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  1. I get so jealous every time I read this. I pay $45AUD per jump. What I would give for $22 jumps.
  2. Holy crap. That is insane. Did she stay belly to earth to try or flip over and back fly? I think I would try to back fly to maybe make it easier to fumble with the chest strap. Not sure if in reality it would help much or at all but just seems like it would make it a little easier. That would be the biggest death grip ever made by her left hand on her harness.
  3. Just as a comparison here in Australia you can get your A licence with as little as 15 jumps. No card to sign off just landing accuracy jumps (10 unassisted within 25m of target), packing signed off and also a test of general knowledge to get signed off for A. However once you have your A licence you can only do solo’s or jump with someone with a coach rating and no learning freefly, belly flying only. To be able to jump with friends (of equal licence or above) or to learn freeflying you must have your B Licence. To achieve this you must have 50 jumps and also must also pass the B Rel (RW Training Decent Table) which consist of 10 stages. Stages 1-9 are with 1 instructor working on basic 2 way formation flying and then stage 10 consists of 3 jumps working on 4 ways (1 instructor and 2 others B licence or higher). Through all BRel jumps we pay for our own slot and coach ticket. Our prices to jump here are quite a bit more than the States. For instance where I jump the slot is $42 and the coach ticket is $78 so I am looking at $120 per BRel jump (X12 = 1440 not including stage repeats) to get my B licence so I can either start to learn Freefly or just jump with friends. This is after paying for AFF and not including gear hire if you don’t have your own rig which is approx $30 - $35 per jump depending on where you jump and if you pack it. While I agree with the system as this is preparing us in the best conditions for learning basic formation flying with someone who knows what they are doing before then being let out into the big bad world with other inexperienced jumpers I do still find the cost quite a kick in the ass to someone trying to get into the sport. However once past BRels and having a B licence it does get a lot better as you can now start to jump with friends or anyone with a B licence or higher and learn different disciplines, ie freeflying. Just thought I would give you comparison.
  4. Words with friends is still cool. I only just got it and am a little addicted. Downloading Drop now so will see how it goes.
  5. Yeah that will happen. The Australian Government has a lovely Tax (GST) that they will put on any item that you bring into Australia over the value of $1000. So there is a 10% fee of the total cost of the item plus a $30 or $40 processing fee. The beauty is they will not release the item until this is paid.
  6. The Cup finished not long ago and Americain (paying about $12 for the win) won by 2 lengths to Maluckyday and So you think came in third (Bart Cummings Horse). Was a very wet day in Melbourne so the track was very slow.
  7. Mickymillions


    These were actually my first purchase as a skydiver and on the most part they are very good basic set of goggles. They are extremely flexible and therefore almost indestructible. So if you are like me and tend to have them thrown around a bit and just shoved in a gear bag at the end of the day then these are perfect for you. They will last a very long time and provide unobstructed view. Especially good for when learning RW as eye contact is very important. Can look a little goofy but overall are very good for the beginner not yet wanting to use dark glasses or just for the destructive person who seems to always be breaking their other pairs. Cheap yet very reliable.
  8. This is exactly why I prefer to JUMP from airplanes and not land in them
  9. I did my AFF here and right through to "A" Licence. They were great every step of the way. Even once off AFF and doing solos the instructors and DZSO would always check up on me and make sure I was looked after. Which was good because this is a very fast paced DZ with a lot of experienced jumpers on the weekend and it could be easy to vbe lost amongst the people. The food is great and plenty of options. Well run DZ that has been running for a long time so they definitely know what they are doing. As for fun jumpers in QLD this is the place to be there is something on everyweekend whether its freefly or big ways there is always something happening and always a good place to learn new skills from the great talent pool that is there every weekend.
  10. I am in the exact same place. I am 6'3 and about 200lbs so finding a container that fits is hard. So I am looking at either getting a new container and 2nd hand everything else or just going for the 2nd hand complete rig. Even though I would sacrifice comfort in a complete used one it will save me time and pain in trying to piece it all together. But you never know the perfect 2nd hand one might pop up for sale tomorrow
  11. Just go for the AFF. I will admit that I had done a tandem before starting my AFF. I however did the tandem on my 14th birthday and didn’t start my AFF until this year just after I turned 24 so there is a bit of a gap. My theory is you are definitely interested and keen to do it otherwise you wouldn’t be on here talking about it so throw caution to the wind and just do it you won’t be disappointed. The feeling you get when you have landed back on the ground under your own canopy for the first time is unbeatable. 100 X better than tandem. Just my opinion anyway