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  1. I might be interested in the reserve, and I'm definitely looking for a complete NB-6 old military rig. Must be complete, but it's for display only. If you have one lying around, make a note...and contact me after March 31. THIS is why. A famous guy jumped it, and he did pretty good. More nerve than I would have had.
  2. It's not how many you draw to rallies. It's how many people either mail in their vote, or show up to vote on Election Day. When Trump bad-mouthed mail-in voting, his supporters actually believed that crap, and it cost Trump the election. Welcome to the Reality Hotel, top floor, penthouse suite. You didn't REALLY believe a guy who just stood by and did little to nothing while almost a half-million Americans died of Covid on his watch would get RE-elected, did you? Americans can be slow to catch on sometimes, but they're not stupid either. When they finally decide to act, they usually do so decisively. Here's some numbers for you. In less than a SINGLE year, more Americans died from Covid than all of the citizens we lost in the Vietnam War, AND World War 2...COMBINED. Vietnam went on for about ten years, and the Big One was four years. Trump managed to stick his thumb up his butt on Covid and beat that record in a mere ten months or so. Re-election? You must be kidding. At least with Biden running things now, two things have happened. Lies are no longer spewing from mouths at the White House. And the stress levels on Americans, although still heavy due to the pandemic and the economy...are finally easing up a bit. It's exactly what this country needed in a time of crisis.
  3. Rush Limbaugh dead at 70. Hmm. Trying to dredge up some emotion on this one. Can't seem to do it. Good riddance to the guy who got rich by standing on a worldwide platform espousing hatred and lies to anyone who was foolish enough to listen. The world is a better place without him, and if St Peter really does exist, Rush will be sent along to ANOTHER line...a few floors down. Actually....MORE than 'a few' floors. It's next door to the bargain basement. But it ain't much of a bargain.
  4. I have a message in to the son of the original owner of the Heisson Store. We will see if he responds.
  5. Heisson Store people told me this recently: They have heard of the alleged break-in on the night of the hijacking. This was 'before their time' they said. The store had been broken into previously and the main suspect(s) were always hobos, since the RR tracks were nearby. They gave me a name to contact regarding this break-in, but I haven't spoken to this person yet. Sure, it's possible it was just another hobo-implemented break-in, although I have my doubts. One of the reasons is the timing. Not that many burglaries happen on Thanksgiving morning, I would think. And Clark County cops were up and down those local roads all night, due to the information provided them by FBI agent Thomas Manning, who was in contact with the Clark County Sheriff. And although the public was not aware right away that the NWA crew had reported that they thought Cooper had jumped...the FBI WAS aware of this because they were getting updates about flight all the time as it progressed south of Seattle. Also, I have considered the items that were taken in the burglary. Cigarettes, beef jerky, and what you could describe as road food. Footprints from someone who was wearing boots. But again...that could be a hobo...or it could be Cooper. Unless you knew the brand of cigarettes taken in this break-in, it's hard to pin it on Cooper for sure. However, the fact that the break-in is mentioned in FBI files regarding Cooper is significant in itself. At that time, maybe they figured Cooper wasn't that far south, and couldn't have BEEN that far south so quickly if he jumped closer to Ariel. Maybe that's the reason they brushed it off. They didn't figure Cooper was that far away from what (at that time) they considered his probable dropzone. On the other hand, if Cooper figured people were already looking for him, and he reaches any kind of local road, chances are that he would have been picked up by the local cops if he were to continue walking any of the local roads. We already know the locals themselves were aware of the hijacking, because of the heavy TV coverage earlier in the evening, and that later...some of them reported suspicious activity here and there to the the time the FBI finally got their initial search organized and going. If Cooper stays on any road and is seen...probably hauling (by now) a container for a parachute that is now full of cash...someone is going to see him, and report him, or if it's a cop, that cop is going to stop him and check him out. Cooper could either boonie-crash for miles to avoid the locals and the cops, or he could do the RR tracks, where it's much safer to avoid being seen. From Google Maps, you can plainly see the Heisson Store is visible from the RR tracks. If I were a betting man, I would call it as a 60/40 proposition. Sixty percent it was Cooper. If someone (for sure!) were to testify that the brand of cigarettes taken in the burglary were Raleighs, then I would call it 90 percent it was Cooper who did that. But without knowing that information, it is hard to make the call. The picture below shows the RR tracks and the store today. But back in 1971, there were many more trees and hardly any houses around. It would have been completely different from the picture. The store was more or less by itself there, with few if any homes nearby. Another consideration is that there are no train stops here, which means it would be impossible for anyone to jump off a train, burglarize the store, and then wait for the next train to come along. It would be going too fast anyway. Back in those days, trains often went pretty fast, especially in the country. It's more like someone was walking the tracks, saw the store, broke into it, took what they needed, and got back up on the tracks and kept heading south. (On a side note, we sent out our February Cooper Festival email update. One copy to a group of 35 people, mostly known in Cooperland. The other copy went out to the public email group, the folks who applied through the Contact Form or by email. Mostly, those people are not known to us.)
