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  1. Jo (Skyjack 71) says in part: I am NOBODY'S fool, Jo. And as I've said previously on this thread, I didn't fall off the apple cart last week. Between the two of us, the only one making a fool of themselves is you, with your continued wild claims without benefit of supporting evidence. Christiansen may or may not be the hijacker, however, I can put him in the state where it happened, I have presented his motivation for doing it (his letters home to Minnesota) and offered up a reasonable amount of circumstantial evidence that calls into question his actions after the hijacking. Unlike you, I do not claim absolutely that our suspect is The Guy. I simply lay out what we have and continue to seek the truth about Kenny. The recent History Channel show in which I participated found even MORE evidence against Christiansen, but I am bound by the confidentiality agreement with the production company. For that, you'll have to wait for the show to air, which is in November, December, or January. I will announce this the moment I find out and you can see for yourself. I would also point out two things here: First, as far as I know, I am one of the only people actively interviewing witnesses who have not been previously approached concerning either the hijacking or the possibility of Christiansen as a suspect. And time after time, these people consistently add to the growing evidence against Christiansen. From the first witness I interviewed ('Dawn J') who identified the tie tac before she even knew why I was asking, to Helen J of Sumner, who insisted strenously that Kenny smoked Raleighs, it has been one thing after another that adds to the growing list of coincidences pointing to Kenneth Peter Christiansen as the hijacker. I saw a recent post on this thread claiming that there were many pieces of the found currency scattered about the banks of the Columbia back in 1980. I would like to see some verification on this claim. I would also point out that the total amount of currency found was in one spot and about $5,880, or roughly three bundles of the ransom money out of one hundred. I've been asked how we (Skipp Porteous and I) believe the money ended up at Tena Bar. We have a simple answer. We believe the hijacker simply tossed a few bundles of the ransom into the Columbia, or one of its tributaries, perhaps in a paper bag, and it washed down into the Columbia. We think this was done as a red herring to make the FBI believe the hijacker had drowned. It's either that or someone deliberately buried it in the area. If you think this is wrong, and that ALL of the money was lost, then you have to wonder why none of the other bills were ever found. Where did the OTHER 97 bundles of ransom money go? The plan for a red herring only went awry for the hijacker because no one found the money until 1980. I'm sure he was hoping it would be found much sooner.
  2. Side note: Of all the ways to pay to search somone, US Search is definitely the one I recommend. One big reason: Unlike the others such as Intelius, etc, they accept PayPal. The others want your credit card info.
  3. From the Geoff Gray article: An entertaining bit from the article. However...when Skipp Porteous and I tried to locate him in December 2009 to confirm his statements, he found out about it. (He was living in Yakima at the time) Within a week, he had packed up and moved. I spoke with the apartment manager. He said: "I just have to get out of here," the manager quotes Mac as saying. "People are looking for me." We ran him down again, over in Selah, WA. in February of this year. Again, he bailed the house where he was staying within a day or two. We think he is living with a family member, but we can't find him. However, he knows we just want to talk to him. Why does he keep running? What does he know NOW that he didn't know in 2007? Or...what is he trying to hide? MacWilliams was the guy whom Kenny left his house to. The car went to another friend. The money, etc went to the family in Minnesota. As soon as Mac took possession of the house, he sold it to a couple who also knew Kenny. They were the ones who (allegedly) found $2,000 in twenties out back after they sold off the trees on the adjoining lot and the money was (allegedly) found in a pile of stumps. We know have the wife's current address and her phone number and we are trying to verify this money story. She and the husband are divorced. EDIT: I want everyone to know that I understand the skepticism that accompanies some of my posts here.(I only had a problem with the name-calling, which is unnecessary) But be assured of one thing: It's the TRUTH I'm interested in, nothing more. And I will continue to investigate this matter until I run out of leads or I've verified everything regarding Christiansen that is possible to verify. And I still stand by one basic thing regarding Christiansen: Although there is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence against him, there is still no smoking gun that definitively points to him as the hijacker. Not yet. It's a theory based on limited circumstantial evidence only.
