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  1. After the first shot of the Pfizer, I got a lower back cramp that was so bad I could hardly walk. Lasted maybe ten hours total...most of a typical day...then went away as quick as it came. That was about it on the side effects. 

    Second shot comes tomorrow morning. Wife keeps worrying about side effects LOL. I mean a LOT of worrying. I finally told her:

    "Well what's better? Some side effects, or DEATH?" (from Covid) I kind of laughed. She stopped complaining. 

  2. I'm tossing pretty much everything we have left regarding KC and the Bentz story out there this June. The video on Bentz will be available at YouTube afterward, as well as a general video on the Festival itself. For now, that's all I got. I have no intention of putting that stuff out there publicly prior to the Festival. 

    Besides, everyone in Cooperland either wants me to shut up, go away, not bring up new evidence, or go elsewhere. ^.^

    After that, I'm (gladly) moving on to other things and starting to extricate myself from the Vortex. I have an autobiography ('Cooperland') to wrap before the end of the year and publish, as well as packing up and moving to California. Have to save something for June, you know. 2021 makes it 13 years since I emailed Skipp Porteous and proposed a book on Kenny, and where Skipp told me I should get involved in the investigation myself. I still haven't figured out if I did the right thing by emailing him back in 2008 or not. 

    I figure 13 years is just about long enough for me. So come June, there will be no more secrets. We will release everything we have remaining and let people decide the merit of it. I modified the AB website today pretty heavily on those two pages regarding the Festival. If we get enough interest by the middle of May or so, after the news articles come out, Greg, Kyle, Gayla, and I will finalize the event. If we don't, I will cancel the whole thing and Greg, his wife, myself, and Gayla will take a ten-day vacation to the Olympics, maybe to Trap Pass. One thing about Trap Pass, the view is tremendous from the end of the Forest Service road there. I would rather do the Festival, but everyone involved understands that there is no point to spending all that money if few are willing to actually show up for it. It's going to be a balancing act and depends on how much interest is generated by the news articles. Usually I wouldn't doubt interest, but with the Covid disaster going, it is hard to predict right now. So I guess it's either Greenwater for the Festival, or a trip to the place shown in the pictures below. We will see. 





    EDIT: If the Festival is a washout, I will still do the video for YouTube on Bentz. Only I will shoot it up in the Olympics. Until the June festival, (assuming we can go forward with it) as well as afterward, our relationship with people involved in the Cooper case will be shifted to a sort of *Modus vivendi* arrangement. 

    * an arrangement or agreement allowing conflicting parties to coexist peacefully, either indefinitely or until a final settlement is reached.*

  3. I see Shutter is discussing the Bentz stuff over at his Cooper Forum. Well, at least he was nice enough in his comments.

    Look...I never said it 'wasn't the right time and right place'. (to discuss this issue)

    What I said was that figuring out the truth on this was beyond my pay grade. A senior FBI agent? Three guys who work for the US government with security clearances involved in this? Are you kidding me? I did what I could to verify this story. And that was a lot. It was a fairly large allegation and I was very careful to record everything. 

    This verification is a job for pros, not me. Think of me as the mailman delivering the available evidence. I'm not a reporter or a detective. I'm a part-time publisher and sci-fi fan who scrubs toilets and floors. ¬¬ Everyone knows that. Who the heck am I to question a senior FBI agent, or determine the truth on things he may have revealed? 

    Not me. Better to just prepare the evidentiary package and let others decide whether it has merit. 

    Anything that doesn't seem to fair to you (as well as wise) about that, just let me know. 

    Besides...would you believe me if I took on this verification on my own, and quoting you positive results? Of course you wouldn't. Don't you think verification by an independent source would be better? I sure do. 

    And frankly, tossing the party in June is more than my share of contribution to the Cooper case this year. Everything will be released at that time. I'm not making a big deal of it. After that, I'm backing out of the Cooper Thingie to move forward to something else. Just the idea we could pull this off successfully in the middle of a pandemic that's now killed more American citizens than WW2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War COMBINED....

    If there were some kind of Cooper Olympic Committee, they should give me a damn medal. 


  4. UPDATE: Greg, Kyle, and I are kicking around the idea of allowing anyone and everyone to attend the June festival with just one caveat:

    They can show up whether they are on the email list or not. But...they must be able to provide proof they have received the two-shot series of the vaccine. And if their proof is crap, they will be turned away without mercy. And you do have to be over 21. Anyone doubtful we will definitely ask to see their ID. 

    However...because we had no way of providing people (other than the ones on the email lists) a copy of the PDF with the maps, directions, contact info for us, speaker list, etc etc....

    Greg says we should just release the PDF as a download six weeks prior to the festival, when the media presentations and guest speaker list is finalized. (Like say...a couple of days before any newspaper articles come out. We have two local papers who already want to run stories, but I am making them wait until the date of the festival gets closer.) Also, I told them that we have not 100% finalized this event as yet, although it's looking like we will. Three more people messaged us a second time and said they are definitely showing up, which makes 33 confirmed so far. When they send us their vaccine confirmations in advance by email, then we KNOW they're serious. 

    I like this whole idea. The only thing the drop-ins will miss are the monthly email updates, and they could probably get by without them, as long as they can see, and print up, the festival information PDF. It's basically the bible for the event. It's not ready yet because it's too early and we haven't finished filling the media presentations list, or the speaker list. We also don't have a host yet, but we have a couple of candidates in mind. 

    Two weeks prior to the festival, we could do a separate web page with all the information contained in the PDF displayed on-screen. And offer the download for printing as well. 

