative stuff and lie to your members about our motivations, or lie about how they could benefit with their participation. When none of that slows us down a bit, you go with calling us dishonest. And what about your members who have books out there and are tired of only selling a few copies a month? Ever thought about them? Of course not. You are too busy picking on us and couldn't care less about them. Meanwhile, Into the Blast has moved more than 400 copies in wholesale Nov 30-Dec 31. I am not sure why, either. Lightning Source/Ingram doesn't tell you that. They just ship the books out and send you the money each month. But it's continued right into January. I didn't whine about the ten bucks the WA ST History Museum charges. I've paid that fee several times, which is how I got the picture below. I got pissed at them for wanting Gayla's SSN just to buy a few copies of Blast on a purchase order. We have a TI number, and I told them that. They insisted on the SSN. So screw them, I said. Only a fool gives up their SSN's to some organization that doesn't need to know that information. I told them if they needed copies, they could go get them at retail at Amazon. As far as people buying camping gear just to attend, I think that's doubtful. This is Washington state. Everybody has camping stuff and the outdoors is a second home for people. In any case, that would be their choice, not mine. The most pathetic thing about this whole scenario is that most of you would rather miss your biggest chance to (*finally*) promote your stuff properly...simply because of personal and emotional issues. It's childlike at best, and you will probably regret it later. However, you can always change your mind at some point prior to June 4, but I wouldn't hesitate too long. Slots are filling up fast. And there are only so many hours allocated to video and personal presentations. We have three solid presentations going already, and a maybe on a fourth. The event is still five months out. No one will be excluded, and no one will be making negative comments about those presentations. Our job is just to show them on the big screen and let people judge for themselves. The moment I venture opinions on those presentations, that's the moment I become slanted. And I refuse to slant one way or another on anyone's book pitch, or anyone's video-presented theories. That's the job of the audience, not mine. This is also why I never review Cooper books at Amazon. It doesn't seem kosher for me to do that, since I have one of my own out there.
  7. It's not baseless. It's POINTLESS. Even if you saw who did that, you didn't support our Portland effort anyway. And you don't support the one coming to Greenwater in June. And would you ban these people from your website? Of course not. So what is the point? Not like I named names you know. But the names told me who could not be trusted, and because of the actions of these people, you all got stuck with EU's version of a Cooper Party, which I thought was not only unfair (20 dollars a ticket and you couldn't purchase at the door) but BORING. We've been around about this issue several times now. Water under the bridge, and brother we learned not only how to deal with some folks, but how NOT to deal with them. Or to trust them. But all that really happened was you all shot yourselves in the foot. I am way past all that. One reason is that at least this happened prior to me actually plunking down cash to support the Portland event. So other than some time and work setting up the guest and speaker list, I lost nothing. On a more Cooper related note, here is a picture of some of the stuff found in KC's house after he died. It was taken back to Minnesota by Lyle. One interesting thing Lyle told me was that Kenny owned a gun, but he kept it in a storage locker that Lyle, and KC's other brother Oliver, emptied out. Some stuff they tossed, the obvious junk. Most of it they loaded up and drove back to Minnesota with. I asked Lyle what kind of gun. He said he didn't know, but it was an automatic. I've wondered occasionally 'IF' KC was Cooper, whether he was packing that gun on the airliner. I kind of doubt it. At that time, he couldn't have afforded a damn gun LOL. He probably bought it later after he bought the house. No big deal, but one of the speakers coming to the festival is the guy who (with some friends) discovered all that money buried right out back of KC's house after he died. Maybe you've seen that picture, I don't know. I'll post it anyway. It is NOT money from the hijacking, but bills from 82-84. You wanted Cooper stuff here, well there you go. None of it proves a thing. But I call it 'interesting stuff'. Kyle D told me that the money was sealed carefully in a heavy plastic bag, and that the bag was inside a small, homemade wooden box. After the logging company stripped the hill of logs after KC died, a small corner of the wooden box was sticking up maybe a quarter inch above the ground. Didn't look like much, but when the boys were playing up there, one of them tripped over it and most of the box came to the surface. They turned in the money to the Bonney Lake Police Department, and the Bonney Lake PD sent it either to a bank or maybe straight to BEP in DC. Either way, they eventually got a check for about $1,300, which was split evenly between the boys. My theory is that it was bug-out money that KC buried up there for some reason or other.
  8. I don't publish other peoples' emails. Not generally. And if I ever did, I don't do it anymore. However, I may have made a mistake on all that. The messages that came to me about your members and the trashy lies they told to some of the sponsors were not sent to you. I was wrong about that. These messages came to me alone about two months after EU accepted the hosting job and then ignored all input and messages after he did. I finally made some inquiries, and that is what I was told. Naming names now on which Cooper Forum members did this is pointless now. You don't need me to figure this out. Just ask your biggest members privately. I'm sure they will be more than happy to tell you. The lesson was learned, though. I figured out that if we wanted to throw a big Cooper festival, an event, whatever you wish to call was better not to put some people into a position of trust. It was better for us to do it on our own, and only trust a select group of people for certain responsibilities. This worked out much better. And even after all the trouble you guys caused, and having to settle for a boring program down in Vancouver at twenty bucks a ticket...we still didn't try to cut you from the participation loop for the upcoming festival. My guess is that over the next couple of months, as the festival gets closer and people realize what it's really all about...they will either decide it couldn't hurt to promote 'what they got,' or they will regret they didn't. But that is up to them. The only requirement is they have to deal with us like adults, and not like the kiddies spouting their drivel at the Mountain News. This event is for grown-ups.