  4. Orange 1 asks: 1994. Some of the money Christiansen acquired before his death was from the sale of trees on ANOTHER lot near Pipeline Road in Sumner. Shortly after the hijacking, 'Katy Watson' bought a piece of this larger wooded area. A few months after he bought the house in Bonney Lake for cash, Christiansen bought the lot nearby to hers...also for cash. Later, he made money selling off the trees. Katy Watson was also caught in a BIG lie by yours truly when she tried to say that Kenny bought this lot and made his money selling off the trees BEFORE the hijacking. Porteous and I put the lie to this by checking the sales record with the timber company. As far as the gold and silver coins, Kenny opened up a PO box down in Sumner and began ordering more, having them delivered there instead of his local post office. I made a misstatement when I used the word 'probate'. I only know what the family received, not whether it actually ended up in court. I can check on this, though.
  5. Georger says in part: I post HERE as well, but I'm not responsible for what others put up for viewing. As far as that dumb DB Cooper page at Facebook? I haven't been there in months. Bob Knoss, your garden variety novelist, (a polite term) hangs out on that page. He wouldn't know the truth if a Book of Directions dropped from the sky and landed in his lap.
  6. Robert99: First, no big deal, but it isn't really necessary to re-post the entire 12 points... Christiansen was raised during the Depression, and his Midwestern background and the descriptions of his life show a guy who was frugal with the little he had. And although he was frugal, it's obvious he would have difficulty explaining a few things today. The probate records are real. History Channel has seen them. And you didn't address a single point I made, not just launched into a general 'it couldn't have been him' theme. I direct you back to the witnesses and the evidence I presented.
  7. #12 - Christiansen's letters home express a common theme: He was unhappy with the airline he worked for, and after 19 years with them he was making less than $600 a month. Although most of his letters are upbeat and positive, he also spoke of money troubles and having to take side jobs just to keep food on the table. Jobs like picking apples and digging for a construction company at $3.50 an hour. #11 - When confronted by the History Channel, KC's friend and co-worker 'Mike Watson' said he hardly knew Kenny and thought he was a dishwasher. A week later he admitted he worked with Christiansen for years both on Shemya Island and in Seattle, and that KC attended his wedding in 1968. He also admitted he thought Kenny was the hijacker, but denied any involvement in the crime. #10 - Witness 'Dawn J' identified the tie tac in the official FBI picture as one she had seen Christiansen wear a few times...and she did this BEFORE she was told that Kenny was a suspect in the DB Cooper hijacking. Up to that point, she thought she was answering questions for a general biography on Christiansen's life. She also testified that Kenny owned a toupee, but said she never saw him wear it again after the date of the hijacking. An article from the Bremerton Sun in 1972 says that (at least for a while) the FBI believed the hijacker may have worn a toupee. #9 - Christiansen and 'Mike Watson's' whereabouts over Thanksgiving in 1970 and 1972 have been documented. They were having dinner at 'Helen J's' house in Sumner, WA. (Helen and her family were friends with both Kenny and the Watsons for twenty-five years) But Christiansen and Mike Watson's whereabouts for the ten day period around Thanksgiving 1971 are not accounted for. Watson left suddenly and returned about ten days later, telling his wife he had gone camping with a friend. When she tried to pin him down further, he told her "don't worry about it." Christiansen had told friends he was thinking about going back east to visit his relatives for Thanksgiving that year, but he never did. If he spent Thanksgiving alone, it would be the one and only time he did. #8 - On October 4, 2010, an interview was done for ten straight hours with witness 'Helen J' in Sumner, WA. One of the items that came out was this: She was POSITIVE that Christiansen smoked Raleighs. She remembered because he saved the coupons. #7 - In April 1972, about five months after the hijacking, Christiansen lent 'Dawn J', (Mike Watson's sister) $5,000 in cash to put a down payment on a house in Bonney Lake. She paid it back in two years. At the time, Christiansen was taking home about $512 a month, and living in a crummy little apartment in Sumner. #6 - In July, 1972, Christiansen purchased a house in Bonney Lake for $14,500 in cash from a close friend of the Watsons. It has been alleged that in 1999, $2,000 in twenty-dollar bills were found in a pile of stumps out back by some new owners and turned