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  1. also redbull was going to try to beat the record, but as of right now the mission was put to a stop
  2. I just got my rig back from sunpath after doing a resize from a c-17 to c-20 harness, it took about 2 weeks and they did excellent job on it but it cost about $450 to do it. So if the rig doesn't fit you well it can always be resized. But like someone else mentioned if you have the serial number of the rig, you can take all the measurements of you as if you were buying a new rig and call sunpath and they can compare your measurements with what they have on file for the rig. That way they can also tell you exactly how much it would cost if you need to change anything.
  3. Also the math you are using is calculating the g-force of forward acceleration... NOT the direct outward g-force from the center of the axis, which is what we're really talking about. Another simple way to think about is: If you tape one nickle near the center of a bike wheel and another nickle on the outer rim of the wheel and then start to spin it... which one would fly off first? The one furthest from the axis. if you're turning this into an engineering problem, then you have to look into moment of inertia to understand why a shorter lines would create a lot more g-force, the moment of inertia grows exponentially with the distance away from the center, so a parachute with longer lines has a much harder time spinning someone around it's axis then a one with shorter lines. So smaller parachutes are capable of spinning someone at much higher rotational speed which translates into higher g-forces
  4. I doubt he worries too much, I would imagine he would worry a lot more if he wasn't skydiving. But I really can't wait till we can skydive together.
  5. new to the sport, but grow up watching my dad skydive but then he quit for many years and finally I got him back to it. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm on my 11th skydive right now and hopefully will able to get my A license in few days here are the videos from my aff level 5 jump and level 7 aff