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  1. jumpsalot-2

    Longest Snivel EVER!!!?

    Hilarious.......You've got all day, right ? Great Music.
  2. jumpsalot-2

    Mythbuster Skydiving episode 04/13/11

    I can't believe the blocks of ice got to altitude without melting. Kari Byron is hot enough to melt ice.
  3. jumpsalot-2

    Gas prices and Jump Ticket Prices

    $ 15 jump tickets, less in bulk. I trust the price will not change.
  4. jumpsalot-2

    Chunky boy needs to slow down - wings ?

    I could see you using a camera suit to slow down your sit-fly, but I think that is not very versatile to truely freeflying. If you can't do other transitions, you're right back where you started....being base in a sit.
  5. jumpsalot-2

    Need some help flockers

    Weird, he has more suit, but you still float on him. He looks like he's holding back alot, maybe you could ask him to pick up some forward speed and see what happens ??????