in to the Treasury Department. This story is currently being verified (owner has been located in Arizona) and the results should be known within a month. #5 - Christiansen's deathbed statement to his brother Lyle: "There is something you should know, but I can't tell you..." This statement has been alleged as a confession that Kenny was gay. However, his family already knew he was since Kenny was in high school. #4 - When KC died, his estate probate lists the following: $400,000 in cash and a coin and stamp collection worth another $300,000, a car, and a house. No reasonable explanation has ever been forwarded as to how Kenny managed to acquire so much before his death. According to available tax records found among his papers, he never exceeded $20,000 a year in income, with most years far below $10,000 declared. #3 - In two separate and unrelated interviews, both 'Dawn' and 'Helen', who knew Kenny well, said they suspected from the start that Kenny was the hijacker. And like the people Christiansen worked with at the airline, they also wondered why Kenny NEVER spoke of the hijacking, ever...even when everyone else was abuzz about it. They described it as 'strange'. *Helen said she always thought the FBI would speak to both Watson and Christiansen about the hijacking, and wondered why they never did. (*From her October 4 interview) #2 - The break-in by the alleged accomplice, Mike Watson: Within a month after Kenny's death in 1994, Watson drove from Woodinville, WA to Twisp, crossing two mountain passes each way and made a 500 mile trip just to steal his tugboat log from 1971. The log could have proved he wasn't on the job over Thanksgiving weekend 1971. It has been alleged he did this to cover occasional double-dipping of paychecks, but if this were true, he would have taken all seven logs in the box, not just one. #1 - Kenny's paratrooper experience. He writes home about carrying 90-pound loads and jumping 'into the blast' from the prop wash of C-46 cargo planes. Out of 278 men in his paratroop training class, he was one of only 80 who finished training. One telling point might be the selection of parachutes by the hijacker. A person who had jumped more recently might have selected the larger sport chute. A person who hadn't jumped since World War 2 and had only jumped with military chutes might pick the NB-6. Note: This is a general response to the folks who keep writing off Kenny like he isn't even a suspect. He is, and if the former owner of Kenny's old house verifies the story of the found twenty-dollar bills, Kenny will become even MORE of a suspect.
  8. Civilization has encrouched on many of the areas you guys are discussing. Back in 1971, there were far fewer people. Since then, logging companies and the US Forest Service, as well as private developers, have made that area a lot different than it was back at the time of the hijacking. It's also kind of tough to actually get lost up there, and by Washington standards the terrain is not that bad. Further east, toward the Cascades, it is much more rugged. Even back in '71, the area was criss-crossed by scores of Forest Service roads and there were a fair number of small towns and paved roads. One thing about the area is that all of the rivers generally flow west, and everyone knows that is where the freeway is. If you look east, you see mountains. Look west, the terrain just gets lower. Go up on any moderately-sized hill, and you can spot the lights of Interstate 5 at night. Back in 1978, I put my little Toyota truck down an embankment WAY up the Lewis River and had to leave it and walk out. It was January, and there was snow on the ground. I went up to a high spot and made an emergency camp for the night. The next morning, I could easily tell which way to go. I simply followed the Lewis River and came out near Woodland. Only took a few hours, and the walk was not that bad. I left the camp spot at about 8Am and made it to the freeway about 5PM the same day. I checked into a motel and made a phone call. I had a friend of mine drive down from Tacoma with his big Dodge truck and we went back out to the spot where the truck had gone off the road and we pulled it out. We were back home the same day. I get a kick out of people who believe this general area is a complete wilderness where you can get hopelessly lost. Not true. If you want to get lost, try the North Cascades. That is serious wilderness.
  9. Hockinson is here:,+WA&gl=us&ei=lTixTKqGHYyisAOVl8GUAw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBMQ8gEwAA
  10. Skyjack 71 says in part: Of course, I don't believe it was Weber, but I will give you this much: Neither do I believe in the supposed FBI DNA sample, either...the one they used to eliminate Weber as a suspect. Those skin cells could have come from anyone who handled the tie. And it is not certain that Christiansen was the hijacker, either.
