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  1. Sorry, can't help much beyond that.
  2. Just send us our damn checks. I bought a nice 1851 Colt Navy black powder revolver with a portion of the last one. Then a week long camping trip to test it. The rest I tossed into savings. Except for the portion I blew at Costco. Steaks were on sale. And my favorite jerky. Need another check soon. Running out of percussion caps and roundball for the Colt. On a side note, the 36 caliber Navy gets a bad rap. Some folks claim it won't penetrate as well as a .44. Maybe, but when I fired it at an empty propane canister, one of those small green ones for camping lanterns, it put a nice hole right in and out the other side without leaving a bit of lead inside the canister. Good enough. Wild Bill Hickok carried two of them, and whatever's good enough for Wild Bill is good enough for me.
  3. Since you got their names already, you could be right. Nothing like sending out radar signals while YOU are being tracked by OTHER radar signals. Pilots reported having to take wide 'S' turns to stay behind the Cooper jet because it was going so slow.
  4. Now who could have created something like THIS! Some people. They will stoop to all-time lows, I swear. And just because the initials at the bottom match mine, it doesn't mean I made it. Right? Right....? (no answer) (*insert evil laugh HERE*)
  5. All of what you say is true. Trump doesn't deal in logic, though. The problem is...and why voters are now dumping Trump and his cronies in ever-greater because now they see there will no help before Christmas, and probably nothing until after January. Biden, should he be elected, wouldn't take office until late January. Trump just pulled out the rug on the entire country and guaranteed millions of families a bleak Christmas, little to no help from unemployment, and certainly many more deaths. As an added bonus, virtually all the extensions regarding inability to pay rent will end by Dec 31. Without some assistance, at least a few million American families will be tossed out into the street via evictions right after the Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas from the White House.
  6. I don't wish Covid-19 on anybody. But because of everything that has happened this week, it's time for Republicans to check into the Reality Hotel, top floor, penthouse suite. Here is what has happened in the last 24 hours that spells D-O-O-M for them at the election...and finally is bringing people to action, especially when November 3rd arrives: 1) Trump directed Republicans today to abandon all negotiations regarding the latest Covid relief package, saying they can take up the issue again after he wins the election. (The underlined bit is a Trump quote.) He added he wanted Republicans to skip the relief for now, and confirm his Supreme Court nominee instead. 2) This disappointed a LOT of people, including certain schools, hospitals, and whoever and whatever is involved in receiving help through the relief package. 3) Within a couple of hours of this announcement, so many people tried registering to vote in Florida, that the website crashed and an announcement was made that the time to register will now be extended. 4) In five key battleground states, including Florida, instant polling showed that older voters were now deserting Trump in droves. The issue they named most was Trump's dumping of the negotiations. 66% of those polled were against the idea of Trump abandoning all possible relief assistance until after the election. 5) There have been some warnings issued about possible violence on Election Day. 6) My personal prediction is that voters are now going to turn out in numbers never before seen in recent history, and vote themselves right into both a Democratic President, as well as a Democrat controlled Senate. 7) This scenario may not be perfect, but I think most Americans will see it as better than the unbelievable nightmare that is going now. 8) Trump also tells another Big Lie today: He says about 100,000 people a year die from the flu anyway, so Covid is no reason to panic, and that the death rate from Covid and 'normal' flu is about the same. The TRUTH is that about 38,000,000 people get the flu every year in the US and of those, 22,000 people die from it, mostly the elderly or those with serious underlying conditions related to breathing or heart problems. With Covid, there have been 7,500,000 cases and 200,000 deaths. (approximately) Using that formula, if the US had 38 million people infected with Covid at the present rate, over a million Americans would be dead from it by now....NOT 22,000 as the flu does now. Trump is full of it, and Covid is MUCH more dangerous. (By the way...the term 'The Big Lie' was invented by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. His theory was that if you tell a big enough lie...that people will believe THAT much more easily than they will a number of smaller lies.) I'm tossing out some unsolicited advice. If you still have a day job, make preparations NOW to take off work both Election Day and the day afterward. If your state does mail-in voting like mine does, fill out your ballot the second you get it, and take it in person to your closest ballot drop-off box. Don't wait. If your state does NOT do mail in voting, then prepare to stand in line and do your civic duty no matter WHAT. I won't tell you who to vote for. Just make sure you DO vote, and I don't care if you have to stand there in line until the sun comes up. This is why I said you should take both Election Day off work, and the next day too. Just in case.
  7. Off-topic, but this guy just made it look too easy sometimes. If you've ever watched him play, you'd swear he never missed a note. I play guitar, but even I wasn't foolish enough to try playing any of HIS songs. I would have just looked like an idiot even trying. I only saw them live once, in a show with Rick Derringer as the opening act. This was shortly after the release of their first album, titled simply Van Halen. My favorite track from that debut album is below. Figures...I always liked the Kinks as well. Gone a bit too early for me. Eddie Van Halen died today.