  9. No one's asking for help. Most of you guys don't even live in the Northwest anyway. So any help you could offer would be minimal. We have volunteers already for the setup on Wed/Thurs and the take down on Sunday. If you and yours want no part of the biggest Cooper thing that will happen this year, or any other year for that matter (outside of a full-length feature film on Cooper, which would certainly be bigger than the festival) then that's your choice. I'll admit it's a mystery on why people in Cooperland would ignore the idea of getting to present their book, their argument on the case, whatever they wish...even remotely through a video...and try to reach a bigger audience as well as the media. It does tend to boost your book sales and your internet traffic. You guys are a hard bunch for sure. Well, your loss and others' gains. Some people have taken us up on those offers. You still haven't qualified your accusation, the one you just made the other day. I would like an answer or forever hold your peace: Not truthful about the event? What part? When? What 'many ways'? Are you speaking of more than one dishonest thing here? How about you stick to what you do best, and we will stick to ours. In the meantime, try to avoid tossing out baseless claims of dishonesty regarding the festival without a shred of evidence to back it up. That's not 'giving your opinion'. It's slander, and a lie. Wonder where you learned THAT tactic? Hmm...
  10. Your linked document talks about stuff from between six to eight years ago, and is the biggest bunch of self-serving, one-sided drivel I have ever seen. If you have proof that the 50th Anniversary DB Cooper Festival is a lie, or that we are somehow being dishonest with people about it...(your quote below) ...then say what that dishonesty IS, or put a sock in it as I sugggested. As far as your claim that 'other people agree,' you are talking about your own forum members, and not that many. Why shouldn't they? They're the same people who comprise the Peanut Gallery over at Mountain News. And are one of them as well. You go by your own username though. I'll give you that. But when you lie down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas every time. Do not speak to me of honesty. Trust me when I tell you that when you look up that word in the dictionary...your picture was deleted long ago. At least when it comes to your silly statements regarding the festival. The festival is more than honest, I assure you. If it weren't, I would be charging admission, instead of giving the whole schmeer away to everyone. You are simply pissed off that you can't stop it, so you lash out. You don't even consider your own members, especially the ones with books for sale out there, or podcasts they might want promoted. You are on a vendetta, and nothing else. But all you are doing with that is hurting your own membership, some of whom occasionally confide in me on the side. And I feel their pain, too. It hurts when you spend so much time writing a Cooper book and then you find out there is a lot of competition out there. Well, the answer to that is promotion. You should put your personal feelings aside and think about someone else on your forum for a change. The festival will happen whether you like it or not, or post false accusations about it or not. Few are listening to you except a small number of people on your own forum. Good thing for them, too. If any of them were to stand up against you for once, you would probably ban them anyway. On the other hand, each day that I see stuff like what's posted at Mountain News, or the Cooper Forum, the more I think we're better off without all of you.
  11. What a load of baloney. If I weren't the basically nice guy I am, (plus the fact you would try to have me banned) I would allow people to see what you guys post both at YOUR site and at the Mountain News. All of it (with the possible exception of the person who claims to be Marla Cooper) done by your own members. You aren't fooling anyone. You guys wanted me to cease giving updates about the Cooper Festival, so I tried to do that because I thought you might be right about it. Maybe it was time to give it a break, since by now the links to the pages at AB of Seattle are all over the internet, as well as Dropzone. use hitting people over the head with it. Everyone knows where the information resides now. Everyone knows what's being planned for June. And then what do I see the very next unsupported, unfounded, blank-check accusation of dishonesty regarding that festival. You don't even have the courage to make a couple of points. You just call the whole thing a lie, and dishonest. If you're going to make accusations, you should back them up. You've been taking lessons from somebody who does that sort of thing even more professionally than you do. Fortunately, he will be gone soon. By the way...announcing details on the biggest Cooper event ever conceived to not spamming. Neither is defending yourself when necessary. I don't know where you got the idea I was a lay-down-and-take-it kind of guy, but you should dismiss that from your mind. I'm not one of your phony-baloney forum members, and I generally give it to people straight, whether on forums, or email, or in person. I don't snipe at people anonymously from behind a rock, as some of your friends do. (*laughs*)