  11. I know some of you are curious about the History Channel show filming that was done over the last two weeks, and I tried to figure out a way to tell some people about it without violating our confidentiality agreement with the production company. I'll post up the statement that went out to a few of my friends: Here's what it is like to be on a History Channel show: They email you with the questions they're going to ask about the DB Cooper case, when and where you are supposed to show up, and suggestions on wardrobe. I came prepared with pictures, a weather report for the night of the hijacking, other items. You get there and the film crew is unloading equipment from vans. The first shoot was at the Southcenter Mall in Seattle. The main cameraman also works for Ice Road Truckers. I asked him about the shot where they look up from UNDER the ice when the trucks go by. He said, "They cut a hole in the ice and I just put on a dry suit and went down there for a minute to get the shot..." Whoa. I was impressed. The producer came up and gave me a pep talk. "Ever been on TV before?" He asked. "No," I said. "No problem. We've been doing this for years and we'll help you along," he said, "You'll be fine. After a while, you'll probably have fun." (He was right) After they get everything set up, the sound guy puts a remote mike on you and the director briefs you on what to do. "Just stand outside the door of the store and walk in HERE when we cue you." A production assistant and I waited outside and made jokes, small talk, etc. Finally, the assistant gets the radio call through his earpiece and says, "You're on." I walk in and the cameras roll. I sit down at this table and the three main cast members of the show are already waiting at the table. I say hi, we shake hands, then the director says 'cut'. "Robert...I want you to come in again, but down THIS aisle instead, okay?" No problem. I finally get it right and the cast asks questions about the case, discusses stuff among themselves, (it's part of the show format), and we go on for a while. They shoot extra shots where you say the same lines you did previously, but they don't record the sound on those for some reason. The director orders some additional 'two and three' shots, and 'ones' which I have no idea what this means. Other goes on for a few hours. Afterward, everyone breaks for lunch. I joke with the cast and crew, ask questions about their work. Some of them ask me about the DB Cooper book and whether I think Cooper was really Kenny Christiansen. In the next segment we challenge a few of the FBI's pet theories about the case, and other things. Finally, it's over for the day. An hour later, I'm making a 240-mile drive to Twisp, WA to do a last interview with a key witness. I get to bill the production company $300 for this. They see my old Sony Handycam and decide to lend me a Canon Vixia camcorder that will shoot 16x9 hi-def suitable for television.
  12. Georger says in part: I know you are being a little facetious here, but I won't take it in a bad way. Part of the problem is that some of the posters here go a bit too far with the jokes. I think the spoof posts I had to ask be deleted on the Highline forum (display on DB Cooper presently going in south Seattle area) really made me angry. Spouting my credentials to people isn't something I normally do. It's a bit embarrassing, but I think it's time I let you know a little more about me. My column at Newsvine, the discussion site for MSNBC, is at adventurebooksdotnewsvinedotcom. I have nearly 500 illustrated articles published there and the column receives anywhere from 10,000-30,000 unique visitors a month. Many of my articles are at the top of page one in Google searches. (Google 'Manson Girls' or 'Buddy Holly Crash' sometime) I'm the author of four previous books before the DB Cooper book came out, and I've edited at least fifty others for other writers. As far as housecleaning, I went into that business because I was tired of working for other people. My last job before I went into that was serving as the warehouse manager for a major carpet chain in Seattle. One of my last actions for them was to set up a deal with our carpet pad suppliers that ended up saving the company nearly $250,000 a year. When they refused my request for a fifty-cent raise, I quit. Today, B and G Housecleaning commands top rates of more than $150 per floor and people wait for more than a year to get on our service list. The DB Cooper thing was a new experience. It was Skipp Porteous who came to us two years ago about it. My participation mostly consisted of driving all around the Northwest and interviewing people. When the book came out, I had no idea the reaction for-or-against it would be so strong, although I suspected some Cooper fans might not like it. I actually do care if KC was the guy, and I suspect he was, but I've always admitted there is some doubt. The circumstantial evidence is pretty strong, but there is still no smoking gun. I also do not post up links to the book at Amazon, because then it sounds like I'm trying to use the forum here to sell the book. Actually, I DON'T want people to buy it until the new version comes out. All active marketing was suspended back in August. Before that, we were going around to Puget Sound bookstores and doing 90-day sale-or-return orders with them. That has stopped. Part of the problem is that I wasn't used to the things people say on this thread. Over at my Newsvine column, I often posted up controversial articles, ('Top Ten Dumbest Things the Tea Party Supports' for example) and people were free to disagree but weren't allowed to get abusive. I often posted this as the first comment: I can handle the names, but I do wish people would stop saying I'm here to 'push' the book. A forum is poor marketing and a waste of time for selling books. I can sell more books with a ten-minute visit to a bookstore manager, and we're a wholesale trade publisher anyway. 85%-90% of sales come via the Ingram catalog. You can't even purchase directly from us. Yes...when the revised version of the book comes out, I will add a credit for Dropzone. I think Jo was right about that.
