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  1. I can send you mine. I'd never give up my garlic press. However, I don't have a pizza stone. For the life of me I can't figure out why I do not own one yet.
  2. I'm on the fence. A lot of people already have Bluetooth in their helmets and are taking calls, playing music, etc. If the functionality is smoother it MAY be safer than current Bluetooth configurations. Since I already have Bluetooth in my helmet I'd be willing to take it for a spin to see if distraction is decreased.
  3. It's called a static line. Doing one with a skydiving reserve sounds sketchy at best. The crowd is not quite as friendly over at, but it's a good place to get information specific to the base jump component.
  4. You may also want to look into renting a house/condo. They book up fast so you may no longer be able to find anything in arecibo, but it's worth a look...particularly if you are going with a group. I'm staying in Isabela which is an acceptable distance for me since I don't plan on jumping everyday. EDIT TO ADD: Book your car rental NOW. I've heard from more than one person that the car companies over book and if you don't book early you can find yourself in PR with no available cars.
  5. I'll wade in...I'm sure other jumpers with a ton more experience will chime in shortly and can get much more granular, but I'll get the ball rolling as this sounds fun. Skydive onto building and BASE jump from building has been done (felix baumgartner comes to mind). I can't find the video of that one, but here's a skydive with a building landing. Note the 7 cell canopy...these are ideal for accuracy landings. 1. Not as experienced as you might think. The typical recommendation is 200 skydives before attempting a BASE jump. If you are talking about landing on top of a building as opposed to a very small balcony there are many skydivers that could accomplish that task, but not that many would be willing. If someone wanted to train specifically for this type jump they could do it in less than a year and with less than $50K. 2. Any number of jump planes could be used from a single engine Cessna to a twin engine turbo prop. Location of the tail is important. If the tail is low the jumper could hit it on exit. Any altitude could work from 2K feet to 15K feet plus. Above 15K feet oxygen is required. 3. A building a 20+ stories would be required. In theory, the jumper could skydive his main canopy and BASE jump his reserve canopy (modern parachute systems come with two canopies). Or he could jump with a BASE rig and a belly mount reserve and use the belly mount reserve for the skydive portion. 4. It depends on how tall the object is. BASE jumps from buildings tend to have short free fall times (less than 4 seconds) and short canopy flights (less than 10 seconds). 5. Most building BASE jumps are done in the middle of the night. Generally, there is enough light to see where to land.
  6. +1 It's been relatively freezing here in AZ, so i have not jumped for 4 weeks or so. I've not been the nicest person this last month. LOL
  7. "...she thrives at being a bomb-thrower from the inside." I think that statement sums her up pretty succinctly. I've been reading her with enthusiasm all morning... a sharp mind and a true humanist, you don't see that very often.
  8. You should trademark that idea (or whatever you have to do to claim it as yours) THIS MINUTE. That's gold, my friend. Gold. I mean in a business idea. I'm still against the cams. Other people won't be. It's been done. However, I don't think there is any App to make it easy. I'm ok with the idea. There is an app available that uses bio-metric data to advise what percentage of the patrons are male and what percent are female, it also breaks it down into age groups and advises how close the bar is to capacity... it's kinda useful for when deciding what bar to go to with friends.
  9. I've gone the goggles route and full face...and my preference is hands down a full face. With glasses helmet fit is key as it can get uncomfortable. I prefer the G3. My vision is not so bad that I can't jump without glasses. Often, I've jumped in just my liquids and an open face. I've given some thought (not pulled the trigger yet) on obtaining prescription liquids. You may want to consider this option as well.
  10. No worries. As someone involved in the industry I see a lot of comments, even by people who claim to be in the industry, that indicate 5+ years later people still don't understand the roles played by the govt, gse's, banks, consumers, ratings agencies, etc. in the whole mess. In regards to the specefics of the BAC and JPM cases as discussed on DZ, seems there is a better grasp than many "professionals" have.
  11. It's difficult to use a history of 20 DU findings on the same loan with varying program codes and income and asset figures until and"Approve/Eligible" comes back as evidence, I'm guessing because you would have to prove intent. You're right, it's a lot easier when management is shooting emails back and forth to each other about how their loans are crap.
  12. The settlement is for loans packaged and sold to FNMA by BS, WAMU AND JPM...this was happening with every originator and packager. The JPM settlement was not just for the misdeeds of bear stearns and washington mutual before the acquisition. Even JPM admits this by saying that these two accounted for 80% of the bad loans that were packaged and sold to F&F. Originating loans that were not quite up to snuff and then selling them to F&F was SOP with all the major lenders...JPM and BAC are special cases in the sense that they inherited so much bad paper, but they were just as guilty. It is however convenient for BAC and JPM that they can point to CW, WAMU and BS and say "it was those bad companies not we were forced to buy...not us".