  12. Seen elsewhere: It's pretty phony to ask me to cease discussing the June Cooper Festival here at DZ, and then for you guys to go elsewhere with your trashy comments about that same festival, you know. I had decided you were right about that, but then I see you simply took up the discussion elsewhere. Nothing good or positive of course, which is usual for you. There was a lot more about this subject from several of your members, who I can see have been brainwashed for sure. Information on the event is completely public, spread out over two webpages, and inquiries about it are pretty steady. What I see here from Cooperland is jealousy and backbiting...their usual response to anything positive we do. And yes, Shutter, the site selected IS about the size of a football field, with a couple of drivable side paths off it that dead end, if people want more privacy and don't mind walking to the main area maybe 40 yards. I mention all that because you pointed out what we already knew to be obvious...that space was needed. We have plenty of space and could probably accomodate up to 300 people, or about twice the number that attended the Ariel parties. Depends on how many come in the same vehicle, which makes it easier. I am urging people to carpool when possible. If you are going to toss out an accusation regarding honesty and the Cooper Festival this year, I would like to hear specifics on what that dishonesty happens to be, or else put a sock in it. As far as Greg the Techie Guy, my good friend since about the time Windows 3.0 came out, contributing a few thousand bucks to the Festival was no big deal. He owns a heavy five figures of individual shares of Microslave, and it's selling at $219 a share right now. You figure it out. He doesn't need to, but he could raise what he's contributing by selling less than thirty shares. If I asked him for twenty grand he might even give it to me, but our budget doesn't need that much. The $6,000 he's contributing will be fine. If you are going to ask me to stop discussing the Festival here at Dropzone, then you should stop doing the same thing at the Cooper Forum if you're going to bad-mouth both me and the event. And no, I don't need a shrink. I'm about the most ordinary and boring guy you ever met, and if I really had 'crazy' going, nice families would not allow Gayla or I into their homes for year after year after year, while paying us what they do (our rates aren't cheap) and dropping an amount equal to the rate as a Christmas gift each year in a card. We started with some of these families when their kids were toddlers, and now those same kids are going off to college. What I see here is jealousy and hatred rearing its ugly head because YOUR GROUP has no control over this event. And in order to participate in the Biggest Cooper Bash Ever Tossed in the Great Northwest, you would have to approach me first. Must really gall you, huh? Like trying to swallow a golf ball. And guess what? We ARE going to toss 'The Biggest Cooper Bash Ever Held in the Pacific Northwest.' From now until eternity, none of you will be able to top what we're going to do in June. Which is even harder for you to accept, I'm sure. It's not a promotion for AB of Seattle. It's not to inflate my ego or any of that. It is a thank you to all the people who support us. (Believe it or not, they are out there.) It's a GIVE BACK and nothing else, and required more planning than I have ever done on any other project I've organized in my life. Seems like a good tribute, and the proper thing to do. People aren't listening to you anyway. You guys are a minority over there now. YOU, not ME, are the ones mostly engaged in the phoniness and the hatred, not US. That has been easily shown, some of it by the Cooper Forum's most prolific contributors, done anonymously through Bruce Smith's site. And I don't mind at all sending people to certain posts in order to prove that point. You can bet your bottom dollar on that. They come back both appalled, and with a new view on things. Whether you participate or not, whether you support it or not makes not the slightest difference. Down at Ariel it wasn't like they had Cooper Stars getting up on stage you know. There will be a few presentations and a Cooper-related movie or two, but I can assure you it isn't an official 'convention'. No one will be 'controlling' things, and no one will be a prima donna. It's a down home Northwest thing, as they say. You guys have a jealousy problem. Mostly based on the idea that someone other than YOU thought the whole thing up. I have seen a lot of negative comments about it, all of it from Mountain News and the Cooper Forum. So basically you are the only folks against the event. The newspapers seem to like it, and so do all the people who are signing up. YOU GUYS are the only ones against the festival, and the only people listening to that drivel are YOU GUYS. Just a thought...but maybe you are in the minority and no one cares any longer what YOU think. If you want nothing to do with it, that's fine. That's your choice. But don't make yourselves look like fools by back-slapping each other and trying to convince each other how 'right' you are or what a 'liar' I am about it. The complete story, all the facts, are laid out plainly for the public on two webpages at AB. Here and HERE. And people are responding well to all of it. There is no dishonesty involved. It is what it is and I'm sure (NOW) it will work out fine. Back in November I wasn't sure if people would be interested. Now I know they ARE. And the media isn't even involved yet, (mostly on my request because it's too early for that stuff) but I am sure they will be at some point, and will probably want to cover the actual event itself. It's too bad you took the low road on everything, and decided to bad-mouth our efforts instead of contributing to them, but that's your choice. So no whining is allowed. It's sour grapes. It's jealousy. It's the ugly side of Cooperland. Good luck with that. We will raise a toast to all of you in June...and laugh our asses off at your foolishness.
  13. I don't feel sorry AT ALL for a woman who served in the Air Force for more than ten years, and then suddenly decided to turn her back on democracy and the Constitution...which by the way she swore an oath to defend. US Army vet here, 1975-79, and in no way do I support creating trouble without evidence, ('the election was faked!') or supporting insurrection against this fine country, a country that many people before this lady died defending. No way. No how, as the Cowardly Lion once said. This woman forgot her oath, and it cost her life. Her fault, her decision. I have absolutely no sympathy for her. When she was shot in the neck, witnesses said she fell to the floor and got a look of surprise as her eyes went wide. Just before she bled out and died. Maybe at the last moment she realized her foolishness. Brother, I will stand up for the good old USA anytime you wish. Even all these years later since I served. But I won't do it by spreading lies or trying to trash our most sacred institutions. The ones people have died for to make happen, and to defend. Not a chance in hell.
