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  1. You can also look us up on FB Groups under: LiquidSky Sports There you`ll find the invite to this event. LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  2. Come join us for our 2ND ANNUAL "LIQUID FEST"... September 25th - 27th will be the 2nd annual LiquidSky Sports "Liquid Fest". We will have free-fly & RW organizers (Luis Prinetto & Ari Perelman), wing suit organizing and demos, HALO jumps and much more... ( FLYER ATTACHED ) >> $30 PRE-REGISTRATION - $50. @ DOOR
  3. Thank You so much. I`ll look into the iSight. Thanx again Christie LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  4. I have a PowerBook G4 and I want to buy a webcam. Went to Office Depot and they only had PC compatible ones. I also went on apple.com and couldn`t really find an answer. Which one should I get for OS X 10.4.11 ? tHANKS! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  5. I AM SOOOOO THERE! It`s going to be sweet!! Kick Ass!!! Se`yall in the air! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  6. I agree w. all and the view is just amazing!!! Breath-taking! Have fun!! Post pics!!! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  7. hey!!! I have a container! Javelin Has a price but I the owner accepts a better offer. Anyways, I don`t know if you want on your list this kind of rig, or other. I hope you get what you want for XMAS LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  8. What`s on your X-Mas wish list??? [ skydiving or not related ] My wish list: Video Camera (skydiving) Gift cards (shoe stores ) Blue Havaiianas flip flops .... Yours?...
  9. because my suit rocks! Don`cha think so?.... http://photo.ringo.com/167/167076681O480128083.jpg http://photo.ringo.com/167/167076685O913451036.jpg LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  10. OMG!!! I LOVE SEATTLE!!!! I FELL IN LOVE WITH WA! and the Farrington`s @ Kapowsing. They are the best!!!!! Here`s a pic of where I am (on the beautiful island in the Caribbean known as the Island of Enchantment ... Puerto Rico ) LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  11. 96 degrees in the shade!...real hot!.. in the shade! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  12. I might... so, add me to the list. family reunion LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  13. I did. I enjoyed the show. I felt I was in a party at a cool disco with performers. I wouldn`t have payed what it costs. It`s not that of amaizing.. They are really good musicians, though! Verey creative performers. In general: The show sounds nice. Funny at times. Eye catching. I give it 3 stars!! LiquidSky @(^_^)@