    On the way up there to do the setup in June...we could drop off a map and some details about the festival that includes directions to it from the Greenwater Store, maybe 100 copies. The owner wants to cooperate, mainly because he stands to make a lot of money if a bunch of Cooper fans use his store for the last stop before they take the Forest Service road turnoff. It's less than a mile beyond the store. 

    I think I like this package, which mostly comes from Greg and Kyle, not me. And I think we will do some changes to the AB website over the weekend. I guess we don't care who shows long as they don't get lost...and they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. That requirement is absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Andrade1812 said:

    In the end, we'll be getting even more documents from the FBI. I've heard estimates as high as ten years to get the entire investigation to the public. If the penultimate or ultimate case agent thought they had a likely suspect who happened to be deceased, we'll know eventually.

    Well, I will agree with the idea that the files will all eventually be released. I don't recall the most current dates on any of the files, but it seems like they have more than thirty years' worth of files to go. Almost everything that's been released has been heavily redacted. Many of them are just plain redundant, or another wild goose chase. Seems as if everyone knew someone they thought was Cooper. 

    Look...either Bentz' story is true, or it isn't. It is beyond my abilities to find out. This is a serious issue in my opinion, at least in how it relates to the Cooper case? Did someone higher-up in the organization figure out KC was the guy, or didn't they? Did the Seattle FBI whitewash the Amboy chute find because if they admit it was probably Cooper's, they would have to admit he got away with it while the case was still open? Why didn't the Seattle FBI dispute the obvious wrong reason for the chute's sudden dismissal, i.e. Cossey saying it was made of silk when practically everybody who has seen blow ups of the higher resolution photos of it say 'no way,' including Mark M aka '377'? Why did they not give an exact reason for the dismissal, and why were they calling it 'evidence in an ongoing case' FIVE full years AFTER they dismissed it as evidence to the press and public?

    I I the ONLY one who asks the relevant questions around here? 

    Some of you guys out there in Cooperland are soooo fixated on the idea that KC could not possibly be way, no how...even going to the trouble to create BS webpages about it and allow filthy comments toward anyone wondering about KC...that it clouds your judgement sometimes. 

    Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm sure KC is Cooper. Because I don't know that. But brother, I promise you that in June I am going to present the full evidence we have as it regards one Troy Bentz and one Special Agent John Jarvis. I think it's the press who should pressure the FBI regarding both KC, but more importantly, the Bentz incident. 

    This is what Seattle FBI agent Fred Gutt told me in 2013 after I asked him if the Seattle FBI really HAD dismissed KC as a suspect in the Cooper case:


    "He has not been dismissed. Some in the this office think he's a good suspect. Others think there are better suspects."

    I spoke to Fred Gutt on the phone a few times. He was good about answering my emails. And he was about the only person in the Seattle FBI organization who ever gave me a straight answer on anything. 

    Media submissions will probably be cut off on or around May 1 for the festival. If any of you have anything to say or present, and can't attend in person, you have about 12 more weeks to get it to us. Just saying. If Eric Ulis is going to be doing some event of his own in November for the anniversary, more power to him. I won't be here for that, but I urge you to go if you can. Our event isn't a convention. It's more of a party and a public presentation over a full weekend, on the Cooper case. 

  6. You are dealing in generalizations. I'm this, I'm that. The Bentz testimony is what it is. It's not in my job description to determine the truth one way or another. Not for sure anyway. I'm going to leave that to others, people more able to do this than I can personally. Professionals. Reporters, I guess. This evidence, due to the background of the people involved, is a bit above my pay grade. It will take me some time to organize everything in a way that will be clear and easy for people to understand. 

    Then I will present what I have in June. At the festival. I wasn't planning to speak at all, but now I am under some pressure to say SOMETHING. So I decided the most important thing I could present was not another KC-go-around, but lay out everything we have regarding Bentz and his friends and Agent Jarvis. The truth needs to be discovered on this issue, because IMHO it's a pretty big deal. 

    Not only am I having to work a regular job, but answer emails, help plan the darn thing, organize the logistics of it (a lot harder than the simpler 'Cooper Campouts' we did in the Olympics) would not believe it. 

    Even if I laid out everything on the internet, what good would that do? The Usual Suspects would once again raise their anonymous heads and insult me in places where I can't respond. Why feed the trolls? I would rather present everything in person and back it up IN person. This works for me a lot better than squabbling on the internet. We have less than 120 days until the festival and things are looking pretty good. We have at least two, maybe three media sources willing to cover it. Better to present whatever we have left in the Cooper case to a live crowd and the press, rather than holding court on the internet. Been there, done that. Any one of you is welcome to do the same. Not like I try to shut people out, you know. 

    OTHERS do that. :handok:

  7. 1 hour ago, Andrade1812 said:

    The case was shut down four and a half years ago. If the FBI had a "for sure" candidate, *someone* would have mentioned it by now.

    Someone HAS mentioned it. Just saying. 

    I don't expect people to just accept Bentz' and his friends story at face value, based on a couple of internet posts. I'm not that foolish. But it's a pretty serious allegation all around and people sometimes lose their high-paying jobs over being a whistleblower. Bentz has a family and children. He and his friends all have security clearances. John Jarvis is a fairly high-profile FBI agent. Those things cannot be dismissed on a whim. 

    The evidence will be presented in June. We're releasing a couple of videos afterward. One of the festival itself, maybe 90 minutes. The other will be about the Jarvis/Bentz story. We will see where it goes. Sometimes you have to shake the tree to get the apples to fall, you know. I've had to shake the tree more than once with the Seattle FBI, the last time finally getting them to admit that only Earl Cossey was allowed to examine the Amboy Chute. This is nothing new to me. I've been dealing with them for years. 

