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  1. mirochristie

    :: LiquidSky's: :: Liquid Fest!!!!!!!! ::

    You can also look us up on FB Groups under: LiquidSky Sports There you`ll find the invite to this event. LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  2. mirochristie

    :: LiquidSky's: :: Liquid Fest!!!!!!!! ::

    Come join us for our 2ND ANNUAL "LIQUID FEST"... September 25th - 27th will be the 2nd annual LiquidSky Sports "Liquid Fest". We will have free-fly & RW organizers (Luis Prinetto & Ari Perelman), wing suit organizing and demos, HALO jumps and much more... ( FLYER ATTACHED ) >> $30 PRE-REGISTRATION - $50. @ DOOR
  3. mirochristie

    Excitement on Exit

  4. mirochristie

    Over North Shore

  5. mirochristie

    LiquidSky Liquid Fest

    I AM SOOOOO THERE! It`s going to be sweet!! Kick Ass!!! Se`yall in the air! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  6. mirochristie

    Dropzones in Hawaii

    I agree w. all and the view is just amazing!!! Breath-taking! Have fun!! Post pics!!! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  7. mirochristie

    what suit do you jump

    because my suit rocks! Don`cha think so?.... http://photo.ringo.com/167/167076681O480128083.jpg http://photo.ringo.com/167/167076685O913451036.jpg LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  8. .... gracias... LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  9. mirochristie

    Chris Martin (GroundZero) Memorial DVD

    Thanx for letting me (us ) know. Can`t wait to recieve my copy...I miss him sooooo much LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  10. mirochristie

    Condolences for Chris Martin (GroundZero)

    All I can say is that I was very lucky to have met him. Having Chris in my life was and still is very special. He taught me how to fly a wingsuit. And he said I was the best student he ever had. After that 1st BirdMan jump, he invited me to a 6way!! I mean, Chris was so passionate about wingsuit flying!! He got my husband, and a couple of other locals to try the WingSuit. Some got hooked. I never felt the need to by a suit, because he would lend me his (the white, with orange wings DEMO suit), and he would ship it next day! He was sooooooooooo extra sweet to me (and to everybody he knew). I absolutely will miss him. I`ll miss him too much. We had plans for next years` boogie (P.R.), he loved flying his BirdMan over the East coast of Puerto Rico. He made everybody know how much he loved this boogie, the Island. Anyways, I`ll miss Chris w/ all my heart. He was (and is) very special to me. I`ll miss flying with him sooooooooo much. I`m so sad, I keep thinking this is just a nightmare, that I`ll wake up and this`ll be just a bad dream... But I guess it isn`t, right? So here are some pics of Chris and I, and a couple of the guys at WFFC and in P.R. I`ll post more when I scan them. Blue Skies, Chris!!! You will be missed Christie ps My condolences to Christie and Hailey: "Chris was very much loved in Puerto Rico. He`ll be missed" LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  11. mirochristie

    my most expensive jump

    Too Bad... My most expensive one?... Jumping from a C-130 at wffc last year! But I haven`t lost anything yet on freefall... Oh, yeah.... I almost lost a shoe once! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  12. mirochristie

    Swooping trunks?

    Muchas gracias, Mel Lo tendré pendiente. Ahora mismo no tengo el dinero, pero de seguro unos pantalones así, están en mi "wish list" LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  13. mirochristie

    Swooping trunks?

    Sound really cool! If you do get them,post a pic, ok? LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  14. mirochristie

    Swooping trunks?

    ...thanx. I`m no swooper, but like fashion, and I know we, skydivers, love to dress to kill (in air or ground). We have our jumpsuits made by a "designer" even!... We love to mix/match colors, patterns...style them as we like. We have to look good while we skydive!! (or swoop, in that matter). I just started to pay attention to those "capri" styled pants...they are sooo cool!. And I think girls should start wearing those for freefly as well (since most of us tend to float a lot-compared to boys), and they might help by taking dragg off. I don`t know. , I just liked them for myself So thanks guys for all the help! LiquidSky @(^_^)@
  15. mirochristie

    Swooping trunks?

    Huh!....had no idea. Thanx LiquidSky @(^_^)@