  6. No big deal, but the two web pages about the June Cooper Festival have now been heavily updated. I'm *pretty sure* this is the final version. I went over it with a fine-tooth comb this evening. Main page on event. The 'More FAQ's' page on event. Only took us three months to figure the whole thing out. But I think we're finally there. Bruce Smith was offered the hosting job twice, which is a paying position. No answer, so I have to assume he wasn't interested. No problem. It was always his choice, and we have someone else who has expressed an interest in the job. Can't tell you who he is, but he posts occasionally at both DZ and Shutter's Cooper Forum. In any case, we will find someone suitable for the job eventually. I also considered the idea that it might be too far for Bruce to drive to the festival, or perhaps there were health issues with him that would prevent his attendance. No one is upset with him. Like I said, it was always his choice to be involved or not. The main reason we offered Bruce the job was because of Bryan Woodruff denying him attendance to the 2016 Ariel Cooper Days. We figured since Woodruff did that to him, he deserved a better shake from us than he got from Bryan.
  7. If you're wondering why I make so many references to the Cooper Festival at DZ, the reason is simple. I direct the folks who approached us via the contact form at AB to this thread for quickie updates, and general information on the case. Yes. I send them HERE. The email update only happens once a month. Greg the Techie Guy's latest idea, (and how can a guy who types code in different languages at 70 wpm be wrong?) is to bring a stand-up twin propane stove from Amazon and two very large (50 quart or more) stock pots with lids. He wants to turn our BBQ units over to the public and do our Saturday feed as a spaghetti-with-meat-sauce and buttered French bread meal instead. A side or two from #10 cans. To do this, he suggests we buy dozens of loaves on arrangement with our local Safeway bakery, pounds of real butter, slice up the bread generously at mealtime and just offer the butter. To do the spaghetti, he wants to buy pounds of frozen hamburger from the same source, plenty of pasta, and boatloads of spaghetti sauce. Fry all the hamburger in one big pot, drain it, add all the sauce, boil the spaghetti in the other pot, and then serve it all on Dixie Deep Dish heavy duty plates from Amazon, with heavy-duty Dixie utensils from the same source. Greg told me this in an email today: The guy is a genius. Sounds like an Army feed to me. I used to drive out lunch to trainees at Ft. Leonard Wood. I know the drill. We're going with his idea. I will update the website soon and include this in the next public email, which comes out soon. Not piquing your interest yet? Maybe it should. The common question I get is about the DB Cooper Lookalike Contest. That kind of money will bring out every Cooper fan from all over the Northwest. The food, the view, the music, movies, and videos will do the rest. We will have to turn people away at some point. How do I know? I've seen the applications. I know where they're coming from. Everywhere. It's free, but there are two rules. You must have had the two-shot series of any legit Covid vaccine. And you must sign up before the slots disappear. Not that much to ask, as some folks are realizing.
  8. From time to time, complete NB6/8 rigs come up for sale at eBay. This is the cheapest I have seen for the complete rig, at least lately. Even the shipping isn't too bad. One dumb game that eBay sellers sometimes do is to sell something for cheaper...and then jack the shipping to five times what it actually costs to ship it. Occasionally I have made bids on items there where I put the price to what the buyer is asking...and then say my bid will INCLUDE the shipping. Once in a while it works.