  8. FBI says case is closed, or at least the latent fingerprint part of things. If you want to match fingerprints, and saying just for argument they were decent latents...then your suspect must have a criminal record to match them to. If they wanted to go the military records route, you'll have better luck matching from THEM as long as you don't have a devastating fire 18 months after the hijacking that destroys 80% of those military records. About the only thing they were able to come up with on Kenny Christiansen was his DD214 discharge record, (has a single thumbprint on it) and his enlistment record. Nothing else was available. Now it IS true that they've been doing restorations on those records for decades now. But the fingerprint cards were unique to your main file. If they got burned, they are gone. How they do the restorations is whatever they can save from fire damage, they do that. But a lot of stuff was completely destroyed. The OTHER way is to start accessing more local company records from units in which you served. It's a piecemeal process, but they can't get the fingerprint cards back if they're destroyed. Those are not available anywhere else except in the main record. (*pretty sure on this*) That 1973 fire in St. Louis was probably the single largest destruction of historical records in American history.
  9. It's hard to keep secrets forever. I'm not going to elaborate on that. I should do another bit for Quora dot com on Cooper. I published what I thought was a nothing bit on a few things that happened more than thirty years back when I was doing apartment maintenance and twelve hours later it's been viewed more than 60,000 times already.
  10. Well...what do you know? That letter and the FBI file resulting from it obviously came from Lyle Christiansen. I'd recognize that print writing anywhere. That's Lyle all right. You mean the FBI was told about KC within a year of his death and didn't bother doing an investigation on him? LOL I would call that really stupid on the FBI's part. A former paratrooper? An actual employee of the airline? A guy who if they had bothered to look at Kenny's letters home to Minnesota would have discovered he was broke and really unhappy with his employer at the time of the hijacking? A guy who went missing for a week at the time of the crime with the alleged accomplice, whom witnesses placed first heading in the direction of Portland, via Oakville, WA? An accomplice who was WITH Kenny that entire week, and said on national television that Kenny could be the hijacker? Geez. Maybe the FBI wasn't as dedicated to solving the Cooper case as I thought. Either that, or they were just plain stupid. Took a guy like Skipp Porteous, with me backing him up, to figure things out. Until you posted that, I was under the impression that Lyle didn't come forward until he approached Geoff Gray in 2007. I guess Lyle got tired of the FBI ignoring him. The only thing Lyle didn't have going for him was he didn't know any of the people who were close to Kenny, except for the three people who were living with him at the time of his death. (Robin Powell, his then-wife Carolyn Tyner, and Kenneth MacWilliams, who helped care for Kenny in his last days.) It took Skipp Porteous and I quite a bit of time to find out who these other people were, aka Bernie and Margie Geestman, Bernie's niece Denise, Bernie's sister, and a few other folks who gave testimony for us. Now I'm beginning to understand why...when I contacted the FBI and asked them if it was okay for me to submit that 54 page report on Kenny, they told me no problem. Bet they were surprised when they read it. I'm starting to think maybe I was right when I found it coincidental the FBI closed the case less than a year after they received the report. And that Troy Bentz came forward after Agent Jarvis let the cat out of the bag six weeks after they closed it. All of this brings back a memory regarding Margaret Geestman. In one of my early interviews with her in Twisp, she let something slip about a female FBI agent coming all the way up there to see her some years prior. She wouldn't tell me what it was all about, but she had a definite fear of the FBI, that's for SURE. She did say she thought she would lose the ranch over whatever the issue WAS. But she wouldn't tell me why the agent visited her. Seven interviews with her, with me driving 250 miles each way over two mountain passes each way to talk to was an experience. Talk about the middle of nowhere, that's where she lived. But it wasn't until the LAST interview, after I caught her in a couple of lies, that she became the first person to directly admit she knew Kenny was the hijacker, and that yes...her ex was involved. In the previous interview she had directed me to contact a lady, a mutual friend of both she and Kenny named Helen Jones. And Jones, after some initial anger at me when she realized I was investigating her friend Kenny for the Cooper hijacking, finally told me that Bernie Geestman, Kenny, and Margie Geestman were scheduled to attend Thanksgiving dinner 1971 with her family, but that only Mrs. Geestman showed up. Jones said that Mrs. Geestman was highly pissed off at her husband for leaving town to go 'camping' over the holiday when they were supposed to be eating at the Jones house. (It was traditional for the Geestmans' and Kenny to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Helen Jones family. They did so in 1970, and again in 1972.) Kenny had told Jones a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving that he wasn't going to be there either because he was flying back to Minnesota to be with family. That was a lie, since he never went back to Minnesota that year. But a few weeks later when Jones ran into Kenny at the Sumner Laundromat, he admitted he had been with Geestman that week, although he wouldn't say what they were