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  1. That's perfect, thank you. I thought the picture I remember was a little bit closer than this but it's been so long. Really I just wanted to get a rough idea of what's to draw. I'll look more into the source and figure out who to talk to about rights. Thank you!
  2. It's a picture of a very low pull on a round. The Skydivers is still mostly belly to earth and the canopy is at pine stretch. I'd like to outline it for a project if I can find the picture. Thanks
  3. What's going on with your GoPro mount? I really like the look of it from the angle in your picture. Is there a connection on the rear door of the case or is the rubber band holding it together?
  4. Hmm, I guess something like that would work. It would set the DSLR back about 2.5" on the mount, but It doesn't seem to be a problem for the 18-55mm lens. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, I have the Zkulls overkill mount on my helmet and I lost the screw that mounts my DSLR on the plate. I looked around the forums and couldn't find anything so I figured I would post. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how did you solve it? I called paragear, who didnt have any, and emailed zkulls who hasnt gotten back to me. Is there anything else I can do to mount the camera on there? Thanks
  6. The amount of noticeable change will depend on how many jumps your lines have, and how fast the openings are. I jump a monarch 155 and it can spank like the girl next door. After about 4-500 jumps on the lines I was getting way too many rough openings and was told stretching the lines might help. After I did that she opened like a dream again (well, as soft as she can open). At the club I jump at, 7hills, we have a hook screwed into one of the wall support beams. I unhooked the risers and linked them to the hook and was able to pull on the lines with my entire body. The whole process took me about 1.5-2 hours, and I was dripping sweat by the end, but it made a big difference. Before I stretched them, they were uneven by as much as 1.5 inches in some areas, and afterwards they were all the same length. I have some pictures of the before and after that I will try to find later today. The way I did it was to put a metal bar through the end of the lines where it attaches to the canopy and pull on it for a good minute. After a couple of lines were stretched, I realized I could lean my entire body back to stretch them without fear of the lines breaking. If you are uncomfortable doing it, talk to your rigger, but if you are up to the task it can really make a difference for the last hundred or so on the lineset. Edit: Attached the picture. I can't remember which lines these were and unfortunately I don't have an after shot (I wanted to make the first load) but you can see how out of trim they are. Honestly, if you have the money on hand it will probably be easier to get it relined, and if you are looking for improved flight characteristics you might not find much by doing this. But, if you are feeling ambitious and are comfortable with the idea, then give it a try.
  7. Thanks! I'll send out an email asap. -Adam
  8. So hopefully this is the right place to look for help with this. I am looking to extend my Phantom 2 by about 2". I am just over 6" and the suit is made for someone just over 5'10. I can fit into it and fly it alright, but I have an incredibly hard time pointing my toes without feeling stress on the fabric across my chest/uncomfortable amounts of pressure on my toes. I live in Madison and am willing to drive/ship it somewhere if it can get done in a reasonable time. I have a new set of booties for it too and since it is winter I have some money in the ol' bank account. (crazy, right?). Please pm me if you can help or post here if you have any suggestions for me. Thanks! Adam