  9. We picked up a few more applications this week for the June Cooper Festival. Right now they just trickle in here and there. Still not enough to finalize the event, but I expect after we do the press release then apps will pick up a bit. (I figure we need between 120-150 minimum absolutely confirmed attendees to finalize, and no more than 200 if possible.) I sent Bruce Smith a message asking if he wanted to see my pitch on why he should be there, but he hasn't answered. I will give it a day or two and then conclude that he either isn't seeing the message, or isn't interested. My opinion is that the biggest-ever Cooper event in WA state ought to be hosted by the biggest Cooper author in WA state, but neither will I wait on him for long. This decision is completely up to him. Due to some pressure, yes...I am going to do a presentation of my own at the Festival. It will be a short video, followed by a slideshow where I discuss the contents of the slideshow. Two other members of Shutter's forum have contacted me via Facebook regarding the Festival. One really wants to go. The other is still not sure. We now have four scheduled speakers and not much room for more. Maybe a couple, maybe three or four additional, and then I will have to cut it off. The only real time slots are Friday during the day, Saturday during the day. Party stuff at night for the most part, and movies. Some people have emailed asking if we have any Cooper-related media. Sure, yes. I know we have that comedy with Treat Williams anyway. No other news really. Snow is starting to melt here in Seattle. Finally. No work for me until next Tuesday, and I think the roads will be much better by then. EDIT: No sooner had I posted this when the power went out. I heard a transformer up the street explode. Probably wet snow on it, heated it up...then it blew. Broke out the generator to keep the house running. Power came back on a couple of hours later. It's a damn big sloppy mess all over town, in any case. Message for Bruce Smith (or other interested parties): You are more than welcome to attend Bruce, and possibly take the (paid) hosting job. But like everyone else, you have to sign up to go, or arrange it with me in advance. No drop-ins are allowed, no matter who they are. We will be working from a list of names. Anyone not on the list does not get in. This is non-negotiable. The hosting job pays a few hundred bucks, by the way...anyone else besides Bruce who might be interested, please contact me PRIVATELY. Do NOT post your inquiry openly at Dropzone. If you do, I will reject your inquiry automatically. The hosting job consists of standing up there on stage and introducing the people who will be doing presentations, and helping do the music system/PA system. It's not that tough, but someone has to do it. Greg or I or Kyle could do it, but we will be busy emptying the toilets and picking up the trash. Anyone interested just contact me at the main email, adventurebooksofseattle AT G Mail.
  10. Cue 'Twilight Zone' theme music. One of my favorite photo creations. Not because I'm in the picture, but because it's sort of funny all around. A little humor is a good thing sometimes.
  11. Quote from user 'Kermit' on another Cooper website: You and me, brother. No one ever thought someone would create a website that shows practically every historical weather record known to man...Weather Underground...and they get most of that historical information from the records held by the major airports. Like PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL for example. And what they show for November 24, 1971 isn't anything close to a 'big storm'. More like misty rain all day, (2 tenths of an inch in 24 hours) light winds, and wind levels at 8PM that evening that were the lowest they had been all damn day. Like Kermit, I too get tired of seeing all the BS stories on TV, and newspaper articles from the period...even BOOKS...pumping up that 'big storm on the day of the hijacking' nonsense. See the official record yourself HERE at Weather Underground for the Portland Airport for November 24, 1971. Conditions were similar in Seattle. Those six mile an hour winds must have been brutal. I could tell you what the weather was on the day of the hijacking as far as Seattle goes, but that would be a subjective observation and not a record. But it pretty much matches what Weather Underground says for Portland, except they got only .14 of an inch of rain all day, as opposed to the .19 for Portland. On that 'I was there on that day' subjective stuff, this is how it was. Lived on a farm in Sumner, WA which is about twenty minutes SE of SeaTac Airport. Misty garbage rain all day, the kind that soaks through your clothes eventually. Hardly any wind. Just dreary and overcast. When I got home from school, they interrupted the JP Patches show and went to local TV news at SeaTac Airport. Later, Walter Cronkite got involved. No storm, no wind. Nothing close to it.