  13. Georger asks me this question: If you have a serious question, let me know. Otherwise, please don't waste my time. You've probably noticed I no longer post up any new information. About 3/4 of the posters here aren't really interested in the Cooper case anyway. Participating in legitimate discusssions regarding the case on this thread is like trying to hold Mass in the monkey house at the LA Zoo.
  14. You guys make things unnecessarily complicated sometimes. Really, you do. EVERYTHING was done via the front stairs behind the cockpit. Deplaning of passengers, delivery of the money and parachutes. The rear airstairs were NEVER lowered while the plane was on the ground in Seattle. Never.
  15. Georger asks: Fact: The airstairs were NOT lowered while they were on the ground in Seattle. From Into The Blast:
  16. Roswell: My book, The Corona Incident, sort-of addresses this, but in a funny way. It's fiction all the way. But on a serious note, during the research for the book, I exchanged several messages with Dr Jesse Marcel, the son of Major Marcel, the man who supposedly investigated Roswell, at least initially. Dr Marcel is a modest man. He assisted in the writing of a book about Roswell, but he refused any of the money from sales. He's appeared on TV a few times and rejected the usual appearance fees. He's never made a dime on Roswell, and never tried. He says he does this in an effort to have people believe his story. I did speak to him once on the phone, and after I did, I was convinced he not only had no motivation to lie, I was convinced he was NOT lying about his father and what he brought home in the trunk of the car. BTW...Tighar is looking for Amelia evidence on Nikumaroro Island, not Howland. AE never made it to Howland. So far, what they have is pretty thin.
  17. I have seen allegations here that Christiansen was supposedly cleared by the FBI as a result of DNA testing. But no one is willing to quote their source, which makes any such claim absolutely worthless. BTW: I checked with Skipp Porteous. No one has contacted him saying Kenny was cleared by DNA. I'm not desperate or 'at the end of a diving board' by any means. I'm not even looking for information. In fact, my involvement in the DB Cooper case ends on Wednesday when the HC folks wrap things and head back to LA. I'm WAY behind on other work that needs to be done, and after a fifth trip to Twisp yesterday afternoon, I am simply tired of this Cooper stuff.
  18. Just because I had the nerve to call out Sluggo on a couple of questionable posts, he goes on a lengthy tirade and threatens to shut down his site. You should see that for what it is - a temper tantrum. If any of you had any guts, you'd call him on it, rather than sucking up to him. I don't kowtow to anyone. Ask Galen Cook when I called his 'Janet' witness story a bunch of hooey. He didn't like that either. (laughs) Stop. Stop now. He's not shutting down his site. It's one of the biggest things in his life right now, and if he tries to deny it, I will have to take that with a grain of salt. And I don't want to hear anything about being an unwelcome guest and pissing people off. I have been nothing but polite to people on this forum, while on the other hand I have had to read the most insulting things directed my way, including one name after another. It's ridiculous. I will see you (virtually, anyway) after the weekend.
