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  1. arale2k


    Where to start ... with a smell maybe, the smell of the unpacking of a brand new rig, pulling it out from the FedEx box. And then ? The look, colors that I choose to be a match with the suit, but wait the design ! It is obvious that the container has been designed for secure and maximum comfort, I'll take one example out of many - > the harness design of the chest strap is slightly wider and curved within for maximum comfort. Hence the feeling of wearing the gear as opposed to carrying a backpack. Since I just started Skydiving I wanted to change from these RTS and heavy duty, awful school rigs. Wearing them was like sticking a security belt between your legs and risking castration at every opening. Problem solved with the Infinity ultra wide leg straps reinforced with inner padding. On the ground you already feel the difference, no more painful await in the loading area, you can keep your gear on for an hour and still don't feel any comfort issue. Then you get on the plane, doors open, green light and you discover another excellence of the rig. It sticks to your back making one with your body allowing you to move, arch, sit without catching wind between your back and the container !!! I have seen plenty of videos on you tube of folks sit flying with their container flapping behind ... yuk. 3500 Feet time to pull. I have only 60+ jumps I usually get the rig packed but sometimes I do it myself so packing can vary a lot from a jump to another. The rig is invariably comfortable regardless of the opening and any shock it may generate. Everything remains tightly fasten and you can really enjoy piloting without any pain at all. So far I put approx 30 jumps with it I even took and passed my A license using it the rig. Finally 2 thumbs up for Velocity rig + ChutingStar for the great/fast service and this amazing rig.
  2. arale2k


    After finishing my AFF course I wanted to wear something that looks a bit nicer than the usual 30USD Pro-Tek plastic helmets. The Benny is extremely convenient with its Goggle channel that routes the straps and prevent them from dropping in the plane. In the plane you just place the goggle on the front of the helmet and when its time to jump it takes 1/10 of a sec to wear the them and go ! The overall look of the helmet is prefect and the venting holes are well situated while your ears are a well enough protected from the blasting noise of the 120mph wind. Under canopy the visibility is very good and if you don't like the soft goggles you can also wear standard sun glasses they fit perfectly. That's my first purchase a new skydiver I don't even own my own parachute. Nevertheless my instructor was telling me that he will oder one for the days he wants to jump without movie camera attached. The top !