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  1. Islam is not what Muslims do. Islam is what Muslims are supposed to do.
  2. And what have WE done in Iraq that we should be considered animals for? Who is "we" BTW, have you been to Iraq? And our reasons for being in Afghanistan have nothing to do with conquering the country, there is a lot more at stake there than most people realize. You've got to be kidding me, right ? Let's see.... you supplied Saddam Hussein with weapons to kill my people, the Iranians during the 1980s war. (costed my uncle his life) Then you turn a blind eye when we bombs the shi** out of the Kurds, then go you and invade the country and kill over 100,000 civilians...
  3. How about we just leave Afghanistan ? It's useless to be there. No army has ever conquered Afghanistan. Also, could we be considered animals for what we have done in Iraq ?
  4. The people of Afghanistan live totally different lifestyles than we do. There is no Walmart, there is no target, there's not ANYYYTHING. These people cling to religion because that is the only thing they have in that country. Terry is 100% responsible for what went on. He's been warned about what this could do. And as far as the Qur'an being guilty of murder, rape etc. I think he should go read his own book and put that one on "Trial".
  5. You can refer to Shah as "Bache koon" or "kos kesh". he fits both of these titles...
  6. and in some time it will be called Omarica only when the sharia will be federal law! Only rednecks and southern country highschool dropouts would think that America will replace its constitution with Sharia Law... Get serious bro..
  7. I need to get a cool stache like you first :D
  8. If Israel would make a reasonable deal with the Palestinians, there would be no fighting. Quit demolishing Palestinian homes for greedy settlers and give the Palestinians their land back.
  9. There is no difference between Hamas and the IDF. One just has a more tactical way of blowing up innocents ;)
  10. I'll be sure to investigate...
  11. So why does Israel require billions of dollars of American money ? Why does Israel need nuclear weapons ?
  12. I didn't know there could be drama involved in skydiving :O
  13. Why did they even move ?! I lived like 10 mins away from Waller :'( Now I have to drive all the way to columbus. I can't drink though, so I don't think I'll be staying at any of the parties :(