doing. This series of events eventually led me to believe that Margie Geestman was not told what Kenny and Bernie planned to do, and only found out after they returned. This placed her into a position of having to keep the secrets regarding the hijacking. She may not have liked her husband much, (they later divorced) but she loved Kenny like a brother. But it wasn't long before the Geestmans' ended up leaving Bonney Lake for good and moving to Oakville. Later, they moved out to the sticks in Twisp and ended up separating. Margie did a damn good job in all those other interviews I did with her trying to protect Kenny, the person she called her best friend. Just a few weeks later, her ex went on TV and told the cast of Decoded that HE thought Kenny was the hijacker. Unfortunately for him, Bernie didn't know that several people had already confirmed he was WITH Kenny during the time the hijacking occurred. And that they started out by driving down to Oakville to where Bernie owned shop property and a travel trailer. Bernie picked up Kenny on the way. And Kenny had prepared for all this by lying to people and saying (falsely) that he was planning to take a free NWA flight back to Minnesota to visit family for Thanksgiving. My theory is that on the morning of the hijacking, Bernie used his station wagon to deliver Kenny to the airport, and then drove back up to Oakville to wait, possibly for a phone call. Margie had said she 'thought' there was a phone installed in the shop building. Yeah. Kenny took an NWA flight all right. Only it wasn't TO Minnesota. It came FROM Minnesota. (*laughs*) This situation was explained fully in the report to the Seattle FBI. Maybe the report got their attention, after all. It also proves that Skipp and I did a better job of finding the truth on Kenny and his friends than THEY did. No wonder Margie sold the ranch and bailed town after the Decoded show aired, although she waited some time before doing that. She even told her lawyer, S. Renee Ewalt and the bank officer who handled the sale, Dave Thomsen of Winthrop, WA, not to reveal where she was going. What a joke. Truth was there for everyone all along. When Margie died, she left everything to her only living relative, a woman (also) from Minnesota who had just finished doing ten years for armed robbery. Everyone, it seems, held a piece of the puzzle, but only Bernie and Margie Geestman knew the whole truth. When Bernie was cornered, he says he thinks Kenny's the guy because..well, he's cornered and since Kenny is dead, why not try laying the blame on HIM alone? Margie, unknown to him, has already admitted Kenny was the hijacker and Bernie was the one who assisted him. These things were included in the report to the Seattle FBI. Some pictures from the actual investigation. Just for old times' sake. I placed a short comment below each picture. Collage I made for Margie Geestman, to hint to her we had evidence linking Kenny and her ex husband to the hijacking. Sort of a 'greasing the wheels' thing for the next day's interview. Androsko (Bernie's sister) also confirmed Kenny owned a toupee but never wore it after the date of the hijacking. In addition, she was shown an untitled picture of the tie with tie tack left behind by Cooper. She had no comment about the tie, but immediately identified the tie tack as identical to one she had seen Christiansen wear occasionally. She also said she and her friends thought it was strange Kenny never discussed the Cooper hijacking, avoiding any talk about it, (EVERYONE was talking about the hijacking and Kenny worked for NWA) and later they wondered if Kenny was Cooper but dismissed it because he was a 'nice guy'. After her interview she said, "So THAT'S where he got all that money. Figures..." Rent was $125 a month. It's still there, although the rent is much higher now. Geestman was tough to find. Eventually I did find him. When I did, he went on and on about his good friend Kenny and working together on Shemya Island in the Aleutians. But he turned white as a sheet when I admitted that I was investigating Kenny for the DB Cooper case. He ended the interview right there. When History Channel contacted him, he told THEM he hardly knew Kenny and thought he was a dishwasher. They sent him twenty pictures of he and Kenny together and then he agreed to appear on Decoded. Before he did, he called his sister Dawn, who had already spoken to me and provided evidence, and told her to take everything back she said. She refused, but told History Channel researchers she would stand by her testimony, but wouldn't go on TV against her own brother. Later, Bernie Geestman told the Decoded cast that Kenny could be Cooper. Too bad he didn't know his friends and family had already placed him with Kenny the week of the crime. Himmelsbach never believed KC was Cooper, but he didn't have all the facts either. Kenny looks on as the Geestmans' celebrate. Bernie said he hardly knew Kenny. But they worked together on Shemya for NWA for years, and later they both worked for NWA out of Seattle. Bernie was a mechanic for the airline, Kenny a purser. Bernie also worked for Boeing for a couple of years when they were developing the 727. Robin Powell lives in Tacoma today. Lyle and Oliver Christiansen caught him searching Kenny's things right after Kenny died. Lyle later discovered a pistol among Kenny's belongings in a storage unit. Kenny didn't even tell his family he had been invited to the banquet. Of course, being recognized at the last minute before the Statute of Limitations was to expire would have been awkward. If he attends, there is a chance someone at the banquet might put it all together. So he stayed home. This guy lied so much to everybody they should have nicknamed him Pinocchio. Kenny and the woman who was definitely his best friend. I like to call Margie "The lady who kept the secrets."
