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  1. LMFAO!!! Nice!!! One question (slightly off topic for the logo nature of this thread).... but are there any legal ramifications for being naked in public (even if it is at 13K feet)? Like can't you be technically classified as a sex offender or something, or would joining this organization give us some special legal immunity?
  2. I know this poll has been done before.... several times even... but the most recent one that I could find using the search feature was ~ 2 years ago. I'm just curious what the prevailing religion (or lack thereof) is among my fellow skydivers! Personally, I was raised Jewish, but as soon as I actually began to read the Torah, Bible, Qur'an, etc. and study human psychological theory and science (I have undergrad degrees in biochemistry and psychology), it seemed very unrealistic to me. Now both my parents are atheists as well. So what religion are you?! Thanks!
  3. My god...your're an idiot ;-) Rule #1 to OP, don't ask questions like this on the internet because some moron, like the one above, will come up with some crazy theory as to why you have headache. Thank god that guy is not a doctor or else medicare rates would be through the roof for America!! Lol, Take an advil, drink water/eat, rest...sit and spin...sit...and...spin. That was quite unnecessary. A few quick points I'd like to make: 1. I never claimed to be a doctor, but for the record, I'm in dental school, so I'm far from an "idiot" or a "moron." 2. It's no secret that a hard opening can cause a whiplash type strain/injury on the neck. If you care to read a bit about human anatomy and physiology, you'll also see that the small vertebral bodies of the cervical spine (and all the other goodies packed in that same area!) take relatively little to disrupt.... and even minor "disruptions" can cause catastrophic results. 3. Suggesting that someone who has had a prolonged headache post-trauma should see a doctor is the smart thing to do -- telling them to take an NSAID, without ever knowing the cause of the headache, is negligent (to put it lightly). I didn't tell him that he broke his neck and was going to become paralyzed any minute.... I told him his doctor will probably want to take an x-ray or MRI and give him an OTC anti-inflammatory (very conservative diagnostic tests and treatments). 4. Lastly, the fact that the OP still has a headache several days later goes in support of my point that he needs to get it looked at by a doctor.
  4. What about those of us with allergies to the little critters?! And I just ordered a brand new rig, and although my DZ has a no pet policy, if there was any animal of any kind that bit/peed on/otherwise interfered with a canopy in the packing area, who would pay for the damage inflicted?
  5. Hey, I just wanted to add that I've been checking through classifieds for gear lately, and davelepka's summary is spot on with the prices I've seen (for used gear).... I've found that even the new jumpsuits and helmets (things you might not want to buy used) are on the lower end of the aforementioned prices. :) All the best muppets are BASE jumping after 50 skydives. (and they are all Muppets). I also wanted to ask what this "muppet" thing means.... I've seen it before, but I can't figure out for the life of me what it refers to! Is it a term for BASE jumpers?
  6. Hey how do I go about joining? Is there some way to request it (without posting my PIN on a public message board.... I don't want to get spam messages from any SPAM BOTS on teh interwebz, lol).
  7. I wonder if it could be a cervical spinal nerve involvement. Sometimes the harsh "jolt" of the chute deployment (especially on a tandem or first jump when you're not prepared for the snap of the sudden deceleration) can cause a headache or even migraine. Do you have any history of neck or back problems? Definitely see a physician if you plan to continue skydiving. They may suggest NSAIDs (Motrin, Aleve, etc.) or imaging studies. Best of luck!
  8. Sorry to hear about your condition.... I have some cervical and thoracic spine problems myself after a car accident about 10 years ago. The accident was so bad it actually gave me scoliosis, which I never had before the accident and the orthos tell me is very rare to get from a trauma. Anyway, I get the tingling and numbness as well, but my MRIs show a stable spine with only one spot of disc degeneration in the lower thoracic region. I mentioned skydiving to my ortho (and I'll also mention it to my neurologist when I have another appt with him in a few months), and he was less than happy. He said that I'm at a higher risk of paralysis at the site of the disc degeneration because of a greater likelihood of spinal cord compression with any kind of impact. He knows I'm in dental school though, so he went on to say, "But all dentists need are their hands right? Having use of your legs doesn't matter," clearly being sarcastic. At the end of the day, yes I am at a greater risk of having something happen while skydiving, but I take that same risk when driving in a car (what if I got in another accident?). The one thing he mentioned that I will be cognizant of is the issue of arm numbness while trying to steer, turn, flare, etc. If you have a rough opening that jars your spine enough to cause even temporary numbness, how well will you be able to control your movement under canopy...
  9. Wow, congrats!! It must be an awesome feeling to reach a milestone like that!
  10. I'm with you on this one.... I'm kind of confused about the whole jumpsuit situation. I mean, RW suit, freefly suit, freefly pants, cotton, spandex, etc. How much of a difference do they really make?
  11. I'd join after I get my license. Though I must admit... No matter how good of shape someone is in, I can't see that ever being flattering in free-fall. Do we HAVE to get it videoed to prove it???
  12. Yeah, I'm not a safety expert or anything, but I speak from experience when I say that I think that going without goggles is a bad idea. Mine flew off before I even jumped out (right as my feet where at the door, a gust of wind swept in at just the right angle to pull them off my face and out the door). Even though I tried to keep my eyes shut, they were still bloodshot for almost a week afterward.
  13. Hahaha!! Favorite lines: "You're doing weird things with your feet... that's awkward." *zooms to his dink-toed feet* "I don't feel good..." -- "You look GREAT!"
  14. Hey just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in here as someone in the pre-medical field (dental school... if that counts ). Anyway, dramamine is simply diphenhydramine (the active ingredient in Benadryl, OTC sleep aids, etc.) in a slightly different salt form -- but once it is metabolized, it is dissociated into straight diphenhydramine. I'd say it is a big no-no if you get anywhere near as lethargic and groggy as most do with Benadryl. Also, motion sickness might get better once you're in control of your own movements and you don't have a TI doing unexpected turns or maneuvers. If YOU are the one turning right or left or flipping, etc., you'll *know* it before it happens, and at a neurological level, that can offset some of the discrepancies between what you see and what the canaliths are telling the mechanoreceptors in your ears. A study I recently read suggested deep breathing for nausea (not just motion-induced) because the breathing center of the brain is near the part of the brain responsible for nausea-control -- and by flooding the breathing center of the brain with action potentials, it can also inadvertently trip up the chemoreceptors in the nausea center too! Good luck!
  15. That's awesome man!!! One of the best camera angles I've seen too! Congrats!