    The evidence will be released in its entirety in June. I will have a press release ready in case any media show up, and an evidentiary package for them. This will include the transcripts from two phone calls and copies of certain emails. We will see where it goes. Maybe it goes nowhere. Maybe it turns out to be true. The only way to know for certain is to provide this information to professionals who have the means to check the truth of the story. 

    Seems fair enough to me. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this approach. You do want to know the truth on this issue, right? Truth is the only thing that matters in this case to you....right? Your comments aren't based on whether you like or don't like me personally...right?  ¬¬

    I have nothing to add on this issue until June. I know most of you can't just drop in to the Snoqualmie area to attend the festival. I promise I will release the videos within a few days afterward. 

    EDIT: I wanted to add something that has nothing to do with this issue. If you want to be kept in the loop regarding the June Festival, even if wild horses could not drag you should get on the monthly update lists. There are two lists. The first is about 35 names (Cooperland folk, mostly), most of whom you probably know. The public list is approaching 200 names. Those are people we DON'T know, but who used the contact form to inquire on the festival. But the number on the public list who have actually sent in their vaccine stuff to us and said they are DEFINITELY attending is only about 30 people so far. News articles will be coming out sometime in April on the event. 

    What this tells me is that people (even if they have no intention of going, or can't go) want to be kept in the loop right up to and including the time of the festival, even if they have no plans to go. No one on either list has asked to be dropped from it either, even after three email updates. I always offer that, i.e. 'if you no longer wish to receive these updates...' etc. No one ever asks. 

    There has been a lot of confusion about this situation, mostly due to our cautions regarding the pandemic. We've changed our minds on hitting a certain number on the email list(s) and then shutting down further apps to attend. The way it works is we will take everyone and anyone who wants on the lists. But....(there's always a 'but,' isn't there?) the first 200 or so people who actually confirm with us with a follow-up message saying they are for-sure showing up, that's when we shut the whole application process down. We have to draw the line somewhere, and we figure that's the best way. Most will submit their vaccine info prior to the festival. Some will show it when they arrive. But the absolute max on attendees is 250 and frankly I hope we don't get quite that many. 

    At the point we shut it all down, probably May 15 or so, everyone on the confirmed list will receive the official program and the PDF with the directions, the maps, our contact info, the guest speaker list, suggestions on gear, things like that. THEN we remove the video and the webpages and see who shows. I know it's complicated, but it's what we have to do. Covid is a bitch. 

    And as I have offered before, if anyone in Cooperland wishes to submit a video, or some kind of audio presentation, book or website pitch, feel free to do so. We don't judge them except they cannot contain any personal attacks on individuals. The FBI or law enforcement are fair game. ^.^ We will accept your media (put it on a flash drive and use our mailing address at the AB website under Press and Media Info Page) in MP3 format, or for video, MP4 or AVI only. You are responsible for the quality of the video. Shoot in high-def if you want your material presented on the big screen. If you shoot in low resolution, all we can do for you is the smart TV. If you are not sure whether your video format will work, submit it anyway and we will check. We have Format Factory, which can *often* be used to convert video we can't run into video we CAN run for you. 

    Just don't wait too long. It's only a two day/two night event, and pretty much everything in the evening is a party celebrating DB Cooper. And at this point I don't think we'll have any trouble filling the space we have to work with, either by Cooper fans or the time allotted to present Cooper-related material. 


  8. 1 hour ago, dudeman17 said:

    Case in point...

    Supposition on your part. Not factual.

    NOT on the record. OFF record comment made in confidence. Confidence that was betrayed.

    Apparently, his trust was misplaced.


    NONE of which proves your point.

    It is what it is. There is no supposition. I have no point to prove. You get the evidence where it comes. It wasn't like I went looking for Troy and his friends. They volunteered the information. He sent the emails, made the phone calls to my office. No one twisted his arm. His wife was unhappy, but then I am not married to her. I agreed to keep his name out of it for a year, which he appreciated, and I kept my word on that. (I actually kept his name out of it for more than a year.) And before I went public, I warned him that was coming. He was nervous, but had no objections.  

    It is not for me to draw final conclusions. That will be up to the public (to a degree) and the media. I'm just the conduit for the evidence. It is up to others to decide, or to figure out on their own, whether that evidence is valid. I am neither a reporter or a detective, although I have worked with both. 

    There is a double standard going in Cooperland that is well-known. For example, what would Shutter and his forum members be saying now if this information was coming from Bruce Smith, for example, or perhaps Eric Ulis. The enthusiasm would be tremendous. "Tell us more!" they would shout at the rafters. Especially if it involved a suspect OTHER than Christiansen. But because it comes from me, there is the usual prejudice involved. No worries. I am used to it.  

    If this were coming to you from another source, one from the 'protected rolls,' the approach to it would be much different. But since many of you (not YOU dudeman) have engaged in negativity right up to the present day on practically everything and anything we do or investigate around here...your biggest fear is that the information might be correct. Personally, I can't say. But I do say we let others examine the evidence with a more objective eye and decide for themselves. It's the most fair way to do it, you know. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, dudeman17 said:

    That whole post just shows and solidifies the flaw in your thinking.

    That's not necessarily true. No one has to be lying. Jarvis could be stating an honestly held opinion. Bentz could be accurately relaying it to you. But Jarvis could be wrong, and it might not be the actual reason the FBI closed the case. If it was, why wouldn't they say so? And if there is a reason why they wouldn't say so, it doesn't necessarily prove Jarvis' opinion. It just can not be known.