  11. (Final version of the WordPress tribute article on Bryan Woodruff and the famous Ariel Store. I thought I would post it for Dropzone, since I already did so at Quora Cooper and a few other places on the internet. You've heard slanted versions of this story elsewhere. Now view the truth from the source.) D.B. Cooper – A Tribute to the Passing of Bryan Woodruff, Owner of the Ariel Store and Tavern (ABOVE: Promotional photo done by the author, prior to sponsoring the final ‘D.B. Cooper Days’ party at the Ariel Tavern. Bryan Woodruff is center in blue shirt. After his mother died and left him the store, we worked together to hold a fundraiser to save the store.) The last time I ever saw Bryan Woodruff was at the final Ariel Party, the one we organized together after his mother died, and in which Adventure Books of Seattle had a large role. Unfortunately, it DID turn out to be the swan song for the annual (and world famous) party called Cooper Days. After original owner Dona Elliott died the year previously, the store was turned over to her son Bryan. But at the same time, the State of Washington and Clark County (in a move that eventually doomed the store) pulled the licenses for the business, and demanded expensive renovations and upgrades…none of which Bryan could afford. When Bryan passed away from cancer in August 2020, the store was still unlicensed and not open to the public, although until his final days in hospice, Bryan used it as his full-time residence. After his death, the family began selling off the thousands of items inside the store, and put the property up for sale. (The actual sale of the property is unconfirmed, though.) The end of an era. A bummer for D.B. Cooper fans. This article is a tribute to Bryan Woodruff, and to an extent, his mother Dona Elliot as well. To enjoy the article more fully, you may want to click on the song below, which this writer dedicated to him. The amount of money we raised during that final party in August 2016 (in attempts to bring the store up to state and county codes) wasn’t much more than what we spent on the party itself, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. (In other words, some folks said later that AB of Seattle could have saved themselves the trouble simply by writing Bryan a check.) Travel Channel showed up via their TV show Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates after my request to them, and we cooked at least 500 hot dogs and hamburgers. There were several local volunteers who brought food as well, and everyone moved a few cords of wood off the main stage for the auction and the music. I snapped hundreds of pictures, shot a couple of videos, and I still have them all on a memory card. The day before the party, I helped Bryan raise the store building with screw jacks while we toured the crawlspace. I thought we should do an inch to a half inch. Bryan did four inches and scared the crap out of me. The store held, and the building didn’t fall on our heads. Bryan’s personal collection of D.B. Cooper-themed books Current value on the property is about $100,000 according to tax records, so if it goes up for sale, it should sell fast. One thing I can tell you about Bryan is that he was worried about the DB Cooper paraphernalia, probably the largest collection in the world. HIS wish was that the store be turned into a DB Cooper museum. This was a project I encouraged, and yes, I did try to help him with that but it never got past the discussion stage. Maybe he put something in his will designating these Cooper items to the WA State History Museum or something. I hope so. They once did a D.B. Cooper exhibit there, and still have one of the parachutes from the hijacking on display. I have said occasionally that Cooperland (my nickname for some of the amateur sleuths and fans of the case) shoot themselves in the foot so much, I’m surprised they aren’t shopping for wheelchairs. Bryan forwarded me several emails right after that last party saying SOME people weren’t in favor of me trying to help him ‘restore the store,’ and turned him against ideas I had regarding all that. There is no use in them denying this, because I still have the emails. I am no longer angry about it, but I find it regrettable that people would hate ME so much…that they would take it out on Bryan. As some of you know, my mother in Arizona was willing to put up the money to have the store restoration done, after I told her it was a good cause. My parents lived in Washington for many years and were familiar with both the store and the Cooper case. And let’s face it. They also knew I wrote a book on the case as well, and had been on television a couple of times about Cooper. If I could speak to these so-called ‘D.B. Cooper Experts’ in person who turned their backs on Bryan, I can only say this: Karma is a bitch, and what goes around eventually COMES around. You will have to live with what you did regarding Bryan and the store, and no amount of spin will ever change that. I wonder if any of them regret interfering now. This list of jerks includes people like Bruce Smith of the Mountain News blog, who considers himself the King of D.B. Cooperland, and Dave Brown (aka ‘Shutter 45’), the founder of the D.B. Cooper discussion forum. After Bryan died, both had the absolute gall to post their ‘condolences’ on Bryan Woodruff’s obituary. Smith even listed the title of his Cooper book in an effort to generate sales. These two are the biggest phonies I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. My thought is that it is better to support people while they are still alive, and not come out of the weeds with mealy-mouthed justifications and expressions of admiration about someone once they are gone. Just to make yourself look good. I’ll admit I was bitter about that for a long time, but I got over it. I attended three of the Ariel Store Cooper Days parties over the years and had fun at all of them. Especially the final party, where we did something good for Bryan and his dreams for the famous store. I am PROUD of my efforts on that, no matter what people have said about it. A few things about the party itself: Everyone worked their asses off for two days prior, but everyone had fun and it went off smooth as silk. I remember cooking food and hustling people up to the store building to drop a few bucks donation on a special PayPal site we created where they could