  12. that TV show full of baloney, or what? 'Robert' Scott? They mistake the British Antarctic explorer for Captain WILLIAM Scott. Cossey was 'busy preparing all four parachutes?' Ha. Too bad about Simmons, though. Watching this show, it occurred to me the reason why Cooper decided to take a flight that would ensure he would be doing a night jump. He WAS worried about being seen jumping by possible chase planes.
  13. Well...I know if you try approaching him with crime-related questions on Facebook, he will block you. I have his email address, but I'm not going there. He's no longer the case agent anyway, and unlikely he will discuss it. There is nothing at all on his Facebook about even being with the FBI. And no one posts on his page anything having to do with his work, or any FBI stuff I noticed. Yeah...I'm not going there with him. BELOW: Couple of pictures I took from the Greenwater Store, the final stop for gas and groceries for anyone attending the festival from the Seattle side. From the eastern WA side, there isn't a store for at least sixty miles. Store is only open on day hours. Same with the Chevron. Only public toilet are outhouses. This is why I advised people to stock up BEFORE they get to Greenwater. Beer is pretty expensive there anyway. (Also a picture of the snow where we live.)
  14. From the recent BBC news article about Canada and the vaccine:
  15. Joe Biden promised Americans '100 million people vaccinated in my first 100 days'. That is approximately 28% of the current US population of 328 million people. He's been in office 23 days out of that 100 days. And these are the current results of that promise, as of yesterday: At this rate, with about 77 days to go until Biden's promise timeline expires...times that 77 days with the 1.6 million doses being administered daily....that comes to 123 million additional doses to what has already been done. Add in the current 46 million doses ALREADY done, and that comes to 169 million doses into peoples' arms when that timeline ends. And that is a conservative estimate indeed, since as time goes on, they are getting better at both delivery and distribution. (getting the shots into peoples' arms). You should reasonably expect that within a month, MORE than 1.6 million doses daily will be going on. I would say Joe has a damn good chance of not only coming through on his promise to America, but exceeding it by a great deal. EDIT: Gowlerk says - Gowlerk: It doesn't matter. That's the answer. Canada has a total population of 37 million people. All they need are a total of about 75 million doses, and when they get them, it will be much easier for Canadian medical services to get them into peoples' arms...mainly because the population is much less than the USA. Most countries on Planet Earth do not have facilities for creating the vaccine. Those countries are in a vast minority. Most countries will have to import doses...and they will. The big problem in Canada is that the Canadian government hesitated to go to the US for doses because they thought Trump would stop the exports from the US-based companies. And knowing Trump...he probably would have done just that had he gotten the chance. The murderous SOB. If the Canadian government approached the US now, this would not happen. But they sort of got caught between doors there, and went to the EU instead of trusting Trump. Trump...the gift that keeps on giving...even if you don't want the gift. I fully support our neighbors to the north, the folks who stood out there in the cold for years protecting our northern borders since the early days of the Cold War, eh? DEW line and all that. I never met a cheesehead I didn't like, to paraphrase Will Rogers.
  16. this stuff you are reading above ^^^^^^ is in DIRECT conflict with an official report submitted by Agent Detlor just days after the hijacking. And on several levels, too. In fact, when I saw this statement by Ckret, the first thing I thought was WTF is THIS? Here are a few quick points. Neither of those chutes belonged to Earl Cossey. He DID own the so-called 'pink parachute', though. The one Cooper popped for the paracord, but the Pioneer and the NB6/8 definitely belonged to Norman Hayden. No one drove all the way out to Woodinville to Cossey's house to pick up parachutes. The Washington State Patrol says they were assigned this task and got them from Sky Sports via Linn Emerick. Why would the WSP be assigned this task? Because they are the same guys who also had to pick up the money from downtown Seattle from SeaFirst Bank. Is Larry Carr serious, or what? Where the hell does he get his information from? Did he even read the damn FBI files (UN-redacted by the way) when he was assigned the Cooper case for a bit? Does he even KNOW the Pioneer was returned not to Cossey, but to its owner...Norm Hayden? Does he wonder why the Pioneer was returned to Hayden and not Cossey? Well, gee. Let me send a letter to the FBI and tell them the pink parachute is actually MINE and maybe they will have two agents meet me and hand it over. Geez, Louise! My view on Carr's work, and his accuracy in dealing with the case just dropped twenty points, and I'm considering selling off my remaining stock. You can bet we will be dealing with some of these issues come June. I give you my absolute word on it. Now I'm getting pissed.