  14. I have absolutely no reservations. I prefer to take the Moderna version. People say, 'Well, in my age group I only have a two percent chance of dying even if I GET the virus..." Really? Okay, consider THIS: It has been shown that in some victims, even if they recover, they can be left with organ damage for life as a result. Which will shorten your life. And unlike the common flu, you don't just suddenly 'get better' a few weeks later and return to normal. Fatigue can last for months, and maybe you NEVER feel as you did before. Prior to the polio vaccine, some people were able to recover, or even walk again. But some of the damage was also permanent. Get the vaccine. Out of the first million or so people who got the vaccine in the US, there were only 28 reports of serious reactions and all of these people recovered. (Probably gave them the Epi-pen, I would imagine.) Stick around for an hour after you get it, just in case. You will be fine. We're doing THIS next summer. Having gotten both shots of the vaccine, any form, is a REQUIREMENT for attendance. No one has objected.
  15. News articles? Yes. Quite a few. I did learn a lot more than I used to know about Germaine Tricola and her relationship with the Ariel Store. Sounds like the annual Ariel thing she and her husband started was popular some years, not so popular other years. And that it was Dona Elliott who really turned it into a 'thing' where people sometimes showed up from other states, even other countries. I met a guy at the 2012 Ariel who was visiting his family in California. He was from Fiji, of all places. And he ended up flying up to Portland and then renting a car to go from there to Ariel. Now that....THAT is a Cooper fan. It really was too bad that Bryan Woodruff couldn't re-open the store for business. He did try pretty hard. I went to a total of three of the Ariel parties, 2012, 2014, and the last one in 2016. But without Bryan or Dona Elliott, I don't think I would go to another one with the new owners, should they decide to do that. I did my bit, as they say. After three attendances, it seemed like an awfully long drive to just party at a tavern. Plus I was getting tired after the second time of having to drive home 130 miles starting at 1-2 AM in the morning. That's the only drawback I ever saw to the whole event. One time I suggested to Bryan that people just be allowed to stay and park until morning, and go home then. On one of my visits when Dona Elliott was still alive, I did a 60-minute video and covered quite a bit of the whole thing. The video is still in our files somewhere, but not released to YouTube right now. Maybe someday I will re-release it. Water under the bridge. The end of an era. It is too bad, but I guess all good things have to come to an end. I heard somewhere they finally tore down Kenny Christiansen's old house in Bonney Lake recently as well, although Google Maps still shows it's there. One by one, all the Cooper historical stuff fades away. Farm where I lived in Sumner, WA on the day of the's now a parking lot for a construction company and their 50 or so trucks. School next door where I once is their headquarters and offices now.
  16. Spent most of my day copying nearly 350 GB (yeah, that's GIGABYTES) worth of Cooper-related docs and pictures over to an external SSD in preparation to set up two new office computers. Those come next week from Amazon. As a second backup, we moved another set of those same files onto three 128 GB USB flash drives. Took hours to do. Moving files is easy. Copying OVER files takes much more time. Our plan is to move the files from the SSD into the new computers, and then keep the flash drives as a backup. The old computers still work, although they will be taken offline, but the hard drives inside them will provide us a second backup. Losing all the files we have collected in this case over the last 12 years...well, that isn't even something I like thinking about. I always hate setting up new computers, but over the years I have gotten better at it. I know they have these programs that can do it for you, but if you move all your files and programs manually, you can also rid yourself of the garbage you also collected over the years along the way. Operation was a success and we lost nothing. My thanks to Greg the Techie Guy. I did a quick scan of FBI file #54. Will check it more thoroughly later. Didn't see much of anything new except a note that Skylab lost its gyro and would now have trouble studying some comet or other. And a reminder from some source at the FBI that witness descriptions ranged from Cooper being anywhere from 5-9 to 6-1, with weight anywhere from 150-210. Yeah, those eyewitnesses really pegged him good, didn't they? No wonder they never caught Cooper. There were quite a few historical files and quotes from Germaine Tricola though, the lady who got the whole Cooper Days thing started down in Ariel, with a note that one year (1977 I think) not too many people actually showed up. NOTE: There will be no more announcements or updates here at Dropzone regarding the June event...until about two or three weeks prior to the event. I will agree with the idea that it's been covered here enough for the moment. Apps to attend keep trickling in and I think we will reach our goals anyway at this rate. No use burdening anyone here with further updates for the next few months. EDIT: I know some of you reading this now are getting the email updates that go out maybe every six weeks or so. (In fact, one update went out today.) Just to avoid confusion for everyone, there are TWO lists. One is the general public list. These are people we do not know personally, or who are not generally known in Cooperland. They are the folks who sent in apps. The OTHER list contains about 25 names, most of whom people in Cooperland are familiar with. Each message says at the end that if you wish to be removed from that email list, all you have to do is ask. So far, no one has requested to have their email removed, but I would do that if they wished. Both lists are under BCC (blind carbon copy) sending rules, so that no one who receives the messages can see the other recipients' email address. The reason for this is to preserve folks' privacy.