use their credit or debit cards to do so. (Many just brought cash, but we knew cards could work as well, so we brought a couple of computers and hooked them up for just that purpose.) Then the Travel Channel film crew showed up and told me later they had the most fun at Ariel that day than they had during all the other episodes of the show that season. The craziest thing I did was to haul a triple stainless-steel sink (with legs) all the way there from our office in Auburn (about 130 miles each way), so we could meet Health Department hand washing requirements. The sink was a gift from the Auburn Days Festival. It was so dangerous to haul in my little truck that I ended up giving it to Bryan, rather than trying to haul it home. The trip down was tough enough. I made a total of five trips before it was over. The final tally was about $2,500 raised for Bryan at a general auction of donated items, and by direct cash donations. The PayPal site raised an additional $500. I wish we could have done better, but we did the best we could and Bryan was happy. Bryan Woodruff’s extensive collection of D.B. Cooper themed books. After everyone finally headed home, Bryan, me, and a couple of other people hung out in the bar most of the night and talked about the future for the store. Bryan had a lot of plans going, and many detailed drawings showing what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. The only problem was he didn’t have the money, and he couldn’t get a loan to do it on his own. Still, over the next couple of years I know he did as much as he could, and cleaned a lot of things up as well as doing some repairs to the building. Below: One of the things Bryan and I did prior to the last party was to finish cleaning THIS up. It’s an amazing collection for sure. RIP Bryan. You and your mother will be missed. As far as the phonies go…the picture below says it all. Submitted by Robert M. Blevins, Adventure Books of Seattle
  12. On the day Trump was elected, Gayla at Adventure Books of Seattle was really upset. Well, she was going for Clinton of course. Okay... So I tell her, "Well, as long as he doesn't trash the economy or start World War 3, it will be okay. How bad can he be?" Yeah. Right. Well at least he hasn't started WW3 yet, and fortunately he's running out of time to do that.
  13. KC isn't in any FBI files. Not unless new files were created after 2007. I wasn't making stuff up. I was making assumptions based on the known facts. Hahneman was arrested for air piracy, convicted, and served 12 years. Seems obvious if he was Cooper, someone in the FBI would have figured it out somewhere along the way. You say a 'US official' (unnamed) said Hahneman had been planning his hijacking for a year. So why would he go all the way to Podunk Portland to do that...not be discovered, get away with the money, and then try another one just eight months later back on the east coast? I've heard of guts and nerve, but that's a stretch. And if he was caught for this SECOND skyjacking, he could have gotten a big break on both crimes by offering to confess to both. Instead, he gets nothing and does 12 years in prison? Some hijackers actually got out of jail in five years or less. Here is a named US official for you: According to three confirmed witnesses, one I named publicly, and the other two going into a separate report that was sent later to the Seattle FBI, the guy below (FBI agent John Jarvis) alleged to the witnesses (less than six weeks after the FBI closed the case on Cooper) that the reason the FBI closed the case was because they now knew who Cooper was, that they knew this person was dead, and that he was none other than Kenny Christiansen. All three of these witnesses hold security clearances with the US government and work with the US Navy in the Washington, DC area. I have their names, their email addresses, where they work...everything. The witness I named publicly is Troy Bentz, an engineer for the Navy with a wife and two kids. His wife was pissed at him for coming forward, which he did on his own after reading the Blast book. That's his Linkedin if you choose to try verifying. Meet Agent John Jarvis, a (now) nearly 20-year veteran of the FBI who (at the time of the Cooper case closure) worked out of Quantico in Behavioral Profiling. Prior to that, he was a field agent with several high-profile cases solved under his belt. You see, Flyjack...witnesses are shit unless you reveal everything about them. When I tell people about these things, the reason I give the details is in case someone wants to actually check out the evidence. I have nothing to hide, especially since I ditched those movie companies and got out from under their confidentiality agreement, which was a PITA. I still have Troy's emails. We later spoke on the phone at length while I scribbled notes. I would be happy to post the emails. He thought I wouldn't believe him when he contacted me. So because of that he gave me everything except the kitchen sink. AB staff checked all three of these witnesses out at length. Troy was telling the truth about everything he said. He even gave me the score of the baseball game they all attended, and the name of the restaurant where (after the game) Jarvis made his revelations. Agent Jarvis shown below. Anyone who chooses to do so could try contacting Jarvis and/or Bentz for verification on this story. If either of them goes into denial, I can show the exact times and dates this revelation happened, where all four men WERE on that specific day, what they were doing, (attending a ball game together, Jarvis being one of the witnesses' friends) and produce all the emails with all those details inside them. Doesn't leave a lot of room for weaseling, I assure you. On a side note, I have always thought it might be more than coincidence that the FBI suddenly decided to drop the case less than a year after they received our 54-page report on Kenny Christiansen and Bernie Geestman. They never told me if they investigated that report, but I know they received it, and the Seattle FBI did tell me it was forwarded to the case agent. So I know someone there at least examined it. Look...none of these things proves beyond any doubt that KC was Cooper. But in the realm of evidence, it isn't bad. What I'm trying to tell you is that if you want to prove Hahneman was Cooper, you have to start somewhere with something more solid.