  17. Dudeman says in part: Hayden said that when he bought the chutes, he knew they would have to get repacked. This, he said, was handled by the store he purchased them from, a place near Boeing Field that sold used chutes. The store sent them out and Hayden picked them up when they came back from Sky Sports. On a side note, the snow is coming to Seattle. It more often happens in windstorms here than in snow events, but sometimes the power goes out for a while. So I went to Fred Meyers and picked up four of the Blue Rhino propane tanks to supplement the two we have now. Also the usual shopping so I won't have to go out. The propane is for our dual-fuel generator, in case the power goes. The extra tanks we will use at the Festival, of course. I have two of the larger tanks coming later, the 7 1/2 gallon size I think. So between the six 'regular' tanks and the two large ones, we should have enough to power the generator at the Festival for everything we need. But for's just in case the power goes out. By the way, I highly recommend this generator. It's much easier to store propane for emergencies than it is to stack up gas cans in your garage. Plus when you burn propane, there isn't any exhaust you can see. You will lose about 10% of the available power from the generator though, since propane has less BTU's than gasoline...but it's a good tradeoff. The one I bought a short while back is below. It's listed at $599, but I got one on sale at $515 plus free shipping. A good investment. A normal size propane tank will give you about 5,000 watts (ten percent drop from 5,500) for around 8-10 hours, depending on the load you put on it. They also toss in all the connections for the propane and a tool kit. Comes with a solid battery and the wheel/handle kit, too. Runs at 67db sound level, which is pretty quiet for a generator. I built a vented 'sound box' with a handle on top. You lay it completely over the generator, has a suitcase-type handle on top. Hardly any sound at all.
  18. This may have been true back in the early 70's. I remember during that time that suddenly 'Harvey Wallbangers' and drinks like Vodka Collins and the like became very popular among the club crowd. It's no longer in existence, but there used to be a big club in Phoenix called Snoopy's, and practically everyone had a clear drink. The dance floor was the size of an average school gym, with four-to-six person tables with chairs laid out around the outside in a half-circle. Hundreds of people showed up to dance on weekends. It was Party Station Galore back then. One reason vodka drinks suddenly became popular was that could drink a lot and not smell like whiskey, which most girls found unpleasant. Especially if you were out there trying to pick them up for a sex date later in the evening. This was all pre-AIDS, of course. One of the popular questions back then, once you got past first base with a girl, was: "Are you on The Pill?" History won't tell you this stuff. History says "What's your sign?" was much more popular. Not true.
  19. No. I think he had it repacked later just for 'looks' more or less. Although I wondered what he was using for the chute requirement during this time, since I have to assume he was still flying. I guess I should have discussed some things with him that I missed. Mostly I was concentrating on getting the straight deal from him whether the chute report submitted by FBI agent John Detlor was correct. He said that's exactly the way it happened. I retyped the document into larger 14-point font, a nice looking font, and saved it at 600 dpi. Sent him the file. He printed it up and put it in a frame in his office.
