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  1. Reading a Johnny Marko post instantly begins the Spongebob theme song in my head (seriously, I don't post often, but I read a lot, and this happens every freaking time). Then I see Once in a a life time... and: "And you may ask yourself, who lives in a pineapple under the sea..." It just gets worse from there. Interesting helmet/ cameras. FML.
  2. If this piques your interest in the Rwandan Genocide, perhaps read Romeo Dallaire's "Shake Hands with the Devil," or Philip Gourevitch's "We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families."
  3. Dear heavens to betsy... apparently this is the only connection that can be made, multiple times, on the main page... BUY FAKE PASSPORTS-VISAS-US BUY FAKE PASSPORTS-VISAS-US ...etc...
  4. I most consistently use Nicorette. I've tried Thrive, but hated the texture and the taste wasn't as appealing. I've also tried drug-store generic stuff. Hate the gum most of all.
  5. Happy Canada Day, hosers! I hope you're jumps and weather were amazing!
  6. Yup. And they work, but are very addictive. I've been smoke free for 3+ years because of 'em! I view them as the lesser of two evils. Problem is... now I'm addicted to the lozenges. I have looked into it, and actually am now ready to officially withdraw. Apparently it takes about 72 hours for the nicotine to leave you're body, and because you're not addicted to cigarettes, but have a chewing addiction (as I do, I realize) it's definitely not as bad to quit with just gum or mints. I say stick with 'em!
  7. Thank you. For so many things. You've gotten this thread going with your questions and proposals. I don't see myself being ready to jump a camera for at least 450 more jumps, and you've, and other posters, have made me question if I'll be ready for it then as I don't see myself as a skygod... just a noob with a lot to learn still. I don't want someone (online or person to person) telling me I'm ready for a new tool. Learning the basics and learning to them well is fine with me... I'm 30 (gah when did that happen!). I do consider myself to be part of that "Oh... I want that on youtube" generation... and yet know I'm not going to make the youtube millions off it... 'cause it ain't going to be pretty, only amateurish and juvenile. Please folks: Go for the generalization that there does need to be so much experience before new elements can be added. Most of us noobs appreciate it... even if some of "noobskygods" don't. And as for the (il)logical fallacies Joey has posted... base rate probabilities and the argument from fallacy supports not his judgements, but those with the amazing wisdom because of their years in the sport, and even the noobs with common sense.
  8. I had the pleasure of going through much of my AFF training with John 2 years ago. He was a hard-ass on ground training, who gave me exactly what I needed for training, and it was awesome... as were his camo-pants. I was looking forwards to getting back to Alberta to learn more from him at Eden North. It saddens me to know that John's gone. During one training jump later in my progression, I was looked up in the sky and just feet above me he was there... with this giant grin on his face. It was an incredible grin, and I smiled back knowing that what we were doing was amazing, even on a training jump. The next day when I graduated AFF he paid me an enormous compliment... but then followed it up with a criticism (on the PA of course) just so I would stay level. This is only my second death in this skydiving world, and man does it suck... I still don't understand it, and that's okay. I think, and have thought of you often, John. BSBD.
  9. I pinged Quade, just in case he hadn't already noticed. Yeah... I messaged a few mods... glad someone hopefully stopped "it."
  10. I work in education. I can't swear (too much). But... when I say FOCUS... sometimes in my head I'm thinking "Fuck Off Cause You Stupid."
  11. In suggestions and feedback, "it" started a thread: "Note to moderators" with: "You fucka with me, I fucka with you." Boo to the troll, I say, BOO!!!!
  12. ruleofpull


    Forget something? Must have passed out from the pain before he got the pic attached. Nope... apparently my pic wouldn't upload/attach. Sorry.