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  1. bateman5150


    This places defines the term, "Tandem Factory". The only way you are getting up is attached to someone. Completely rude over the phone, basically said not to bother coming unless it is tandem, it was fighting tooth and nail to get them to say ok. After showing up there ( since there is limited dropzones in Israel, only 2) it was a constant negotiation to get on a load. I brought my friend down there to do a tandem, of course they happily took payment from him immediately upon our arrival, and still said they would probably not have room for me on any load. It wasn't until he threatened to receive his money back that they let me finally jump. They act like USPA is some third world accreditation. This business, gives the stereotype to there own culture about being money hungry. Sad operation. Go to Sky Kef, not as pretty of a view but much more friendly staff.