    The next step, I would think, would be to ask Jarvis why he said that. But I'm guessing you tried, and he wouldn't respond?

    This is not the place for these discussions. I already said the basics, but the details will come out sometime between June 11-13, 2021. Read the edit above I did in my last post. 

    I will say this much. Jarvis wasn't giving his opinion. It was Jarvis who indicated the case had been recently closed. It was Jarvis who indicated, when asked if it was closed because the hijacker was Kenny Christiansen...who affirmed. Bingo. On the record. Now the record must be addressed. 

    And it will be. 

  10. Well, they tried to explain things. The Seattle FBI has also said it was their decision to finally close the Cooper case. The truth is the decision came from higher up in the organization. I have wondered occasionally if the release of the 50+ page report to the FBI on Christiansen in June 2015, (with a subsequent public download still available today at AB) may have had something to do with the decision to close. We know the FBI studied it. Yes, we know that much. How much they took seriously, or investigated on their own, I have no way to know. 

    The bottom line is that someone is lying. Either it was Agent John Jarvis, or Bentz and his two friends cooked up a story. But the more we checked out all four men, the more we came to realize that Bentz was almost certainly telling the truth. 

    On the other side of the coin, we have a 15-year veteran of the FBI (at that time) who had worked on several high-profile cases, and (at that time) was working in Behavioral Profiling at the HQ in Quantico. So it seems unlikely that HE would lie. 

    So if both Agent Jarvis and Bentz and his friends are all telling the truth, then where does this leave the whole question? Logically, it would mean Jarvis let something slip to three men (all with security clearances, all three civilian employees with the US government) because he figured it wouldn't go any further then some talk after a Washington Nationals baseball game. After all, if you can't trust your buddies who work for the government and have these clearances, who CAN you trust? 

    But it DID go further. Bentz contacted us shortly afterward. 

    Bentz' emails, transcripts of his two phone calls, and the names and backgrounds of his friends will be released at the June festival. I will be speaking about all this over that weekend and presenting a video. 

    That's all I can really tell you right now. It will be up to the media and those in attendance to decide for themselves what is the truth and what is not. 

    EDIT: I will pose a different set of questions to you. Have you ever wondered WHY people like Bruce Smith allow anonymous posters to make filthy comments about us? Or why Shutter and company try blocking us out, or even go to the trouble to create special webpages trying to discredit us? And why they do these things while making sure those things cannot be answered by me on-site, (except for Quora Cooper, our WordPress, and Dropzone?)

    Well, I couldn't tell you that. I can only tell you that when you invest so much time and trouble into a single goal, there is a risk you could end up looking like complete fools...if the answer to the question you seek was right in front of you all along, and for so many years. It would be the mother of all humiliations. So they operate from a stance of desperation, especially as they invest more into that effort. But that kind of approach only works for a while and then it has diminishing returns, sort of like beating your kids I like to say. 

    The festival scheduled for June is costing us thousands of dollars, and it will be the swan song on Cooper for Adventure Books of Seattle. So we've decided to turn everything loose we have for it, and then move on. So far, except for a couple of Shutter's members who have indicated an interest in participating, it has been mostly ignored by Cooperland. This does not hurt us. I'm sure we will have no trouble filling all the available slots up to a maximum of 250 people, which is about twice the number who ever went to the Ariel celebrations. (I know this because I used to count heads when I attended the ones I did.) 

    Media will be covering this event, some in person I think, the others with articles. The producer in New York is considering whether or not he can send a film crew. In the end, I think AB will come out on top, and the remainder of Cooperland will get exactly what they deserve. To voluntarily bypass themselves from the biggest DB Cooper event in Northwest history. 

    No one here feels sorry for them. It isn't like they haven't been offered one opportunity after another. 

  11. Haven't bought the chute at eBay yet, but if it's still available in late March, then okay. 

    I have decided to release the Troy Bentz testimony in its entirety, and all files from Adventure Books of Seattle regarding FBI agent John Jarvis, who works in Behavioral Profiling at Quantico, and is a senior agent at the Bureau. Here is a picture of him below:


    This evidence consists of several emails and two phone calls from Bentz claiming that Agent Jarvis indicated to he, and two other friends with him that the REAL reason the FBI closed the case on Cooper was because they decided that Kenny Christiansen was Cooper, and that Christiansen was dead.

    Bentz also gives the names and occupations of the other two witnesses who were with him that day in August 2016, two months after the FBI 'closed' the case on Cooper. We have done background checks on these witnesses and they are solid, in my opinion. Bentz has taken a fair amount of heat from his family and friends about his testimony, but he still sticks to it. One reason is he gave us everything but the kitchen sink to assist us in proving his allegation. Three things we know for sure. There was a baseball game and four men attended, one of them Agent Jarvis. That Jarvis told the three people with him after the game what is alleged above. That we know who all these people are, as well as their backgrounds. We concluded that Bentz is not lying. Either Agent Jarvis, a high-profile agent working at Quantico knows something no one else has admitted, or he was lying to impress his friends. The latter is doubtful, since everyone that day had security clearances from the Federal government. Bentz' own wife called him a whistleblower. He's an engineer for the U.S. Navy. 

    He stuck to his story, which says a lot. 

    An email from the Seattle F.B.I. to our office admits that Agent Jarvis may have said those things, but perhaps he was just giving his opinion. They did not deny the allegation, however. 