  17. I was very heartbroken to see events at the US Capitol unfold today. Especially as a vet of the US Army, 75-79. Despite my depression about these events, I also believe in the good, and the basic morality of the majority of the American people. Today I saw jerks in red hats and waving flags, under a mass delusion, believe they would change things by trashing our most sacred institutions....things and ideas and places that have been previously defended with the blood of citizens for more than 250 years. GOOD people, not rioters. TRUE patriots, not domestic terrorists filming themselves to boost their standing on social media. This is a disgrace, and a slap in the face to all of those citizens who have defended democracy and laid down their lives for it throughout our history. I am in favor of invoking the 25th Amendment NOW, and removing Trump from office once and for all. He will now live with the fact of being the worst President in US history. Hundreds of thousands of deaths due to his lies about Covid, now approaching the number of people we lost in the entire Second World War, and seven times the number of people we lost in the ten years of the Vietnam War. He has incited racism, denigrated women, encouraged sedition. Enough is enough. We are better than this. We are better than HIM.
  18. I don't care about the 'ignore list' lol. Thousands of people still read this thread worldwide. Anyone can put anyone else on their ignore list as is their choice. You all received your official invitation to participate, so my job is done. No one can say I didn't make you the offer. No one will be able to say I attempted to shut anyone out. That's the MAIN thing. I don't want anyone to be able to say later that I didn't give Cooper investigators and Cooper book authors every opportunity. (Cooper fans we have plenty of for this festival, with more joining the email notification list each week.) This offer will remain at the AB website pages for the next few months, or until we take down the pages when all available attendance or speaking slots are filled. Some people have taken up the offer, others probably won't. We move forward nonetheless.
  19. Does all your rambling mean you have finally decided we're not so dumb after all, and you now support the festival? Just wondering. If you have suggestions, or wish to join the Planning Committee, you can email me at [email protected]
  20. Well...the first time I ever met any of the people who attended our VERY successful Eclipse Campout in Oregon...was when we all met at the rally point near Magone Lake. You are wrong about them being my 'friends,' although two of them I knew through Facebook but not personally. I see many criticisms from you, but you ignore the realities as well. Sure, it costs money to go on a camping trip. It also costs money to go to a bar down in Ariel and drop cash on mass beer plus the inevitible tips. I don't see much difference between the two, except maybe people get a bit more for their money this time. This is the Northwest, Dave. Clubs of all kinds and shapes meet off road all the time, sometimes the groups are very large, even larger than the one we're proposing. I doubt anyone is considering running out and spending money they can't afford just to attend this festival. But if they did, that is their choice. Your views on us are well-known, and you have publicly stated several times that you stand firmly against ANYTHING Adventure Books of Seattle (and now our volunteers as well) does regarding Cooper. Anything and EVERYTHING. Good, bad, or indifferent, you are against it. So your opinions are slanted from the start, and they are expected. I could tell you I dropped ten grand on an ice machine and flew everyone in on private helicopters and it wouldn't make a bit of difference to you. I could tell you Jesus himself magically transported everyone to the site and gave them manna from heaven and would be the same thing with you. So why should anyone listen to your one-sided, pre-decided opinion on anything we do? I could run it as a fundraiser for Childrens' Hospital in Seattle and you would find fault with it just the same. And you are dead wrong that these events do not matter. They matter. If they didn't, media would not be offering to do stories on the festival six months in advance. Your twisted view of this event only shows that you are afraid we will succeed. You and your friends have tried pulling every dirty trick out of the bag for a long time now. And last the Portland event...we were foolish enough to trust you and some of your friends, who responded (and still do the same thing today) with the same platform you have always used with us. Simple hatred. Unabashed lies. All supported by people YOU support. You are simply angry because we keep pointing these things out to people...and some people are starting to get the message. Maybe it's time to stop doing those things, or supporting those things. Obviously they aren't working for you. As far as Dropzone being my 'personal thread,' it is not my fault that the major players in Cooperland don't post here anymore. That is their choice. And excuse me, but who are you to say what this thread is 'for'. Your version of things? Your rules? Who sets the rules? What ARE these rules? I want to see the official rulebook. I request a meeting with the rules committee. This ain't the Cooper Forum, Dave. And you are not the boss of me, my friend. As far as whether our power systems, sanitation preps, and whether the banner will work, I think you can leave that to us. The generator setup will easily provide two main public power stations for people to charge their phones, laptops, flashlights, whatever they have. We have sufficient power to run additional lights as well as the stereo/PA system. For the lighter electrical draw stuff, we use deep cycle batteries connected in series to a 750-watt AC inverter with enough juice between recharges to power dozens of laptops and phones easily. We know what we're doing. Picking on the banner is a real stretch on your part, you know. We will probably hang that out front of our modestly-sized stage and it will work fine. About the only comment you made that was sensible was regarding the availability of the vaccine to the general public prior to the date of the festival. (June 4-6, 2021) This is something over which we have no control, but we are prepared to make adjustments if necessary. Washington state is setting up a website for people letting them know where and when they can get the vaccine and we think that once sensibility returns to the OTHER Washington, (DC) that delivery of the vaccine nationwide will increase by leaps and bounds. The bathroom and toilet situation is still being debated. We know that Ariel got along just fine using only two