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  1. 50% aren't odds I like in my favor if it involved my "area."
  2. A lot of us jump at Snohomish. Although depending on weather sometimes we hit to Kapow. Both are great DZ and great people.
  3. Your daughter has great taste!
  4. I am probably the only sailor in the world who cant stand rum. But I can drink the shit out of some Makers Mark though.
  5. Thanks Dave. It wasn't winds so much. The turbulence was mostly caused by hitting a big ole cold patch of air. I jumped in Las Vegas that weekend. Winds were 5-6 kn out of the North. Just went down the week after that cold front in Vegas. The ditch was because I landed short. The landing area sucked it was literally a 100ft X 100ft of cleared sage brush. The ditch was no more than 2 feet wide.
  6. The OP has 6 jumps. Practicing PLF's and learning when to use one might be a better option at this point. Actually I have 30 jumps now. Sorry for the lack of update
  7. So right now I am sitting on my ass for the past month and have another 3 weeks to go, due to a Skydiving injury. I was coming in to land, hit some turbulence on my final approach. About 30 feet from the ground, and dropped. I tried to flare but it was a little late and I came in hot and happen to land in a ditch. Breaking my right foot. I have always been nervous about my landings but now I loss what little confidence I had. I know I still want to jump again. Any pointers to hop back on that horse.
  8. I am off AFF/Radio, I do however ware rayban wayfares. Thick Plastic glasses. even though they look rad I get them for the duribiliy. There not crazy big.
  9. Looking into getting a helmet. I am new to the sport with about 25 jumps. I wear glasses and have trouble with OTG Goggles, although Lyle Flex fit do pretty good. I am considering a Full Face Helmet. Do I need any set number of Jumps before I can use one? Any good reccomendations for one either I am looking to spend $300- $375 Thanks!
  10. Hey Everyone, New to Sky Diving and the Site. Just wanted to say Hi from Seattle, Wa. Right now I am getting training through Sky Dive Snohomish's Static line course. I do my PRCP#5 and my first Free Fall on Saturday! Can't wait!