    The full measure of this evidence will be released at the Cooper Festival in June on a video, and with displays and a slideshow. It's going to be difficult for the Seattle FBI to explain all this away, as they did the Amboy Parachute. Good luck with that. Media inquiries are coming in already. 

    We only LOOK stupid around here. B) See you in June. 


    "We HAVE them....move TOWARD them..."
    Mark Lenard from the Star Trek episode, Balance of Terror


  12. I think it's come to the point where people have to look out for themselves and their immediate family (and some friends) to a certain degree. I was never a classic prepper, but now I have a fair amount of emergency gear going, extra food, bottled water, med supplies, gas/propane generator, emergency radio, and the like. 

    I started this program three years ago, mostly through Amazon. Shop, check, pick this, maybe that. See where the deals are. 

    Eventually, I got to the point that if anything bad happened, we could still have communication, radio and TV, power, and necessary supplies for at least a week. And so far I have had to tap into those resources three times, mostly after windstorms or big snow events. If a serious natural disaster happens, remember that FEMA doesn't just show up an hour later at your door. Sometimes it takes a while to get service, kind of like the Post Office. ^_^

  13. White privilege? Some years ago I had to go to court as a witness over in Pierce County, WA. (Tacoma) I got there pretty early and didn't know exactly where to go, but I found myself standing outside this room where a bunch of guys in suits were at tables sitting across from each other. All of them had these paper files stacked up in front of them. After a bit, I realized they were public defenders and prosecutors. 

    I decided to listen in on what was going on, so I did that where they couldn't really see me outside the door. It didn't take long to figure out they were basically wheeling-and-dealing on different cases for guilty pleas and the like. Before it was time for court, right? Names would come up. Files would open. Defendants were discussed. Deals were made. It was a fast process, one they did every weekday, you could tell. Everyone was on a first-name basis. 

    It also didn't take me long to figure out that white guys were mostly getting the better end of the stick, and black defendants were being traded off for jail time and guilty pleas...if this or that white guy got a lighter sentence. You could tell this (at least some of the time) because of the names being mentioned. Let's face it...sometimes you CAN tell someone's race by their name, because black parents often give their kids African names. It isn't racist. It just IS. The whole process was as phony as a three-dollar bill. It didn't surprise me, but I was shocked all the same. I never forgot it. This was in 2007. 

    Racism isn't in your genes. It isn't inherited. It is LEARNED. You either learn it from your friends, or at home. In the case below, (image credit, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1995 KKK rally picture) it was the parents. The boy is looking at his reflection in the riot shield. 


  14. 1 hour ago, kallend said:

    NASA just landed a nuclear powered aircraft carrier on Mars.

    Yeah. Pretty cool. I did the send your name to Mars thing with that one. The previous thing with Spirit or Opportunity too. Can't remember which one had the digital chip with the names, though. One of them. 

    I'm a big Mars fan. Wouldn't you know it? ^_^

  15. Sounds weird, but Greg wants to order a full-sheet cake for the Festival. Green buttercreme frosting, white border, with the following in yellow on the top of the cake:  D.B. Cooper 50th Anniversary Festival and on the second line, 1971-2021. Cost, $51.00. I told him...why not... ^_^ I told him we will have them add a little guy on top with a briefcase and coming down on a parachute. I told him we might have to order two cakes. They only serve 50-60 people each. Meh. We can cut the pieces pretty small and two cakes would do it. It's more of a symbolic snack, not a real deal meal. I can already see that transporting these cakes, and keeping them firm and cold and undamaged will be the tricky part. I think some cold packs and two solid boxes will do it, though. I don't know. We will see. We wouldn't order them until the last minute anyway. 

    Personally, I've decided to buy that NB6 parachute rig at eBay, if it is still available. This is a must have display, I think. It's fun spending money that isn't my own. :handok: I think I would want that for myself even if we had to cancel the Festival. 

  16. 18 hours ago, nomasoyo said:

    More Federal regulation, really? That's your answer? Name me one organization, besides the military, that the feds run efficiently once given the power? That is mostly what is ruining our educational system, among others. On one hand you say to vote out the political idiots (which I agree) then on the other you say to give them more power....what? What about the 1900 Galveston hurricane that was one of the deadliest storms in our history? Was global warming...oops, I mean "climate change", you notice they changed this to fit the narrative years ago, that way they can explain away freezing events as well. I guess CC was a big deal in 1900 too?

    I would give these arguments more clout if the ones spewing them weren't telling us the world was going to be under water in 15 years (Al Gore in the early 90's) while flying around in their private jets and living in ridiculous mansions. 

    For every scientist saying this is real you have another saying it isn't, who do you believe? It sure seems to be a political football used to extract more taxes from us in the form of carbon credits with no real way to prove advancements (political brilliance)

    More Federal regulation regarding the power grid in Texas? Heck, yes. Where do you think we would be now if Teddy Roosevelt had not established the Food and Drug Administration for example? Prior to that, people got poisoned by products freely available to buy. 

    Some folks already gave you a list of the things the Feds actually run efficiently. I will add to that one more. 

    NASA. Why? Because they do what they do, (and it's more than you think) on a paltry budget of around $20 billion dollars a year. On this budget, they do their part on the ISS, send stuff to Mars, watch out for asteroids, keep tons of satellites orbiting and working, and run places like the HQ in DC, Plum Creek, the Glenn Center, the Michoud Assembly Facility, the Cape, Houston Space Center, JPL, White Sands, and a few other facilities. They should triple their budget. NASA also employs many of the smartest people on Planet Earth, most of whom who could do way better pay-wise working in the private sector. 