bathrooms, and that most people who attended didn't bring small trailers or small motorhomes with bath facilities. Some of the people who have said 100% they are coming are bringing these things, so we don't really have to worry about them. We may do two more facilities, though. That will be decided depending on the total number of people who apply to attend by around April 10th or so. If this number gets close to 200 or more, we will exceed the typical crowd at Ariel and set up more facilities. If not, we may stick with the two we have now. The reason we're not releasing the EXACT location of the festival site is because only the people who are serious enough...the ones who are contacting us either by the Contact Form at AB, or directly by email...are the only ones who need to know that information. This event is restricted to a certain degree, due to the requirement that all attendees must have received the two-shot series of the Covid-19 vaccine. So far, no one has objected to that requirement, and in fact, think it was a brilliant idea. Not to pat myself on the back, but so do I. Just a reminder that no one in Cooperland, no matter what history they have with us in the past, will be excluded from the process regarding this festival. Everyone in the Cooperland community is welcome to submit their video (best way if they live too far away to attend), audio file, show up in person after application, or join the Planning Committee and participate that way. No one is, or WILL BE excluded from participating, either in person or remotely. If in person, they must apply with us either directly or through the contact form. And if in person, they must meet the vaccine requirement. (That requirement is absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE.) Contact me for details if interested. Time slots for remote presentations are limited though. Videos should be of a resolution (1080/720) if you want them presented on the big screen. I am not real familiar with doing phone video, since I always use a hi-res video camera, but if you do phone video, I think it works better if you don't option the video to have those blank nothings running down each side, such as shown in the picture below. The final result won't look good being shown on a ten-foot wide screen. A full screen picture is better. Like I said, what I know about phone video you can put in your hat, but try to avoid shooting your stuff in the format shown below if you can. And...we're still seeking a general host for the festival but we're in no particular hurry on that. Apps are open for this, and it comes with some nice perks and what I politely call an 'honorarium'.
  21. Actually....a couple of folks who have posted previously both here and over at Shutter's place are signed up through the Contact Form. However, I understand most of the people who post to these places live nowhere near Washington state. And never attended the Ariel parties either. That's too bad because sometimes people came from other states, other countries to attend. Pretty impressive since Ariel is ten or fifteen miles off the main highway from Woodland and the event only ran from about noon on a certain day until maybe two AM the next morning. Some people are watching this thread, though. These are people who have not necessarily attended the previous parties in Ariel, but who have attended some of the Cooper conventions. And some of the folks who have appeared on television. Many of them are on the email list as well. Those are folks you don't see posting to Cooper discussions for the most part. There is also the public. This thread gets a LOT of views by non-Cooper folk and some of them are from the Northwest. Some of the people who finally sent us a request through the contact form at the AB website said they didn't find out information from the AB site directly, but from HERE...and THEN they went to AB. So there is that. Another consideration is that I can't keep sending people on the email list message after message. Main updates to those folks only happen maybe once a month, so when we replied to their requests...we usually direct them to keep an eye on this thread at Dropzone and make a shortcut to it...drop in once in a while to find out what information we are releasing to the public. You might be right about the political stuff, however it is also true that back in late 2016 I received a gloating email from Shutter regarding Trump's win. Maybe he got a little excited about that, I don't know. I guess it was sort of a tease back at him when I made that reference. I keep wondering what he thinks about all that know...whether he still supports the guy or not. One thing I've never accused Shutter of is being dumb. I guess I wondered if he had seen the light regarding Trump. However, I will avoid doing that in the future. Some of our cleaning customers are staunch Republicans and prior to the last election some of them also said they weren't voting for Trump a second time. They closed their eyes and hit the button for Biden. I have always wondered if Shutter did the same thing. The guy always comes on to me as if he never does anything wrong. EVER. It gets a bit tiresome sometimes. You know, after the 50th anniversary of the hijacking comes and goes, interest in Cooper is going to start dropping both with the media and the public. And I mean A LOT. (Unless something is done to kick it in the ass a bit, like an annual party for example.) If you guys who seem so smart over at the Cooper forum really WERE would stop picking on this festival both anonymously (Bruce Smith's Mountain News) and elsewhere. Not only that, but you would get behind the whole cart and push it with both hands, right along with us. No one over there is fooling us. We know perfectly well that some of you at the Cooper forum use anonymous identities at Mountain News...especially when you refer to Shutter by his real name and accidentally make references at Mountain News that also tells us you are members of that forum. Shutter is not stupid, and neither are we. We also know Bruce Smith is complicit in the whole thing because he occasionally puts up weak protests to the filthy comments...and the lies being told about us, (such as my relationship with Skipp Porteous and his family)...but Smith never does a thing about it. Like I said, we're not dumb either. We have WordPress, too. And we know that all comments to a WordPress blog come with the commenter's IP address and the email they use to make comments. Which Smith can easily trace back to the Cooper Forum if he wished. He's not fooling anybody. This is why I have previously called some of you phonies, and yes, I think it is (*sometimes*) deserved. But all you are doing with the negativity is shooting yourselves in the foot. The only folks paying any