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  1. Who said that it was okay? Hypothetical: Let's say... your son smoked some pot, maybe was drunk, or even doing meth. I catch him in my garage stealing my tools and I put a bullet into his head. Would you pat me on my back and claim that I did the right thing and that the scumbag got what he deserved? After all, a bullet in the head fits the punishment deserved for stealing some tools. Right? Or would you rather I held your son until the police arrive? Maybe even have a burglar alarm or video to catch him? I would have been a failure as a parent, and you would have been protecting your family. What is being stolen is irrelevant. IMO, if someone is on your property stealing anything they have forfeited their right to life. The damage that a thief causes is much more than just the loss of property. There is a psychological component as well. Everyone should feel safe in their home. As soon as you are burglarized that is taken away along with whatever property is stolen. Furthermore, there is always a progression. Most murderers have a history of robbery and other crimes. Stop them before they have a chance to escalate, and you may be saving someone's life that is actually worth saving. I have zero sympathy for anyone that is willing to break in to another persons home or business for any reason. I fully support everyone's right to defend their home or business with lethal force. And, yes I am prepared to shoot anyone in the head that makes the mistake of breaking in to my home. Although my two German Shepherds wouldn't let them get past the front door.
  2. Now, it's ok to get high on meth and rob anyone you want. What a bunch of bullshit. These scumbags got what they deserved.
  3. Full story: Don't blame me for the misleading title. Drives me crazy. It ceases to amaze me that any time I read a news article that pertains to anything I have in depth knowledge of it's wrong. Makes me think that pretty much all of the news we get is bullshit. I install many vehicle loops. The WEIGHT of a vehicle has nothing to do with it. Vehicle detection loops create a magnetic field. The detector senses a change in the magnetic field when a metal object is present. Bicycles and motorcycles sometimes don't get picked up when they are in the middle of the sensor. If they move over a few feet they will be on the most sensitive part of the field and will trigger the light. That being said sometimes loops and detectors fail. If the light isn't changing and there's no traffic anyone should be able to run the red light. Motorcycle or not.
  4. I think this: was the link you intended to post. Fucked up situation. These cops need to go down.
  5. Bullllll Shhhhhit. So funny how people can believe this.
  6. I think it's very clear that you are a closeted homosexual. I feel pity for you. It must suck to live a false life. Being torn apart by a false god and your true nature.
  7. I once got in an argument with a certain instructor about AAD fires. After reading this site I realized that they don't always work. This instructor has over 5,000 jumps and was arguing that if he was a passenger on a tandem and the instructor passed out or was otherwise incapacitated that he would just wait for a cypres fire. There were a few people around and my opinion (gleamed from reading posts here) that the cypres doesn't always work, and that you have to make an attempt to pull the reserve wasn't the unanimous opinion, by far. So, regardless of what the educated masses believe, there are still a lot of people experienced, and inexperienced that believe a cypres is the be all end all. A student last summer never pulled. He got unstable and DECIDED to wait for a cypres fire. After I first read about this incident, I became really bothered that there wasn't a way for me to verify on my student rig that the closing loop was routed properly. That all being said (and I know I'm in the minority), I think that the AAD manufacturers do bear some of the responsibility. First for not trying harder to enforce the reality that you have to pull. That their equipment is not fool proof. (maybe a disclaimer on the inside flap of the reserve). Also, if there is no way for the AAD to verify the closing loop is routed properly there needs to be a way that a jumper can easily verify that it is. Obviously the student bears responsibility, he didn't pull! The rigger bears the burden of negligence IMO. I don't care what your job is. If you perform it negligently and someone dies because of your failure, well you bear the burden of responsibility for their death.
  8. It's not OK. Obama should be impeached IMO, and Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld should be tried for war crimes. Great example of the hypocrisy of those that support Obama, but railed against Bush.
  9. Many eons ago when I was a teenager living at home the rules were set in stone. Each minute late was one week of being grounded. Worked good. I was never late. Brother was late once and got grounded for a long time. If you let ten minutes slide, then next time it will be 15 minutes, then if you let that slide it will be 20, etc... etc.. There shouldn't be many rules, but the rules that there are should be solid.
  10. I hope you use your best fem voice while thanking them.
  11. This is why you have to humm in to the sensor. Balloons don't work.
  12. To an extent I agree with you, however one of the first effects of alcohol use is lack of judgement. This is why the law states that it is illegal to serve someone that is intoxicated. Way too many establishments over serve regularly.
  13. So, you would just walk away if someone walked up to you and punched you in the face? What if they punched you in the face daily? One of the reasons that we have shit heads in our society that act just like this kid was acting is because they get away with it. If more people wouldn't put up with it we'd be better off.
  14. And most importantly, he got it on video! So the runt's (probably distorted) account of what happened won't hold water. Unless, it was one of the runt's buddies who took the video and the runt told him to erase it. Other than that, looks like the big kid has a good case. I smell... LAWSUIT! Chuck Lawsuit is pretty unlikely, That happened in Australia, they would have both been suspended from school though. Sad that so many find it amusing That's ridiculous. It's sad that defending oneself can be punished.