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  1. I ran across a Microhawk II, and figured I'd give it a try. I was unable to google a manual for it, so I contacted the manufacturer (which was the only data I was able to find, provided by dropzone.com ofcourse). Egbert Robnik replied with How to use instructions for Microhawk / Epsilon Audible altimeters. So for the next guy looking for instructions on how to use the used audible you bought / received for free: ================================= HOW TO USE THE MICROHAWK / EPSILON Turn the know slowly to find the 0-point at the elevation of the landing place, (depending on the previous setting, you might have to turn in either direction - if you follow our later described procedure, it will be anti-clockwise). At the 0-point the sound will be emitted. From there turn clockwise to the altitude where you want the signal during skydiving - one division for every 500 feet or 150 meter. As a check for proper setting and function, the signal-tone will also sound when climbing at the chosen altitude. Make any correction by turning clock- wise (for a higher setting) or anti-clockwise (lower). If you are finished with jumping for the day, leave the knob at the last setting if it was more than 4000 feet, otherwise set it to an altitude of 4000 feet or more. The reason for this is that the trigger-point should not be reached due to atmospheric pressure fluctuations or the difference in elevation between the drop-zone and your home. Following this simple procedure will not only help finding the 0-point, but also give you several years of battery-life. THREE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Our altimeters are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship and will be serviced or exchanged (our decision) without charge during a three-year warranty period (from the day of purchase), provided they have not been modified, abused or tampered with AND THE DEFECT HAS NOT BEEN CAUSED BY AN EXCESSIVE MECHANICAL SHOCK OR HEAT. OTHERWISE, WE HAVE TO CHARGE FOR THE REPAIR. Remark: In most cases a "Standard Service" (currently EUR 32,-- plus return- postage) will cover small accidents. This service also includes new batteries and calibration. Please look up our web-site: www.robnik.com to get detailed information how to return an instrument for SERVICE & REPAIR. WARNING NEVER MAKE AN INSTRUMENT TO THE SOLE MEANS TO DETERMINE WHEN TO START THE SEPERATION, WHEN TO OPEN YOUR PARA- CHUTE OR ANY OTHER SAFETY RELATED PROCEDURE. YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE DETERMINING FACTOR. THEREFORE WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY RESPOSIBILITY FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, CAUSED BY TOO EARLY OR TOO LATE INITIATED SEPARATION, DEPLOYMENT OF THE PARACHUTE OR ANY OTHER SAFETY RELATED PROCEDURE, EVEN IN THE EVENT OF A MALFUNCTION OF OUR PRODUCT. =================================
  2. I went to AFF straight as well, waiting to do my first tandem later on. If you know you want to do this sport, then go straight to AFF, you learn much more than in a tandem (my opinion). And AFF is just as safe even if you've never done a tandem.
  3. So true.. :) Never tried tandem, but since 10th or April when i jumped my first AFF jump, been quite addicted.. Looking forward to my first tandem, I do bet it'll be scary as hell, when you're not opening your canopy yourself. After I get 100 jumps, I'll do my first tandem. Later this season maybe, or next spring.