attention to all that rigamarole are a few people who hang out at both Mountain News and the Cooper Forum. You are not reaching the general public much with any of that. What happens is that the public will turn against you when you do that. Sales of your Cooper books will drop. Media will approach you less. I get email and PM messages occasionally on this subject, with the most common one I see being this: "They should grow up..." Seen that one a few times. It's good advice. We learned a lesson from trying to assist on the proposed Portland event. The biggest lesson was not to involve anyone in the planning of the upcoming event in June unless they were serious, and they could be trusted. We haven't had a bit of trouble finding those people. This should tell you something. My personal opinion on this whole Cooperland picture, well you can take this with a grain of salt. But if you guys want to create more interest in the Cooper case with the public and the media, and do more than just constant back-and-forth with the same dozen people or so...then you should get behind anything positive that has to do with the Cooper case and shove. HARD. Otherwise the whole thing might just fade away in a year or so. A few of the people who have signed to attend the June festival are coming from Oregon, two are even coming from around the San Jose area. (They previously attended our Eclipse Trip to Magone Lake, OR.) And it is still early on in the process yet. This is only early January for crying out loud. I fully expect by the beginning of May that NW media will start inquiring on covering this event. I have said previously that two newspapers already want to do stories on it. They agreed to wait on that until the date of the event gets closer, on my request. But I can already see that this festival will be the biggest party, the biggest 'thing' (if you will) EVER done on Cooper. If it is as successful as we think it will be, Greg the Techie Guy (who ISN'T moving to California as I am) has suggested he might do it a second time in 2022, maybe even beyond that date. If he does, I would be willing to fly up from San Diego to attend. It would be a good excuse to see him anyway, and return for a short time to the place I love...the great PNW. I have absolutely no doubt that the Cooper festival will be a success. None. Not any more. (Negative comments and lies notwithstanding.) It has grown beyond me. I am just a medium-size part of the whole thing now. A partial financer, a partial organizer. Other people have stepped up to assist and their roles are getting bigger, while mine grows smaller. And that's how it should be. No one, not even me, could do this alone. And any future Cooper festivals should be done in the same manner, by committee. A volunteer committee provided with at least a reasonable budget each year to work with. LOL...then they argue where the budget should go. EDIT: We've decided we WILL do a banner and hang it up in front of the entry to the main camping/party area. (Or maybe above the stage) I found out we can get one at a reasonable price from VistaPrint. It will say simply: 50th Anniversary D.B. Cooper Festival. Below that, on a second line, it will read: 1971-2021. (Edit: Or we may go with a more generic version so it can be reused.) Around the text I will add some relevant pictures. The usual stuff. A passenger jet, picture of Cooper under a chute with the money bag, things like that. I'm liking the one sized at 12x4 feet with brass grommets. I ordered some heavy macrame cord in 100 yard rolls to hang the thing. Some of these ideas came from my work with the Auburn Days festivals, and the occasional advice from Connie, the woman who directed that festival for 27 straight years. A smarter woman I have not known.
  22. Dropzone was down for a while this evening I noticed. I took the time to do some Zoom with the planning committee. They convinced me that we should go for no more than 150-200 really serious, VERY confirmed attendees between now, and when we send out the final PDF about the event a couple of weeks prior, and leave it at that. This does not count any possible media, although they will not be allowed onsite unless they can confirm with us in advance they have had the Covid vaccine series. We are absolutely non-negotiable on that one, for both they and anyone who signs to attend. Support for this idea is picking up quickly, and I can understand why. I want to be fair with everyone in the general Cooperland community, but I tell you this: All of you are on the same level with us as the general public, and I can already see we won't have any trouble filling the available slots. Applications to attend, if you are serious, will be closing at a certain point, and perhaps not that far down the road. We think Greg is right on this issue, i.e. that it is better to provide the best we can for the most serious people, a smaller core group, and leave others behind who think this is a joke. I've already personally invested over $2,000, and Greg is providing an additional $6,000. On that kind of budget you can do quite a bit for the serious people, and forget the ones who aren't. There is a question at the website asking if you want to make a presentation on the case, whether it be your support for a book you wrote on the case, your personal research, or whatever. We also accept submissions through video if you can't attend. But there is only so much time to do those, since some events at the festival are dedicated to other things like movies, music, and yes...a party. To be frank with you guys, we're not tossing some boring crap in a theater down in Vancouver. Whether you choose to listen to people like Shutter, a known Trump supporter (sorry Shutter but your affiliations with him DO point to character these days, or whether you are on board the Truth Train) or listen to me...a guy who puts his effort and resources where his mouth actually a thing for Cooper fans, authors, investigators, and the public to decide. And decide they will. Here I am below back in 2007, supporting truth as opposed to lies or anonymous hatred. I don't buy into hatred. It has diminishing returns, like beating your kids. See you in June. But I would not wait too long to get on the list to go, or there won't BE a list available because it will be filled. We are still seeking a general host for this one, and it's a paid job. I'm not doing it. I will be busy serving others. Wake up. Smell the coffee. Anyone interested knows where to go. However, I will take anyone for the hosting job who I figure has brains enough to do it. If you're wondering why there is no one else in the picture, I got there a couple of hours early. Later, I joined the local Dem committee working on his election. I never regretted it, and still don't today.