  20. Key dates for the Festival have been established by the Planning Committee today. Here they are: April 15, 2021 - Press release sent out to the usual media outlets in the Puget Sound area. May 2 - Last day to apply to attend, if showing up in person. (Remember that proof you have received the two-shot series of any recognized Covid-19 vaccine is absolutely required to attend, and you must be registered with AB of Seattle in advance to attend, or you will be turned away.) May 10 - Last day to submit Cooper-related media (video, slideshow, audio presentation, etc) if you will NOT be attending. If you ARE attending, you can bring this material with you when you show up. We reserve the right to discuss this media with you and possibly preview it before it will be presented at the Festival. May 12 - The two pages at AB of Seattle, THIS one and THAT one, will be taken down. May 12 - The video on the Festival, the one where I sit in the office and talk about it, will be deleted from YouTube. May 13 - The PDF/Word doc with the maps, contact information (radio frequencies we monitor and a cell number), guest speaker list, gear suggestions, minor rules, and all other necessary information will be sent out by email to everyone on the confirmed public list, as well as anyone on the private list who has indicated they will be attending. May 15 - Final order(s) from Amazon for any remaining necessary gear and non-food supplies will be made, to ensure delivery in time for the Festival. June 6 - Shopping trip to Costco for the BBQ food (frozen) and any other supplies we can't obtain through Amazon. Extra propane tanks will be purchased through Fred Meyer. June 8 - Final meeting of the Planning Committee members who will assist in transporting all gear and food to the site location. At this time, these items will be distributed among those members. June 9 - Committee members transporting the gear and food, etc will meet in the morning and go to the main site to begin setup. One person will be monitoring the phone, as well as the radios. June 11 - We will begin allowing people to show up and pick their sites at 6AM. Anyone showing up before that time will be asked to assist on setup. There will be plenty to do. June 11- 13 - Event runs from Friday morning through Sunday morning. Then we pack it up and go home.
  21. No official name for it, but reasonably heavy snow is expected in the Puget Sound/Seattle area this weekend. Maybe six inches, maybe a foot. When I was a kid here decades ago, the snowstorms were fairly frequent, and heavy about every other year. Came up to your knees. We would build massive snow forts that lasted for a month after the snow stopped, and killed all the grass under them. These days, you're lucky to get a few inches in the lowlands in a typical year. The first time I suspected global warming was real was about twenty years ago, when I saw flocks of geese flying NORTH...on Christmas Eve. That was weird. They fly north because they seem to know instinctively when lakes in Canada will be ice free, and they can land and feed. It was a pretty mild winter. As far as climate change deniers, just link them to the historical satellite photos from NASA and leave it at that. I'm working on a book right now with a climate change theme and it's pretty dramatic. I don't want to give the whole plot away, but it's basically The Grapes of Wrath meets the future after global warming. The story of a family who is forced to uproot and try to head north into Canada to escape the heat and the droughts. Even though the law in that future says you can't do that anymore.
  22. When I questioned Hayden about his chutes, I could tell he didn't know much about parachutes in general, and only wore one when flying because the FAA told him he HAD to wear one for his type of flying. He never liked them, didn't trust them, and couldn't envision too many scenarios where he would actually jump from his own plane. He knew how to deploy one, but never trained or any of that. Not said, but I got the idea that he also had some concerns about accidentally killing people on the ground, and that was one reason why he would (probably) never jump anyway. He was definitely a go-down-with-the-aircraft-and-hope-for-the-best kind of guy. I did learn something today. I asked Tom Kaye why the ripcord on the pink parachute, (reserve that Cooper deployed for the paracord) was separated from the backpack and just lying loose in the pictures at Citizen Sleuths. He did not know, and neither did I. I tried to find out. Turns out I did not know that you toss away the ripcord handle after you deploy. (?) I always thought they had a stop or something. Then I did some research on ripcord stops and found out some people tried using them in the 60's and some people got their teeth knocked out by them when they flapped around after deployment. And then the USPA banned them anyway. So I guess any rigger has to replace the handle and cable on a repack. (?) I guess...
