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  1. jumpsalot-2

    Tandem Video Pay

    They might be afraid to say that hand cam is taking over verses outside video by the greedy DZO. The TI's are making the extra bucks now. It's just better for everybody ....... well except for the video jumpers ..... and the "customers" that are getting crap ....... for the same price.
  2. jumpsalot-2

    Collegiate Nationals

    If all of the participants started to skydive at 18 years old, and decided to compete, they would all be on equal ground. The question then would be who would go out of their way to be the best competitor. Who's natural talent or hard earned talent would shine thru.
  3. jumpsalot-2

    Hello from Washington State

    Get out there and jump your ass off Ed ....
  4. jumpsalot-2

    Sacromento next for iFly?

    It's about F...ing time.
  5. jumpsalot-2

    New line set

    Same line type, but what line type ?
  6. jumpsalot-2

    GoPro underwater

    How about lighting ?
  7. jumpsalot-2

    Tandem SLinks on mains

    At $40 a pair, why would you hesitate to change them every year ?
  8. jumpsalot-2

    freefly suit for skinny girl

    Start with a fairly tight suit, no matter the brand.
  9. jumpsalot-2

    Getting to Elsinore

    Ontario Airport
  10. jumpsalot-2

    Gettin back to it frm TX

    After your weight loss, what is your current exit weight ?
  11. jumpsalot-2

    Reading Material

    Skydiver's Information Manual.
  12. jumpsalot-2

    Fat Jack Bergman

    Great Picture ........ Now THAT is a Skydiver ....
  13. That entire rig, Container, Main, and Reserve with age and jump numbers should cost $1200 USD or less.
  14. jumpsalot-2

    GOPRO 4 Black sucks!!!!

    They call that a Picture ......
  15. jumpsalot-2

    Swoop Pond

    Wait until it rains heavy, Skydive Sac's pond will fill right back up ......
  16. jumpsalot-2

    Hello from Indiana!

    Glad you had fun on your tandem jump. You're not too old to become a regular jumper. I started at 37 and have 1800 jumps now. Good luck in your adventure.
  17. jumpsalot-2

    Days Inn Phoenix Airport

    They do have free condoms though ... just look under the beds .....
  18. jumpsalot-2

    Newbie in Hawaii

    Aloha Malihini .......
  19. jumpsalot-2

    New Years Day jumping near San Francisco

    The Lodi Parachute Center ( in Acampo, CA ) is open every day. Happy New Year.
  20. jumpsalot-2

    Reconnecting main still on risers

    One side at a time. It will not be the same on both sides after a cut-away. Always do a complete line check on both sides anytime you re-connect a 3 ring system, then check it again.
  21. jumpsalot-2

    Transporting rig by bike

    I think it would be cheaper for you to buy a backpack type bag that your rig and helmet will fit in. Maybe at a local store. Skydive stores online also sell rig bags with double shoulder straps, but you would have to wait for it to ship.
  22. jumpsalot-2

    Jumping in California

    Lodi Parachute Center......in Acampo, California. Fly into Sacramento International Airport
  23. jumpsalot-2

    Think I can find a good rig for $3,500?

    My rig now was a brand new Infinity container, ordered by me ( for proper fit ). A used Safire 2 and a used reserve less than 5 yrs old. $ 3000.