  14. Robert says: Okay. Robert says: Sure there is. Cooper made at least two comments that indicate he was either very familiar with the south Puget Sound area, or was FROM that area. And what would motivate Cooper to tell the FBI and the crew the REAL place he was going? Or even WANTED to go? That would be foolish. He was probably trying to spread out the search area the length of the USA. Smart move. Robert says: The description says an olive appearance. The FBI wanted poster says he's a white guy. Maybe he was a white guy with a good tan. No discernible accent, possibly from the Midwest. That's what it says. None of the witnesses have ever claimed they thought Cooper was of Spanish/Mexican/Hispanic origin or whatever you choose to call it. And if your guy Hahneman was actually Cooper, then why would he begin his hijacking so damn far from where he actually wanted to go? Starting in Portland, going NORTH to Seattle...and then SOUTH? Doesn't make sense. Cooper was definitely from either the western provinces of Canada, (less likely) or from the Puget Sound area. (VERY likely) Robert says: Agreed. But then he never had any intention of remaining on board long anyway. He didn't bail north of Oregon because he was so much afraid of the landing in Reno. He did it because the closer to Seattle he jumps, the shorter distance it is to home. I understand you believe Hahneman was your guy for Cooper. And I sympathize with that. But Hahneman was from Honduras originally and settled on the east coast. Why in the heck would he travel clear across the USA to a place like Podunk Portland Airport...hijack a plane in the wrong direction...and then tell people he wanted to go to Mexico? As far as you know, he'd never even BEEN to the Pacific Northwest. Yet when he gets there, he knows the locations of McChord AFB in relationship to SeaTac Airport, and is able to recognize Tacoma from the air? Have you ever considered that Hahneman simply got the idea to do the hijacking he did back on the east coast after reading what Cooper did? Just like the other copycats? You also seem to dismiss the idea easily that Hahneman...after he was caught in a high-profile hijacking...was never investigated for the unsolved Cooper case. This would be an easy matter for the FBI to either write him off because somehow they got information from Hahneman during his arrest interviews that immediately dismissed him as a suspect. It is likely they even showed his picture to the witnesses. They had him custody for years. More than a decade in fact. If he was Cooper, they would have found out pretty damn quickly you know. They sure thought Richard McCoy was Cooper for a while, and they investigated the hell out of that one you can be sure. Even a book about it. Yet you say Hahneman was simply ignored by the FBI. This does not seem possible, unless they knew something about him that you and I don't know. And whatever they found out about him didn't link him to the Cooper case. You have to remember it was only seven months between Cooper in Portland, and Hahneman hijacking that other plane from the east coast down to Honduras. One of the first things that the FBI would have considered, once Hahneman turned himself in was..."Is he Cooper as well?" Here is probably what happened after Hahneman's arrest: They checked his background, interviewed everyone he ever knew, and figured out pretty quick he wasn't Cooper. If you could FOIA the full reports on Hahneman after he was caught....then you would know why none of that got into the Cooper records. Because they wrote him off based on what the FBI discovered after he was caught. McCoy pulled his stunt off in April 1972, and Hahneman in June. Both of them probably got the idea from Cooper's crime the previous November. But it's hard to beat The Master. This is why after all those records that were released by the FBI are scanned, probed, mulled over, examined, and digested...there is not a single mention or memo about Hahneman. Because the FBI figured out really fast he wasn't Cooper. He wasn't even worth a single memo. Not that it matters, but a majority of the hijackings back then...the perps lived reasonably close to the place where they attempted their crime. Not all, but most. What you need to put this to bed once and for all is to get a look at the FBI files on Hahneman. The Feds had him locked up for 12 years. His files should be extensive if you include the actual investigation into his Honduras-over-the-jungle jump.
  15. There IS no Mex theory. Cooper never had the slightest intention of going to Mexico. The Federales would have picked him up in a quick, fast, New York hurry...probably kept the money for themselves, beat the shit out of him just for putting them to the trouble, and then shipped his butt back to the good old USA. It was a ruse to try and ensure no one would know where he jumped. To give the cops a heads-up on where you REALLY wanted to go would be the supreme definition of foolishness. It would have been the same thing in Mexico anyway. Cooper jumps, indicator light flashes OFF for the airstairs for a moment and then goes back on permanently. Bingo. Now they know where you departed the aircraft. Only now, instead of some remote woods in the Pac NW, you come down in a place where everybody and his brother are going to be seeking not only YOUR ass...but all that money you are packing. He wouldn't have gotten very far before being picked up, or possibly even killed. And if he REALLY wanted to go to Mexico all along, why didn't he just take the refueling stops and do that? He didn't even wait to cross into Oregon.