    As far as whether human-caused global warming is real, 97% of climatologists and scientists worldwide agree that's the case, according to recent polls and studies, some of them done by NASA. Of course, NASA has all those satellite images from decades ago until now, so they can sort of tell this is the case. 

    One reason why storms and hurricanes might be increasing is because of Arctic ice melt. As the ice melts into the sea, this 'freshens' the sea water as it does. And this freshening can cause a cessation of the North Atlantic Current, which relies on SALT water to work. If the NAC actually came to a halt, the temperate climate we now enjoy from about New York up to Nova Scotia would turn more like Siberia, and so would parts of western Europe. Some scientists are now theorizing this is what is happening now...that the current has been slowed by the freshening of sea water. The NAC takes cold water from up north and it goes south, fairly deep. Nearer the surface of the Atlantic, it carries warm water NORTH at the same time. This warm water brings a temperate climate to those places I mentioned. Should it stop, people along the eastern seaboard of the US would experience more cold storms and should start shopping for cold weather clothing. Meanwhile, down in the South Atlantic, the result would be the weather being 'driven' even more by the heat of the sun near the Equator, with no cold water coming in...and the result would be hurricanes even more powerful and frequent than the ones there now. 

    If all this continues unabated, it won't bury the Earth in water, but will they WILL have to change the maps eventually. Mostly some of the coastline stuff. 

  17. On 2/17/2021 at 7:10 PM, RobertMBlevins said:

    I have a message in to the son of the original owner of the Heisson Store. We will see if he responds. 

    Found out today that NickyB already talked to this guy, and some of his family. None of them, he says, were aware of the break-in until he told them about the FBI file. And the father, the owner of the store at the time of the hijacking, passed away a while back. So I will assume this is a dead end. 

    The their infinite wisdom...never bothered to do a follow up and see what BRAND of cigarettes were stolen. If they were Raleighs...that is almost beyond coincidence and would certainly point to Cooper as the most likely burglar that night. 

  18. Well, I've known Cossey was feeding the FBI baloney for years. He may have packed the chutes that were given to Cooper, sure. And he did, as far as we can tell. But that was the extent of it. 

    His statement to several press sources after the FBI dumped the Amboy Chute in his driveway in 2008 and asked him if he could identify it:


    "I knew it wasn't Cooper's in less than ten seconds. The ones I gave Cooper were ripstop nylon, and the one they showed me was made of silk..."

    It wasn't made of silk. That has been dismissed based on certain chute experts seeing blowups and determining the material had a crosshatch pattern....ripstop nylon for sure. At the very least, straight nylon...which is much less likely. 99% it was ripstop. 

    The FBI was almost as bad as Cossey regarding the Amboy chute. They admitted to me in an email (and a phone call to my office) that only Cossey was allowed to see the chute. They told me they did consult other 'experts' but only by telephone. I don't know how you identify a chute over the phone. 

    Later that same day, Cossey told a Seattle Times newspaper reporter that the Amboy chute WAS Cooper's. The reporter almost ran with the story, but his boss did a double-check with Cossey and found out Cossey was BS'ing the reporter. 

    Cossey didn't even personally hand over the chutes himself on the afternoon of the hijacking, although he claims he did. Linn Emerick at Sky Sports did that. Cossey was at home in Woodinville. The WA State Patrol never visited him. They went to Sky Sports, and then back to SeaTac Airport. 

    Norman Hayden, the owner of the two backpack chutes delivered to Cooper, told me that the only thing he got mad about regarding Cossey was that Cossey kept claiming the backpacks belonged to him, and that the one that ended up in the WA State History Museum should have been returned to HIM. This really pissed off Norman, I can tell you that. 

    Side Note: Once Cossey started going down Baloney Road with the press regarding the ownership and delivery of the Cooper chutes, he also put himself into a bad position. If he points to any chute brought to him as the one Cooper actually jumped with...then everything he said previously is going to come out eventually as a lie. 

    What does this mean? It means Cossey would not be motivated to identify a chute as Cooper's, even if they brought him the right one. It was better for him for the whole thing to remain in a cloud of confusion and mystery.

    EDIT: In other news, we now have exactly 26 people absolutely confirmed for the June Cooper Festival. Some have emailed photos of their vaccine card/receipts. Some of these folks left everything visible on those photos even though I said we only needed to see their names. I handled that by putting everyone on a special printed list we're creating of people who will almost certainly show up...and then I deleted their card pictures from our computer files. They're good to go. 

    The reason for the special list is we will need that to check them into the festival when they arrive. Fortunately, I have determined that cell phone service does work at our location, but they might not be able to reach us from some spots between the turnoff at the main highway, and the actual festival site. That's because the road goes into valleys here and there, and the site itself is at about 4,000 feet, and a nine mile drive once you leave the main highway. At the site, signal is 4G. Maybe 5G if you have Verizon. But down you approach...maybe no signal at all. I'm urging people to invest in some Baofeng ham units that run on the 22 channels of the Family Radio Service. (Like these at Amazon) Most walkies today are on FRS. In the old days, they were on CB channel 14 mostly. But we're montoring both the FRS freqs and a certain CB channel as well...using both a car mobile and walkie units.

    My biggest fear is that people will get lost after they leave the main road. So we're using every com system we can get our hands on, just in case. Our small Planning Committee is debating the idea of posting signs when we go up there to do the setup. Two of us think it's a bad idea, since everyone on the list will have the cell number, the frequencies we monitor, the maps and directions anyway, and we don't want people who haven't heard of the festival to try driving up there and getting in without proof of the Covid vaccine. We would have to turn them away.