  13. People seem to be confusing the facts around this JPM settlement and the BAC trial. This has nothing to do with CDO's, derivatives, "liar loans", etc. The cases tend to revolve around the fact that originators (JPM, CW, WAMU, BAC, etc.) all had a TON of fannie and freddie loan volume. Operations departments became seriously bogged down and management decided to "streamline" operations, essentially doing less due diligence during the underwriting phase of these loans. Compliance and quality control departments within these lenders made note of the deteriorating loan quality due the streamlined process, the deficiencies were ignored and the loans were packaged up and sold to fannie and freddie with assurances that all due diligence was was not...the lenders knew this and still represented and warranted that it closed. Interesting enough, this money is all going to the US treasury via net sweep agreements.
  14. +1. Most all my jumps have been without a jumpsuit, however the consistency of the jumpsuit is nice. An added perk is that if you ever have a less than graceful landing you can avoid some rash by wearing a full jumpsuit. I've noticed jumping in t-shirts rags them out pretty quick.
  15. No - Piers Morgan is just known as a complete dick. The anti gun side of things is irrelevant. +1 Back in the day I used to watch Bill O'Riley from time to time to get pissed off and yell at the it's Piers Morgan... I'll kind of miss him.
  16. I watched my brother have no reaction at all. He's not the false bravado type. He's strange, so I was not shocked and I'm still not. While it's not common it does happen.
  17. My brother went on my second tandem with me. He was completely unphased. If I remember correctly his comment was "meh. That was cool...I'd do it again." It just did not float his boat and he's not the adrenaline junkie type. It's somewhat rare to see that response, but whatever, I always thought dude was weird.
  18. The "if you have time" part is what causes me some pause with the prescription to disconnect the RSL. I've never had a 2 out, but I've witnessed a good handful and they have all been at less than 1,000 with one happening in a busy pattern on the turn from downwind to base. There is some great advice and a lot of experience giving it in this thread, but I have to wonder if this is good advice to be giving to newly minted jumpers considering the altitude at which most two out scenarios occur. Is the time and attention given up to locate and disconnect the RSL shackle more of a hazard than the snag hazard presented by the RSL? I should note, I'm referring only to single sided RSL's. The racer style double sided RSL has it's issues that should be well understood by anyone jumping rigs with that setup. Outside of the double sided RSL has there ever been a fatality from a snag from a single sided RSL snagging the reserve on cutaway?
  19. I disagree with that statement to a degree and think it is thrown around a little to much, it gives the impression that you have to be the life of the party type to fit in at a DZ. I'm not particularly outgoing or all that keen on extending myself. However, you are right that jumping alone gets boring real fast so you have to find others to jump with. Even with other people to jump with I've had bouts of boredom in skydiving. At first I had no interest in any kind of discipline, that lead, IMHO, to me reaching a plateau where I stopped progressing. I realized that and now I'm taking interests in particular disciplines and that focus has helped me start progressing's that constant progression that keeps skydiving from getting boring for me...and I suspect it's the same for others. Agreed on the "that guy" bit. You've got to listen and learn to be a safe skydiver. I don't care if someone is fresh off their A and they have zero personality, no beer and/or any other graft...I'm down to jump, that said...I'm not down to jump with someone, no matter how many jumps they have, who I think might pose a safety risk. $0.01
  20. Agreed. I got excited thinking he was back. I miss that guy...he was entertaining to say the least. Can someone fill me in, what ended up being the final straw that got him banned?
  21. As a new jumped I was really excited about the prospect of an epic boogie. I'm hearing good things about summerfest, but even then it does not seem to rise to the level of boogies of the past (thinking wffc). Yeah, times have changed a bit, but I'm fairly confident it can be done. But your talking the standard turbines, plus a jet, plus balloons, plus a helicoptor and it would surely not hurt to have sister base boogie nearby. Add to that you need the facilities, the music, marketing and a way to address the, umm, camera shy crowd.... that's a tall order. One that very few could put together and my fear is that they are of the mindset that "the era of the boogie is dead". Kickstarter could be an option.
  22. There seems to be an interest in keeping the region perpetually unstable. Recent events have slowed the slide in bond prices. There is value there. I seem to recall two wars going full tilt, with shit heads on all sides....and a booming economy
  23. I'm going to wade into this because I don't see, what I feel, is the crux of the issue being addressed. The workers going on strike are in markets that have a high cost of living. See McDonalds budget here: Let's say the average worker makes $7.50/hr and works 25 hours a week. That's $812/mo pre-tax. Let's say they have a second job making the equivalent amount and now they are at $1,600/mo pre-tax...making no overtime and with no health benefits. Please tell me how someone in a major metro market is paying rent, eating, buying clothing, paying for a phone, etc. In Lebanon, OH someone could probably just barely get by on those wages, but not in any major city. In reality, these workers become public liabilities. I support the employees right to go on strike. If McDonalds want's to fire the striking employees and replace them, or all employees for that matter, with robots...more power to them. Personally, I'm all for employees being able to unionize, it's closer to my ideal of cooperatives, but I'm not a real fan of a minimum wage. I don't see how minimum wage is relevant to this particular discussion.