  23. I have never in my life seen so many people make so many simple things SO complicated, I swear. Cossey said this, Cossey said THAT. Whatever...Cossey said a lot of shit, mostly to jack the media around for laughs. Four parachutes were delivered to Cooper. This is their nature and disposition. The MAIN, BACKPACK CHUTE not used by Cooper is a 'sport' model, now sitting on display in the WA State History Museum. You can plainly see the ripcord handle. The phony, non-working, whatever dummy trainer chute was tossed from the aircraft by Cooper, probably at the same time he tossed the briefcase and the (probably) empty paper bag. Sounds to me that among other things, Cooper had a pair of boots in that bag because he had no intention of jumping in the shoes he was wearing. Witness Bill Rattie, on a side note, claims that as a young US Army Reservist, he was called up for the search near Ariel and found one brown dress shoe that looked new, even though it had been raining in the search area, and he turned it in to an officer. Says it was found in a very heavily wooded area and looked out of place. The shoe was never heard about again. Neither was the dummy chute or the briefcase, although someone in the future may stumble upon them someday out there in the woods. You never know. The chute Cooper actually jumped with was the military chute (NB-6/8 backpack container). It has not been recovered unless you believe the FBI is hiding that fact via their ridiculous excuses regarding the Amboy parachute discovered in 2008. Funny how they kept calling it 'evidence in an ongoing case' five years after they dismissed it as evidence. The other reserve chute, the one popped for its paracord and left behind on the jet, is still in evidence with the FBI. This was the chute studied by Tom Kaye's Citizen Sleuths Team. When Cossey says one of the Cooper chutes belonged to him, that's the one that most likely does. It has his name sewn onto it. I guess Linn Emerick at Sky Sports either called up Cossey and got permission to give it to the State Patrol for Cooper, or Emerick figured Cossey wouldn't mind and told him later. Hayden was smarter. He made NWA pay him a rental fee for his chutes. This isn't brain surgery. It isn't even the PREP by the nurse for brain surgery where she shaves your damn head and splashes on the iodine. It is simplicity. You want to know whether Cossey was being truthful about the damn ripcord? Why don't you go to the people who were allowed to examine that particular chute by the FBI? The Sleuths. Here are some pictures. Maybe you can figure it all out on the ripcord by looking at them, or talking to Tom Kaye. *All Cooper chutes present or accounted for, sir.* EDIT: I told Greg the Techie Guy today to start gathering all the high-res images we have on this Cooper chute subject and forward them to me for printing. We're going to to do a display, and I will speaking on this subject at the Festival. (Assuming we actually go through with the whole thing, of course.) It's time to put this particular subject of the chutes to bed, and I WILL be calling out the Seattle FBI, (especially if the local media shows up) on their baloney regarding the Amboy chute. I want answers. We have a lot of files on the subject of the Amboy chute, scores of them. And all of them add up to the same thing: Either the Seattle FBI botched the whole investigation into the Amboy chute, or they are hiding the fact that the chute IS the one Cooper jumped with, placed that chute into evidence, but refused to admit the reason they did. You understand, of course...that if the FBI were forced to admit the canopy was a match for Cooper's...and it was found WITHOUT its container and harness...(not found)...that they would also have to admit that Cooper made it to the ground and lived. And between the time of the money find on Tina Bar, and the discovery of the chute about 28 years later...they had been saying they were sure Cooper died in the jump. They would have to retract all that, which could be embarrassing for them. Food for thought.
  24. Wife had no side effects to the first shot. I had a lower backache for a day and then it went away. Not a back injury, I could tell. But for some reason my lower back muscles went rock-hard for a day. And then it disappeared as quickly as it came. We went to a Catholic hospital in Burien, WA and they really had their act together. It was the Cattle Car Line lol. More than fifty hospital staff, some of them volunteer retired health care workers, were involved. They got people in the door in a very organized fashion. Fill out this's your pen...go to that on to the shot...back out the same door. They were vaccinating an amazing number of people, and very quickly. It was great to see. I told the last person I saw, "You guys are doing the work of God..." and she got tears in her eyes. Everyone looked tired, but they were totally professional and very nice to people as well. They have been doing this six days a week, from 8AM to 6PM, and because of this, one of them told me they are being shipped adequate supplies. I guessed it was because they were getting the stuff into peoples' arms very rapidly, and with hard work comes a reward. And that reward is more of the vaccine supply. Second shot scheduled for later this month.
  25. I agree with this assessment. And the reason why is because it is doubtful anyone would carry around the coupons. I knew a few coupon smokers back in the day. They always kept them in things like cigar boxes and the like, at home. One guy would rubber-band them together in packs of 50 or 100 coupons. There is no point to carrying them around. The general 'thing' would be to count your coupons from time to time and dream of items in the catalog. People spent so much time and effort collecting the coupons that it was almost a hobby, really. The cigarette companies made a bundle doing the coupon smokes. Most people never got around to buying anything from the catalog, but they bought and smoked a large amount of the company's products along the way. Suckers...