  16. No big deal, but I just received a sales report email from Lightning Source. Copies of Blast are now moving well in Germany...and of all places...India? I signed most of our books up for LSI's Global Connect program a while back. Hell, I didn't even know anyone in India CARED about Cooper. I can already see that not only will we have our biggest sales year ever, but financing all those Amazon gift cards for the Cooper Party next year will not be a big deal. Greg the Techie Guy will be assisting me on organizing that one. One last Cooper celebration for the Pac NW. It's the least I can do. We are going absolutely all out for this one, and have no illusions. It isn't a convention. It's a party. I also picked up a new generator that should arrive by October 15. We're going to need more cowbell, as they say. And hauling propane tanks for a three day celebration is a lot easier and safer than hauling a bunch of gasoline cans. Couldn't resist the 25% off deal. Be there or be square. I want to make an additional comment about this event. When Bryan and his mother were holding all those Cooper parties for all those years, the vast majority of the people who showed up were fans of the case...not active investigators. That means people like me, Bruce S, and folks like that were definitely in the minority. I know because I interviewed a ton of folks for the 2012 Ariel and put them on video. Those people....NOT known names in Cooperland...are what this is all about. However, everyone is welcome to show up even if you've had problems with me personally in the past. No one will be told THEY cannot attend. What we plan to do is shoot out a press release giving the times, the location, some pictures, and the general program about a week prior. Also the Craigslist Event notice on which we are not allowed to charge anyone a dime. I may even run a general ad in the Tacoma News Tribune and the Seattle Times as well. I figure people will be drifting in and out all that weekend. Some folks I know at the Nissan support forum are already planning to show. If you're going to do something like this, might as well go all out. After this event, I will be moving to SoCal for good. I will miss the Great Northwest in some ways, but I have a nice house waiting for us down near Oceanside, CA and I am calling it a life as far as full time work. It's time to leave that to the younger folk, as they say. I will be glad. The picture below shows where we're going next June. It was a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law, who gave it to us free just to get us to move nearer to her. Greg asked me if I was going to change the name of AB to AB of Oceanside. No, Greg we're not.
  17. They have the In-Case-The-President-Checks-in-Here stuff going. Special office, facilities for him, etc. That's what I've heard anyway. Don't take that as gospel. When Reagan was shot, HE went to GW University Hospital, but Reagan had a much better sense of humor than Trump. Reagan told the doctors and nurses, "I hope you're all Republicans." They laughed and a nurse said, "Today, Mr President...we're ALL Republicans." One thing that's happened for sure since Trump came along. People suddenly stopped bitching so much about George W. Bush. It's like that old tenet about 'if you think things are bad NOW...' etc. I brought that point up to my friend Greg the Techie Guy this morning on the phone. And Greg...he hated Bush so bad that I had to remind him that some of the things he was saying about Bush were technically against the law. (Back in the day, I mean. Not now.) So this morning Greg tells me, "You know what? You're right..." Ha. One thing Trump has done is made people forget about a couple of previous Republican presidents. Personally, I would take Bush back right now in a heartbeat and send him flowers and a thank you card. I would take THAT and be grateful, rather than what is going on now. Nobody saw this coming, not like this, not what has happened under Trump's watch.
  18. The REAL question is WHY Cooper requested to go to Mexico without any stops in the first place, when it was obvious that Cooper not only knew the workings of a passenger jet fairly well, but was at least familiar with the Puget Sound area from above. He knew the driving time between McChord AFB and SeaTac, for example. That is something only a local would know, in my opinion. And not just a local to Washington state, but someone local to the South King County/North Pierce County area. You have to look at his ORIGINAL demand, which on the surface makes no sense. My theory is that Cooper just tossed Mexico out there as a destination just like you would toss a snack to your dog. He knew it couldn't be done, but he didn't care. If he's planning to jump from the aircraft, he doesn't WANT the FBI or any local LEO to KNOW where he's going to jump. When they tell him they can't make Mexico without some refueling, he simply adapts to that, but he's just playing them because he has no intention of staying aboard long anyway, no matter what. All these 'negotiations' with Cooper over destinations and refueling are simply a red herring by Cooper. His main goal is to ensure that he can get off the bus without anyone knowing where he did it. In other words, it's all baloney right from the beginning. His one mistake was not knowing about the airstairs-open indicator light up there on Flight Engineer Harold Anderson's control panel. He didn't know about that, and this is what finally gave away the general area where he jumped. It was about the only flaw in his plan. Cooper probably didn't realize either that the stairs would bounce back so hard that a pressure bump might give away his jump point as well. All in all, it was a good plan. Without that indicator light and a hard bump on the flight deck, no one would have the slightest idea where Cooper jumped over an area of thousands of square miles. He figured he would be long gone Sally without having to worry about every citizen with a gun or any local cops trying to find him. They wouldn't even know where to start looking. But as it turned out, only an area of maybe twenty or thirty square miles was sufficient. By the time they got anything really organized for a ground search, he was probably on his way home. Or...he reached a phone, hid out for a while, and waited for his ride. EDIT: Consider THIS>>>> If Cooper really intended to go anywhere past Washington state, why in the heck would he don that chute SO quickly after the jet left Seattle? WHY would he concern himself with getting the airstairs down right away after takeoff? Another thing people haven't considered is that Cooper didn't seem to be a HOW in the holy hell did he KNOW that a 727 could land with the airstairs down without killing everybody on board? Somehow he seemed confident they could do that. It's almost like he heard about the tests done at Boeing while they were developing the 727. In some of the tests, the stairs were lowered in flight just to see what would happen. Basically, you have what could be considered a NEW control surface dragging the jet and that could have resulted in the jet inverting or rolling left or right and possibly crashing. To be fair, I don't know if they dragged the stairs on the Boeing tests upon landing. They WOULD have...unless the test jet was equipped with special hydraulics allowing them to be raised and locked in flight. The production models were not so equipped. All of these tests were well-known to anyone in the rank and file at Boeing, since they discuss these things all the time and sometimes results came out in the rank and file newsletters. You can call it scuttlebutt or whatever you wish, but it was the reality of working for Boeing on the line back then.
