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  1. justme12001

    deep seed makes them in leather, more of a suede...since they have patterns and lots of material for suits and such. I would give them a call or send an email and ask if they would make a non leather one.

    I just got one from them and love it. I like jumping the leather, non ribbed fraps on tandems :)

    Are you looking for non leather because of the padded ribs? or do you just not want leather?

    Hi justme12001, thanks for your answer!
    I like the padded ribs really, I just don't feel comfortable wearing anything made in leather.

  2. Hi,
    6 months and 10 days passed until finally I jumped again, yesterday!
    It's been like coming home.
    I had no problem at all, complete motility in free fall, no pain during deployment (furthermore I jumped twice but opened three times since I had a reserve ride during the second jump! welcome back!)
    Healing meant eating humble pie, I'm stronger now.
    Thanks Bigun for your pillow hint, helpful one.
    I still do my breathing exercises to strengthen my diaphragm, I've some slight aches doing sit ups or pull ups but that's trivial and they are useful as weather forecast.
    Also I could save while not jumping so I just ordered my own rig!
    Thanks for your answers.


  3. Hi fellows,
    eventually the time for my first post came, I salute you.
    First of all, please forgive my poor english...
    Then, I looked for the argument and didn't find anything, I hope I'm in the right section.
    Did anyone face thoracotomy during his jumper life? I'm going to have a posterolateral thoracotomy to have a lung lobectomy executed tomorrow and would like to have the idea about when I'll be able to skydive again.
    I'm not concerned about the condition of my breath since the piece of lung with which my surgeons are going to feed the cats of the neighborhood is a useless part that never actually worked and the rest of my apparatus learned to compensate for this situation since I've born (I only found out almost casually few months ago) (human body can be very whimsical).
    What worries me most is the wound and overall stress on my ribs that will be spread during the operation.
    Here at the hospital I've heard about three months (!) before my thorax can cope the solicitation of our beloved rigs.
    Of course I'll talk about that deeply with my doctors but I would like to share infos with anyone lived a similar experience.
    Thank you.