    The other two, (yes, there are FOUR of us on the committee) think it will help people from getting lost on the way there. I am AGAINST signs because after researching the road(s) to the location I can see you would have to try really hard in order to get lost. Plus, they could hook up with other people on the way there anyway. We're going to work out some arrangement with the Greenwater General Store on this issue, somehow. I already talked to the owner about this. He likes the idea of a bunch of Cooper fans making his store the last stop before hitting the turnoff onto the Forest Service road. We are even creating a special poster he can put in his window, and inside the store.

    That's the GOOD news. The (possibly) BAD news is that unless we get at least 100-120 absolutely confirmed folks on the check-in list by May 12 or so, Greg and I may cancel the whole thing. (We have to make our final Amazon orders around this date, and it's a major expense.) I doubt this will happen, since it's only mid-February and the newspaper articles aren't coming out until April...but Greg says he's not dropping thousands of dollars on an event where almost nobody shows. I told him he has nothing to worry about. When that confirmed check-in list reaches 200-250 names we are closing down all the webpages, will NOT accept any further apps to attend, and going with what we have for attendance at that point. I figure most of those 200 people will probably show. No 'drop-ins' will be allowed. If you aren't on the list, you do not get on-site. No ifs, ands or buts. 

    If it wasn't for the damn Covid crap, I would just toss it open to anyone and everyone and do first-come, first-served on the space available, and let everyone else spill out to other areas. But because we have to keep it a Covid-free festival, I had to do it the way we're doing it now. I have to say that everyone so far has been very positive about the must-have-gotten-vaccine-to-attend deal. Everyone thinks it's a good idea. To me, it's just a pain in the butt. A good idea, yes. But still a pain. 


  19. 6 hours ago, nomasoyo said:

    If we wouldn't have let you greenie weenie libs mandate the transition to certain levels of alternative energy then we wouldn't be having these issues. Windmills don't turn when they're frozen, solar panels don't produce when they're covered in snow and batteries will only last so long. 

    Ask yourself why wind turbines in North Dakota and other northern states don't freeze in the winter...

    ANSWER: Because they can be built NOT to freeze up in sub-zero temperatures, and that's what they do up there. Bill Gates pointed this out to people yesterday. 

    Ask yourself why Texas was caught unprepared for an unusual weather event...

    ANSWER: Because many Texans believe climate change is not real, even though the signs have been there for years. Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, are good examples. 

    Ask yourself why many Texas lawmakers are against the Green New Deal...

    ANSWER:  Because they are not only in bed with, but married to the fossil fuel companies. 

    Ask yourself why Texans were generally unprepared for a major power outage that could last for two weeks or more...

    ANSWER: Because many of them believe the real threat are zombies, and for that you need guns much more than food, water, emergency supplies or generators. They also don't believe in Federal regulation of the power grid, and many politicians and businessmen who have a hand in that grid also make more money when that grid is not regulated to proper FEDERAL standards. If they don't have to spend money to conform to standards, this boosts their bottom line profits. Only now those profits come at the expense of Texas citizens, who sit there and suffer. 

    Here in Washington state, if such a heavy snow event were to happen, the power might go out like anywhere else. We also get windstorms. Sometimes they are very bad. But we are also much more prepared than Texas, not only family-prepared, but government prepared. And the grid is well-regulated here. Power outages, even in major windstorms, usually are a matter of a very few days at most. In fact, even when tens of thousands of trees come down and hit the power lines in these storms, the majority of power customers are restored in less than a day or two. Folks out in the country take a little bit longer, but not MUCH longer. 

    The lesson for Texas is: You are not immune to the problems caused by climate change, and climate change exists. The evidence is overwhelming. Spend more time listening to the scientists and the smart people, and less to the people who sell you all those guns. Guns are fine by me...but neither can you eat or drink them. And they will not heat your home. I have a few guns, sure. But they're not the first thing I go to in a natural disaster, and I don't think of them as my sole tool for survival in a natural disaster. Food, water, medical supplies, emergency power sources are the things that top my list for that. 

    Welcome to the Reality Hotel. We checked in years ago. So should you. Vote out those bums who put you in the situation you are in now, and bring on some people...GOOD, SOLID, Texas folk...who will give you the facts straight, not bullshit you constantly while lining their own pockets or running off to Mexico. Other Americans, whether they be Dem or GOP, are NOT your sworn enemies. They are fellow Americans. Start working together with them for the common good. 

  20. 11 hours ago, F104 Starfighter said:

    What do people do with older Parachutes and older Containers/Harnesses? Do they convert them to Clothing, Storage Bags, Car Covers, Kites...? I would find it difficult to throw it away. Seems like it would have some kind of use.

    I might be interested in the reserve, and I'm definitely looking for a complete NB-6 old military rig. Must be complete, but it's for display only. If you have one lying around, make a note...and contact me after March 31. 

    THIS is why.  A famous guy jumped it, and he did pretty good. More nerve than I would have had. ¬¬

  21. 54 minutes ago, nomasoyo said:

    I don’t believe he lost the White House. Too many election questions haven’t been answered. Your telling me that a guy that couldn’t draw a crowd of 100 followers to rally beat a guy that drew 10’s of thousands? I don’t think so. You telling me you really believe Biden got more votes than Obama did in 2008...really??

    It's not how many you draw to rallies. It's how many people either mail in their vote, or show up to vote on Election Day. When Trump bad-mouthed mail-in voting, his supporters actually believed that crap, and it cost Trump the election. 