  19. Nobody with any common sense wants the First Family to die from Covid. It would only make Trump a martyr instead of a fool.
  20. God doesn't do politics. He doesn't register with any particular party, either. PEOPLE do politics. Maybe call it karma instead. But if I were you, I wouldn't listen to me. I'm fairly distressed and depressed right now. All I know is that current events tell me this is a call for action. Not with violence, not with hatred, but with the tried-and-true method that has (generally) worked for this country for more than 200 years. Just let your voice be heard. Works much better than bombs, bullets, or threats.
  21. This whole scenario is a frickin' mess beyond belief. All these Trump people, some Republican US Senators, and God knows who else will come out of the woodwork in the next few days...popping up sick like dandelions in a poorly-maintained lawn. The virus may have originated in China, but if you ASKED the would tell you it is stateless. It doesn't believe in borders and considers them nothing but a nuisance. If I thought I could get away with it, I would move to the middle of some desert in Nevada and just wait it out there for a year. There is going to be one hell of a voter backlash over this one. It's time to replace the leadership who not only ignored the problems, but tried leading this country down Neverland Road. When they invented the phrase 'Toss the Bums Out,' they were talking about NOW. To make my personal day worse, I just got word today that a nice lady I worked with for many years will be dead from Covid in the next day or two at most. Yes, she was old. But she was in great shape before the virus came along. This is her short history: Geraine was a 1956 graduate of the University of Washington with a Masters in English. She worked her way through college by spending her summers waitressing tables at the lodge at the Mt Rainier National Park. When she wasn't doing that, she was planting trees for the Forest Service. She also got a couple of minor scholarships, and all of this was how she obtained her degree. She came from a poor family in North Dakota. After she graduated, she became a civil service librarian for the USAF and was assigned to air bases all over the world. She also traveled a lot in her free time. Tibet was her favorite place to visit. She was stationed at one time or another at most of the major US air bases handing out books to the boys. During Vietnam, she was at Anderson AFB on Guam and survived Typhoons Karen (1962 after she first arrived) and Pamela (1976) just before she was assigned elsewhere. Guam was her single longest posting and she loved it there. Her biggest concerns, she told me, was how they would rebuild the library after the storms. Other times, other assignments were at air bases in Europe, Alaska, stateside, you name it...she was probably there telling people to be quiet. And what book are YOU looking for, young man? After she retired, I would work for her on weekends driving her around to appointments and errands. Sometimes her favorite Tibetan restaurant. This went on for almost ten years. When she could no longer stay by herself in her home, I kept that going for her a few additional years by stopping in all the time to make sure things got done and that she was eating properly. I asked her once why she never got married or had kids. She said she was so busy with her duties around the world that she just never got around to it. And after a while she decided it was too late for all that. She referred to the military guys she met as 'her boys'. This past June, she finally moved into a nice assisted living facility with her own private apartment. Then Covid came along. I will be attending the wait...probably can't do that due to Covid. Her story is just one of many. I blame this on the people at the top who lied, deceived, made false claims, and turned their backs on hard working Americans like Geraine.
  22. Just released by CNN: Kellyanne Conway tests positive for Covid. Tell you what...when the floor drops out from under you, sometimes it's a few floors until you hit the basement.
  23. Generally speaking, because of Trump's age and pre-existing conditions, (weight, possible high cholesterol, other unknown factors) his chances of succumbing to the virus are probably between 10-16%. He is getting the best medical care, sure. This also means he has an 85-90 percent chance of recovery. The next few days will tell. No...I do NOT wish death on him. It won't do any good. It will just make things worse. It will detract from the election. His poll numbers don't look good anyway, and he is almost certainly losing even MORE support by being shown to be foolish and wrong. In any case, even if you recover from Covid, you are often left with damage that shortens your life anyway. Come on....look at the bright side Trump haters...wouldn't you want his suffering to be slow and painful, rather than quick and peaceful? Yes, that was kind of a sick joke... but I wouldn't worry. After THIS fiasco his chances of winning next month are looking pretty lean. I turned on the TV today and saw those six or seven people in front of the hospital or whatever...holding up their Trump for President flags. Nobody else joined them, nobody who supports Biden bothered to counter them. Because no one frickin' cares anymore. If there was any debate among historians on 'who was the worst US President?' that debate has ended. People don't even talk bad much about George Bush anymore, and I bet a lot of folks would take him back right now and send him fan mail to boot. "Bill...George....ANYTHING but SUE!" (Trump being Sue) Thanks to Johnny Cash for that one.