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  1. KaiPirat


    Sonic V.2.0 no doubt.. Realy comfortable and very fast.... This is the suit if you're a Freeflyer. "Before Elvis, there was nothing" John Lennon 1980
  2. In Norway you have a boogie at Oppdal, where NTNU Fallskjermklubb arrange a boogie from 22nd of june til 12th of july. This is 2 hr from Trondheim. Mountain view jumping...
  3. Oh yes you can, believe me!! Skytime in Castellõn, a even better view of the beach and the mountains. The DZ is 150 m from the beach, its awesome... I've jumped a lot at Skytime and the TM's and the DZO are high skilled peoples with a lot of experience. The atmosphere is realy good and nice. www.skytime.info I will recommend this DZ for everybody. They just changed their Soloys with a Porter.. Rudd: Good luck with your jump, hope you like it and continues with a course
  4. Thanx for answers. I'm looking forward to start jumping with camera :-) "Before Elvis, there was nothing" John Lennon 1980
  5. Hi folks! Just bought a GoPro and are going to do my first jumps with camera. What video settings do you advice to use on the Hero2 for skydiving? All comments are welcome! "Before Elvis, there was nothing" John Lennon 1980
  6. I've been at skytime a few timew and its definitively not the last time. The people are very nice and friendly. If you tell them you want to jump as much as possible, they make sure you get a lot of jumps. Mariana organize the flights in a realy good way :-) People on the DZ are very helpful and are interested to give you good advices. They can be better in replying e-mail, but you always meet someone if your call them. Also i miss a bunkhouse where you can spend the night for low cost. Cause you need to stay at a hotel if you want to spend some days there. Always make a call if you like to go there, to make sure they jump the days you want to visit them. Altogether i'm very satisfied with the DZ and not at least the people on the DZ. It's really worth make a visit.