    Welcome to the Reality Hotel, top floor, penthouse suite. You didn't REALLY believe a guy who just stood by and did little to nothing while almost a half-million Americans died of Covid on his watch would get RE-elected, did you? B) Americans can be slow to catch on sometimes, but they're not stupid either. When they finally decide to act, they usually do so decisively. 

    Here's some numbers for you. In less than a SINGLE year, more Americans died from Covid than all of the citizens we lost in the Vietnam War, AND World War 2...COMBINED. Vietnam went on for about ten years, and the Big One was four years. 

    Trump managed to stick his thumb up his butt on Covid and beat that record in a mere ten months or so.

    Re-election? You must be kidding. At least with Biden running things now, two things have happened. Lies are no longer spewing from mouths at the White House. And the stress levels on Americans, although still heavy due to the pandemic and the economy...are finally easing up a bit. It's exactly what this country needed in a time of crisis. 

  22. Rush Limbaugh dead at 70. Hmm. 

    Trying to dredge up some emotion on this one. Can't seem to do it. 

    Good riddance to the guy who got rich by standing on a worldwide platform espousing hatred and lies to anyone who was foolish enough to listen. The world is a better place without him, and if St Peter really does exist, Rush will be sent along to ANOTHER line...a few floors down. 

    Actually....MORE than 'a few' floors. It's next door to the bargain basement. But it ain't much of a bargain. 

  23. Heisson Store people told me this recently:

    They have heard of the alleged break-in on the night of the hijacking. This was 'before their time' they said. The store had been broken into previously and the main suspect(s) were always hobos, since the RR tracks were nearby. They gave me a name to contact regarding this break-in, but I haven't spoken to this person yet. 

    Sure, it's possible it was just another hobo-implemented break-in, although I have my doubts. One of the reasons is the timing. Not that many burglaries happen on Thanksgiving morning, I would think. And Clark County cops were up and down those local roads all night, due to the information provided them by FBI agent Thomas Manning, who was in contact with the Clark County Sheriff. And although the public was not aware right away that the NWA crew had reported that they thought Cooper had jumped...the FBI WAS aware of this because they were getting updates about flight all the time as it progressed south of Seattle. 

    Also, I have considered the items that were taken in the burglary. Cigarettes, beef jerky, and what you could describe as road food. Footprints from someone who was wearing boots. But again...that could be a hobo...or it could be Cooper. Unless you knew the brand of cigarettes taken in this break-in, it's hard to pin it on Cooper for sure. However, the fact that the break-in is mentioned in FBI files regarding Cooper is significant in itself. At that time, maybe they figured Cooper wasn't that far south, and couldn't have BEEN that far south so quickly if he jumped closer to Ariel. Maybe that's the reason they brushed it off. They didn't figure Cooper was that far away from what (at that time) they considered his probable dropzone. 

    On the other hand, if Cooper figured people were already looking for him, and he reaches any kind of local road, chances are that he would have been picked up by the local cops if he were to continue walking any of the local roads. We already know the locals themselves were aware of the hijacking, because of the heavy TV coverage earlier in the evening, and that later...some of them reported suspicious activity here and there to the the time the FBI finally got their initial search organized and going. 

    If Cooper stays on any road and is seen...probably hauling (by now) a container for a parachute that is now full of cash...someone is going to see him, and report him, or if it's a cop, that cop is going to stop him and check him out. Cooper could either boonie-crash for miles to avoid the locals and the cops, or he could do the RR tracks, where it's much safer to avoid being seen. From Google Maps, you can plainly see the Heisson Store is visible from the RR tracks. 

    If I were a betting man, I would call it as a 60/40 proposition. Sixty percent it was Cooper. If someone (for sure!) were to testify that the brand of cigarettes taken in the burglary were Raleighs, then I would call it 90 percent it was Cooper who did that. But without knowing that information, it is hard to make the call. 

    The picture below shows the RR tracks and the store today. But back in 1971, there were many more trees and hardly any houses around. It would have been completely different from the picture. The store was more or less by itself there, with few if any homes nearby. Another consideration is that there are no train stops here, which means it would be impossible for anyone to jump off a train, burglarize the store, and then wait for the next train to come along. It would be going too fast anyway. Back in those days, trains often went pretty fast, especially in the country. It's more like someone was walking the tracks, saw the store, broke into it, took what they needed, and got back up on the tracks and kept heading south. 


    (On a side note, we sent out our February Cooper Festival email update. One copy to a group of 35 people, mostly known in Cooperland. The other copy went out to the public email group, the folks who applied through the Contact Form or by email. Mostly, those people are not known to us.) 

  24. No big deal, but the two web pages about the June Cooper Festival have now been heavily updated. I'm *pretty sure* this is the final version. I went over it with a fine-tooth comb this evening. 

    Main page on event.

    The 'More FAQ's' page on event. 

    Only took us three months to figure the whole thing out. ¬¬ But I think we're finally there. 

    Bruce Smith was offered the hosting job twice, which is a paying position. No answer, so I have to assume he wasn't interested. No problem. It was always his choice, and we have someone else who has expressed an interest in the job. Can't tell you who he is, but he posts occasionally at both DZ and Shutter's Cooper Forum. In any case, we will find someone suitable for the job eventually. I also considered the idea that it might be too far for Bruce to drive to the festival, or perhaps there were health issues with him that would prevent his attendance. No one is upset with him. Like I said, it was always his choice to be involved or not. 

    The main reason we offered Bruce the job was because of Bryan Woodruff denying him attendance to the 2016 Ariel Cooper Days.

    We figured since Woodruff did that to him, he deserved a better shake from us than he got from Bryan.