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  1. jumpsalot-2

    wasted day

    That sucks...what part of the country are you jumping ?
  2. I hear it will be "not raining" Thursday thru Sunday and even further in the week in the valley.....Get it while the gettin' is good.......
  3. It's not a vagina......(stay out of the center)......but make it look like a vagina.....
  4. Do you think there is video/film of this still around? Would be exciting to see the double PLF as the guy left the horse. If only they had a horsey head helmet GoPro faced back at the action.....
  5. jumpsalot-2

    Redbull 60k foot test jump

    Will he be the only jumper (famous) going out at 60K, or will he be with a video (support crew) person? My point of course, they both have an equal share of the fame........I do like Felix's jump vids by the way. Always going for first to get to the exit point...
  6. jumpsalot-2


    They couldn't of changed it too much, or it wouldn't be a Phantom anymore. Hard to change from perfection to a "better" perfection.
  7. jumpsalot-2

    Randy Casteel

    This is one other reason to live life everyday to the fullest.........you just don't know how the day is going to end............Respectfully.....RIP
  8. jumpsalot-2

    Tracking distance record

    From what altitude ? Do tracking suit jumps count ? Are A lic numbers really 6 digits now ? .........
  9. jumpsalot-2

    I'mmmmm Back!

    First thing first..........Get a jump in.......second...... never stop jumping .......ever.......
  10. jumpsalot-2

    Firts rig ordered

    Congrats..........are you sure they didn't say 5 weeks ?........May is 5 months out......
  11. jumpsalot-2

    non-uspa dropzones

    If you can't sign a contract ( a waiver ), no one is going to let you jump. Maybe a tandem, with a parent's signiture, at 17.5 yrs old....maybe. I jump at a non-uspa DZ, and they wouldn't touch you.......maybe try Mexico.
  12. jumpsalot-2

    do you charge a storage fee?

    You got his phone number...right ?
  13. jumpsalot-2

    Paraplegic Friend...place in Norcal to jump?

    Lodi will...... I just talked to a girl yesterday who jumped there. Her name is Chelsea, and she said it was a great jump. She is paraplegic.
  14. jumpsalot-2

    Most Exotic Place you've jumped?

    That picture is worthy of a Parachutist "cover shot"....
  15. jumpsalot-2

    Whuffos selling gear

    Some non-jumper will buy them of course......then, thinking a parachute is a parachute, will take them out for their last jump off a bridge, or a building.....
  16. Good job, that's the way it should happen. Get three more on your next round.
  17. jumpsalot-2

    Earl Imes

    Tell your friends and relatives NOW, how much you care about them.......before they die,,,,,or you die.
  18. jumpsalot-2

    Video of my landings. (paraplegic)

    Is there a youtube version of your jumps or landings out there ? I don't have ( or want ) a facebook account.
  19. jumpsalot-2


    But, who are you ? We don't know your name, where you jump, your experience. Did you give him full payment ? Money talks and........you know the rest.
  20. jumpsalot-2

    Start my RAPS in July

    You should be aware that you will owe a pint of Guinness Stout to everyone who has helped you. So basically everyone at the dropzone.
  21. jumpsalot-2

    Working abroad + skydiving

    Do you speak any language other than english ?
  22. jumpsalot-2

    Hello Cihan from Turkey

    What plane do you jump from ?
  23. jumpsalot-2

    Nostalgia Jumping Interests

    I would bet there are plenty of jumpers here that you know by name. You might have even taught a few. Good luck in your return journey Gary.
  24. jumpsalot-2

    Icarus Omega or Omni at 1.6/1.7 WL

    Have you jumped many 9 cells ? If not, why ?