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  1. @freeflynick !! Holy crap! Oh course I'll pass along a hug. I want one for myself as soon as possible! :D
    I'm so awesomed out that you read the Edge link. Edge is a treasure trove of yummy thinks. :)
    The world of deepwater drilling is one I'd love to know more about. I listened to this a few months ago and it still pops up in my brain:
    Thanks for the kind words, too, of course. <3

  2. @NickyCal -- Thanks! <3
    The whole "seatbelt altitude thing"...this is, as I have recently discovered, a point of, like, *major* contention. I'm working on collecting all the bits together from all the sources and working it over into something readable. :D Watch this space. You ain't alone in your wonderment. xx

  3. With all respect, @Fanello1775 -- these articles are written for the purposes of learning, and they're written with love for people who have just started jumping as well as very experienced jumpers. It's my aim to create an atmosphere where very new folks can feel on board, invited and accepted, not told to $%&# off because they don't know enough.

  4. @BigL, what's the fun in that? :D Ha! You're so right; I was totally assuming that folks would be observing a repack when they do this dance, 'cause of the need for a rigger, so I didn't even say nothin' 'bout that. Good catch and well-played. ;)

  5. Absolutely true, @danornan! Any first aid education is helpful, for sure and for certain. I am of the personal opinion that the balance of skill return to investment of time and trouble is just about perfect in the WFR context, but even an afternoon at the Red Cross is better than nothing. Thanks for your input! :)

  6. Lukasz -- I agree! I love my OTS. It looks like hell, but I still love it. 😄 Word count was an issue in the original publication that this was meant for, and profiling two suits by one manufacturer seemed lopsided. You are, however, totally correct. And I'd love to track with you someday! Clearly, I love the shit out of it, too. 😆

  7. I totally appreciate your feedback, guys!
    I'm working with a limited word count, so it's a challenge to mention absolutely everything -- and yes, there are a *lot* of important moving parts involved. Your notes are great, and I'm sure that other readers are getting a lot of value out of them. Thanks for taking the time.
    As to my writing style: valid! I know that my unique voice isn't for everyone. Believe me, I thought long and hard about throwing myself into the Well of Vitriol. :D That said: I love sharing, and I love learning everything I can from other jumpers. At the end of the day, I'm happy to take the bitter with the sweet. I'm pretty sure there's no intentional malice here; just passionate opinions without the requisite humanizing effect of conversing around a DZ picnic table...
    Blue skies, everybody, and thanks again.