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  1. Exactly this was a key factor to my fear too! Every other student was shit hot, had a lot more jumping than I did, because I had to gather enough courage to actually enter the plane - They just strawled along. I had the fear all the way up in the air plane, and then, when we reached altitude and I could exit, I would be relaxed again, and laughing at the fun, the skydiving was giving me. That was until I had two mals in a row. Then I was both scared all the way up. And then - god help me - all the way down again, in my canopy, afraid it would mal, while below safe altitude for me to use the reserve. This went on for a while, and I have no idea what exactly happend, but a few jumps before I reached my C license, I had to do 6 jumps in a weekend, in order to get licensed before a trip to Czech republique for a week of jumping. Those six jumps in the weekend set me straight! I actually ended up enjoying the whole thing, and could open the door and spot in for both me and the tandems.. And since then, I have enjoyed my jumps more. In all fairness, I should say, that I still can feel anxiety on my way down to the runway or while gearing up. I think it's natural and a part of being aware of the dangers of this sport. But I wouldn't miss out! Safety third!
  2. I went for automatic/manual student course instead of AFF. But I was definitely more scared of jump #2 than the first. Back then (looong time ago, back in july ) I was really puzzled by this fact, but I figured out why I felt that way. On the first jump I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I exited the aircraft. The wind, the speed, the fact that I was committing suicide at 1000m ASL - All that really came as a surprise. On my second jump the day after, I was much more nervous. Also, I had a feeling that first time I survived purely based on luck. This is of course not true, and I know that today. But it took quite some nerve to get on the load. A few hours later I took my third jump, where I was much more calm again. Then I had to cutaway and use my reserve. That kinda gave jump #4 some edge again Well my point is, that for me, I wasn't knowing exactly what skydiving was on my first jump. I knew much better on the second, hence I was more nervous. (by the way, going to have my jump #14 today, and am still scared to sh*t about being in the AC). Safety third!
  3. Hi! :) Just wanted to give an update (okay, okay, brag!) about my progress :) Since last time I've had 12 jumps in total, and have just been cleared to jump without jump master :) Also, my next jump will be 30 sec free fall. Which I look forward to. Freefalling is so much better than just flying the canopy ;) In two weeks my dropzone is the venue for the (danish) Wiking Championship as well as a championship for students to make precision jumps. So there I have lined up (and already paid) 6 jumps. The weekend after that I've signed up and paid for a SkyVan Boogie - which I am looking forward to. And have already made a "date" with an AFF instructor from my dropzone about jumping together for fun :) Other than those 5 days, I have scheduled 8 other jump days throughout september, so I should manage to get quite a few jumps together before the end of the season! Safety third!
  4. They look amazing and the price seems very fair - But are you able to ship to Europe?
  5. Was playing with the kids today, and look what I've made with playdoh :) Safety third!
  6. Haha, I managed to read the entire thread and understand that he was being instructed to be instructor
  7. Thanks to both of you! :) Oh, Cheach! You're the awful staticliner from the vid! Safety third!
  8. Is she single? Since he started out with "My wife did..." - Let's assume not Safety third!
  9. Hi everybody! 32 year old new jumper checking in from Denmark :) I've been lurking about the forums for the last week, and tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible, but I am sure I - in the future, when I get more experience myself - will mix in with my own experiences and thoughts, from time to time. I am one of the few that haven't decided for an AFF course (AFF seems to be less popular in Denmark than in the US from what I've read here). But I've had 7 jumps and just got rid of my static line (YAY! ) Well, anyway. This seems like a nice forum with cool people and a good sober tone in the debates - Looking forward to get involved