  23. As far as I can tell, (some I just don't know yet) most of the people who have signed for the festival, or at least the email updates, are at least over the age of 40. I dunno...maybe you are right on some of the songs. It's a 'work in progress' as they say. Suggestions for the playlist are more than welcome. Today I ran a full-on test of the stereo gear and the PA system with no problems. Gets loud, sounds good, but I don't think we will be able to do karoake. I would have to hook up a laptop to the whole system for the lyrics and buy a bunch of karoake CD's. But...using the two boom mike setup...if people want to bring an instrument and amplify it...and sing into the other mike...that can be done. But we gave up on karaoke. I'm trying to interest people who formerly attended the Cooper party in Ariel, generally using Facebook groups where those group members live in the area of Amboy/Ariel/Woodland. Also trying to get the word out down there by contacting some of the locals who assisted us at Ariel in 2016. (Two signed so far) I'm hoping word of mouth over the next few months will do the rest. For them it would be about a two hour drive each way, maybe a bit more, but I tell them they don't have to pack it up and drive home at 2AM either, and it goes for two nights. The free BBQ on Saturday and the Lookalike Contest prizes should bring a few of them anyway. Greg told me this morning that maybe we're stretching things a bit by trying to get 250-300 people. He points out that we only have two flush toilets and two showers, although some people say they are bringing a small trailer, truck camper, camper van, things like that. Well, okay. But for most it will be tents or sleeping in the vehicle. He suggests we cut off attendance at 150 confirmed Cooper fans, SERIOUS ones, and leave it at that. I am considering this, but we do have time. He might be right. I don't think more than 150 people ever showed up to Ariel, at least not the three times I went to it. We already have 112 people on the email list and no media coverage as yet, mainly because I'm holding off on that until the date gets closer. Maybe one-third to one half of those people will actually show up. Planning this stuff is harder than I thought. No way I could have done it alone, like I did those smaller 'Cooper Campouts'.
  24. Looks like it IS a red herring on the Sky Chef matches. That ICS advertisement was all over the place back in the day. I've seen it a ton of times, but not for many years. If Tina says he had one with the ad on it, and it was in the FBI files as well, I'll buy it. I wouldn't go as far as trying to link your suspect just because ICS ('International Correspondence School') was from Pennsylvania. The reason is because they advertised that company everywhere you can imagine. When I was younger I used to see it all the time. The back ads of magazines were a favorite place for them. I think I've even seen their ads in the rear sections of old comic books. However, just squashing one dead end in the case is a fairly big deal. So kudos to you. EDIT: I used to spin records for the local college radio station many years ago. It was a community college, so we probably didn't reach out more than twenty miles in any direction. I had the early show, 8-10 AM. But it did provide me some skill on knowing how to create a playlist. The planning committee for the Cooper Festival decided to mostly go with classic rock with a few other tunes thrown in, mainly because Cooper was from that era, more or less. I thought Cooper fans would get a kick out of seeing the first 75 songs or so I personally selected for the festival. I even dug out my old Koss subwoofer to add to our speaker system and discovered it still works great, and I was able to make it center speaker. Let me tell you it takes a lot of effort to create and load and prepare a song list like this one. It wasn't easy. And so far, this is only about HALF the tunes loaded for bear as they say. Take a good look at them and try to tell me I'm not good at this stuff. I am VERY good at it. We are going to rock for sure. If you have any suggestions on your favorite songs, let me know and I will oblige. Six more people have jumped on board this event in the last two days. One of them is from Ariel. Like I said, I'm just glad I didn't start trying to plan all this a couple of months from now. Greg, Kyle, our friends from Rochester, WA and yours truly are slowly but surely putting this whole thing together and gathering the last of the gear we need. We decided the women's toilet tent should have two rooms to it, and for them we're springing for an electric shower from Amazon. To heat the water, we will use this handy-dandy little gadget. You drop it into a five gallon bucket for a few minutes. I hear Trump is sending us money real soon. Already spent, and not on my truck I assure you. It's being saved for the food. (For the free BBQ on Saturday night) Eat your heart out Bruce Smith. Click on an image to view full size.
  25. Well, he used to get that a lot because he was a big fan of Eminem. He liked the music but didn't live the life, as they say.