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  1. Damn, I tried and saw that it's impossible to put two standart cypres loops in one cypres washer. Which leads one to use two washers for two loops. Here comes the problem that at least one loop will be resting on the edge of the other loop's washer while under tension.(doesn't seem good). One of the washers will be resting a bit diagonal on the grommet so the edge of the washer may harm the grommet. Also you would have to vary the length of two loops to maintain even tension on the pins. I am about to decide keep using the LOR2 loops provided by PdF. Any recommendations on the matter would be very appreciated.
  2. Does it mean putting two standart Cypres closing loops inside one cypres cutter?(which doesn't sound ok to me) Or putting two LOR2 pins into the loop of only one standart Cypres loop? (which I heard was done by some riggers but not recommended by PdF.)
  3. seems like i'll be looking for a bigger container. thanks.
  4. I also wonder if I can fit a 75 all sail into my V319. any comments?
  5. Edit: Freefall with a acuracy canopy, i know crazy idea... Quote I sometimes film tandems with my para-foil 282. Make sure it is old enough. Mine was build in 1988 so I can throw the PC in an headdown
  6. p.s CRW is shit hot. You should try the competitive stuff. It is a cut above the fun stuff. But it does take time and commitment.Quote Oh!! anytime I am at the top of the stack eyes on the horizon, not looking down to not to get scared while doing rotations, I ask myself what the fuck am I gonna do when thrillseekers below shout me to go:)
  7. Yeah! If I made a mistake then others learn. If I didn't make a mistake and still go in then I am so cool! But maybe getting into the sport was the mistake made at the beginning.
  8. bes

    Dynamic Corners

    I really don't have much jumps but dynamic corners seems great to me even if you won't be doing ws base or HP tracking. I visualised myself going really headlow on a sketchy exit and thought that a dynamic cornered rig would let my canopy out in a much better shape. Ouups it was about WS right, so whatever...By the way I think that a dynamic cornered rig without the folding pieces on it presents more snagging risk. They're both very small chance but...
  9. If you want a container for a big main and a small reserve check Atom Axis from Parachutes de France which is designed for classic style. I guess you can even throw a 280 main and a 120ish reserve in it. It has such an aerodynamic shape even with a huge main. Get the open corners done by your rigger and at the end you may end up with a big nice skydiving rig to fly wingsuits plus using your base canopy! And if you go for some CRW after the flight it would make a really awesome jump. Take care.
  10. How often jumpers must have medical check to keep jumping in your country. Does the procedures/intervals change for the instructors or different age groups? Thanks in advance. Blue skies!
  11. bes

    Appreciating beauty.

    Yeah just go watch the news. Thats what we people want to see and unfortunately what we mostly do.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Hope they send them soon. Our dropzone is in a little trouble about this grounding.