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  1. I really love my R-bird. Feels very natural and easy to fly. Pilot chute is very easy to get as well. Cant compare it to the phantom as I've only flown Tony Suits though.
  2. Definitly want to demo one and get training before buying one. Having said that, I'm 5'11" at 235lbs and fly an Rbird. Very happy with it
  3. During a 4way, a jumper accidentally pulled my cut-a-way handle(instead of grabbing my grip). I waved off and pulled my reserve at terminal. the opening was brutally hard, and broke the right rear riser french link. The lines were hanging on the very tip of what was left of the link. VERY long ride down!
  4. At least you're hopefully being truthful. I bet some dudes would've said "District 10". ROFLMAO!
  5. This is a great thread. I'd like to add, getting my wide angle lense kicked right off my camera during an exit that was screwed up by a bad count. And...seeing some of my video clips at another dropzone added into their student demo video without my knowledge.
  6. I needed to get my reserve repacked. We no longer have a rigger at my dz, so I was refered to Franklin. I called Dick Money, and he was more than happy to help me out. I mailed him my rig and he had it ready for me the following weekend. Well worth the 3 hr drive to pick it up, and make a jump! Staff is awesome, great atmosphere, great ppl! Katalin the pilot is really cute too! Will be back!
  7. Talk to you DZO, or an instructor. I bought all new gear on my 29th jump. My DZO was more than happy to help me pick out all the right gear.
  8. Just out of idle curiosity, how many pilots who are also skydivers wear a parachute when they fly? I know that FARs require the pilot in command of an aircraft used for skydiving have to wear a rig, but if you're just a private pilot tooling around on your own does anyone wear a rig just for fun/just in case? When I'm flying my own airplane, I dont wear a chute.
  9. I skydived for 10 years and then started flying. FAA requires 10hrs before a student pilot can solo...I soloed on my 10th hour, at night! So ya, flying was very easy thanks to all my years of skydiving:) I also passed my check-ride on the first try.