  19. RobertMBlevins said: (Said mainly because Sluggo was in denial that the FBI and the Seattle cops were investigating thousands of leads in the first year after the hijacking) Sluggo responded, in part: Yada yada yada. Whining doesn't become you, Sluggo. And I was already 17 years old and living in the Puget Sound area at the time of the hijacking. No one wants you to close your website, but sometimes I think armchair investigators on the Cooper case are so focused on the most minute details of the case, that they fail to see the bigger picture. Others are so in love with their pet suspect that they are unwilling to listen to other possibilities, or they ignore the fact that living witnesses who knew the REAL story behind the hijacking might finally be ready to talk. I told Skipp Porteous two things before we released the book: 1) It's still incomplete, but if we release it now, it may put pressure on certain people, or encourage others to come forward and help us fill in the details. 2) DB Cooper fans and amateur investigators will hate us. Both of these things turned out to be true. Skyjack71 says in part: That is funny coming from someone I've never met, Jo. Don't you think the History Channel checked out some of the claims made in the book before they contacted us? Of course they did. I was firm with them regarding our stand on Kenny Christiansen: It is theory based on limited circumstantial evidence, and that's all. I wouldn't worry about Sluggo shutting down his site. He isn't going to do that just because I called him on a couple of shaky comments. Unlike you and your claims about Duane, I have NEVER said that I was 100% sure KC was the guy. I have also stated repeatedly that if definitive proof emerges that a person other than KC was the hijacker, I would happily drop the book from publication and call the case solved. However, I have not seen that yet. I don't like to throw out bait, such as you do on this site all the time, but I haven't presented everything we have on Christiansen. If I did, the History Channel would sue me according to the confidentiality agreement I was asked to sign along with the other members of the staff. Also, unlike you, I can give you a real-time date when these things will be revealed: When the show airs in January (or possibly December, since they are considering moving it up on the schedule) and when the updated version of the book comes out. (Same week the show airs) Maybe you should reserve judgment, but I don't expect that to happen. I would call the dumbest book on Cooper the one that claims the hijacking was done by a sex-change artist. But that's just an opinion.
  20. I saw 'President Nixon - Now More Than Ever' flash by. Now that was funny. Gets my vote. Not Nixon of course, just the video. Well, it's TV time tomorrow morning with the History Channel guys, and then I'm on to Twisp....wishing a good weekend to all of you...even Georger. Attached pictures: Yours truly in August 2010, Methow River Valley, WA. Funny sign in 'Katy Watson's' kitchen.
  21. Georger says in part: Heck, I knew I was wasting my time here anyway.
  22. Skyjack 71 says in part: What coupons? I never said anything about coupons. I said Katy Watson testified Christiansen smoked Raleighs. I also said that this alone doesn't make him the skyjacker, because Raleigh was a popular brand, probably smoked by millions of people. You can stop misquoting me anytime you wish. As far as the Bremerton Sun article, it is not proof of anything except the FBI got it into their heads somehow, at least for a while, that Cooper might have been bald. How they came to that idea, I don't know, and I don't claim to know. Sluggo Monster says in part: It doesn't take a Brainiac to figure out both the local boys and the Feds were following thousands of leads in the attempt to discover the ID of the hijacker. And each month that went by without an arrest, the more pressure was brought to bear. If you don't know that much about the case history, you should NOT be running the recognized website.
  23. Georger says in part: Sorry, Georger..but you're wrong on this one. I've been living in the Seattle area since 1967 and I can assure you that the FBI, Seattle cops, and every other LE agency around here were flipping over every possible rock trying somehow to find the hijacker. You haven't a clue on this one. And it was a different Washington state than now. Reporters DID have their contacts in both the local police agenices and even in the FBI. It was just The Way Things Worked. One reason was because the local papers were much more powerful entities than they are now. I suppose you could verify the story for yourself. The man they questioned is 71 now, and still lives in Seabeck even today.
  24. Skyjack71 says in part: What story? I posted the actual ARTICLE from the Bremerton Sun that was published in May, 1972. I did not write the article, but it exists nonetheless. Early on in the investigation, the FBI was pursuing many leads. And back in those days around Seattle, every newspaper had contacts in law enforcement, whether it was the local cops, the Seattle police, or the FBI. Maybe the FBI was wrong about it, but something made them go investigate that lead. It was worth a mention. Katy Watson has testified that Kenny smoked Raleighs, but I've tried not to put too much into that. So did a lot of people, and at best, it's only a piece of circumstantial evidence that means little or nothing without some harder evidence behind it. The next week will tell a lot. I'm heading up to Twisp on Saturday afternoon after I do the first interview with the History Channel. I'm taking a video camera this time, and I have questions for Katy that I would like answered. No worries. I always bring something for her dog and her horse and I'm VERY nice.